44 Best Sailthru Marketing Automation Software Alternatives

What is Sailthru?

Sailthru is a comprehensive, united, and cohesive marketing solution that offers companies an opportunity to increase their customer retention capacity. It works for retail as well media companies, and even marketers to help them develop and maintain stronger, more meaningful relationships with their customers.

The main problem with email marketing nowadays is that most companies will just forward emails to customers without any personification whatsoever. As such, it is impossible for customers to manage their email as it contains a lot of unnecessary and irrelevant mail.

It is a cloud-based marketing automation solution that improves the customer’s experience by personalizing their mail by checking out their interests on the business website pages and mobile apps. With the help of Sailthru, businesses can now be more in tune with the specific needs of their customers.

As such, they cultivate a perception of increased reliability from their target market. Any business wants its customers to find them reliable and highly proficient within their niche. Higher reliability in business translates to increased customer loyalty, which is vital for growing brand awareness and promoting brand loyalty.

Sailthru is a perfect combination of marketing tool & customer retention software. This tool focuses on helping businesses attain increased revenues by promoting the experience of their clientele.

Sailthru Features

What are the Benefits of Using Sailthru?

Any business using Sailthru will definitely appreciate its ability to deliver more personalized customer interactions, increased efficiency, and the simplicity of developing clientele profiles. Find below the detailed expansion of these benefits:

Personalized Customer Interactions

The platform enables businesses to conduct personalized, more engaging connections with their customers through mobile apps, the web, and even email. It has ready-to-use personalization effects, email promotions, and cross-channel automation abilities. These work effectively to merge customer behavior with their interests, purchase history, and any important metrics needed to develop a lifetime perception of each of an organization’s clientele.

Marketers, or anyone seeking the benefits that come with using Sailthru, can organize for communication prior, during, and post campaigns. It is a tactical way to initiate and implement niftier marketing decisions and strategies. Sailthru’s webpage is well thought out and effectively designed to enable higher engagement through content development, addition, modification, and management.

Increased Efficiency

This tool comes with customizable reporting features and allows automated real-time updates for email. These features allow marketers and businesses to offer exceptional customer experiences, which add value to the business and promote elevated customer retention and brand loyalty. Besides increasing the return on investment, this level of efficiency also contributes to the innovation of more sophisticated opportunities for business growth.

Easy Customer Profile development

The platform offers users the option to integrate multiple podiums including web, commerce, email, mobile, offline data to effectively and concurrently develop all the channels. This feature, together with other back-end frameworks, functions to increase customer engagement and generate their profile data for storage in a single actionable location. As such, it is always easy to trace and retrieve customer data because it’s all stored in a central location.

Sailthru Pricing

Sailthru operates a quote-valued system. As such users receive personalized SMB or entity pricing packages that are tailored to the rate of their individual needs. Sailthru excels at spotting and meeting the unique needs of each customer, which makes it impossible to have a one-price-suits-all pricing strategy. This translates to the customer as well, encouraging them to choose companies that have an appropriate pricing strategy to ensure affordability and suitability in their service provision.


Sailthru is quite highly integrated with some of the biggest names in the industry including Facebook, Instagram, and even Google AdWords. It provides its users the ability to integrate with a diverse range of customers who are also connected to these platforms.

It is a great way for companies to easily reach their target market. Sailthru, like its name suggests, also has a highly easy-to-use platform that enables users to effortlessly sail through. It is a great tactic to retain customers and attract new ones.