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KissAsian Alternatives

In this blog, you will find a complete review of a video streaming app – KissAsian. Also, you will find the best alternatives to this website. So, without wasting time let’s dive into this review blog.

What is KissAsian?

It is a well-known online streaming site, where users can watch popular Japanese, Chinese, and Korean dramas and movies for free. Most of the viewers are from Asia. All of this content is available in their original language in HD quality, also most of it contains English subtitles.

If you like Squid Game and Parasite and want to watch this type of other series and movies then must visit this site. This site doesn’t only contain Japanese, and Korean movies and shows but also has movies from other Asian country like India.

This site doesn’t contain its own content, all the available content is stolen from other sites. Access to pirated content is illegal in many countries, and it might be punishable due to copyright law. If you want to access this site in your country you can try VPNs like Surfshark, Browsec, etc.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is an application that gives you the feature to change your IP address and encrypt your data. That means your Government or Internet Service Provider cannot track your online activity. It allows you to use pirated websites, blocked content, or American Netflix. Netizen adores VPNs as it gives them internet freedom.

Benefits of KissAsian

  • Virus-free
  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple country content
  • Ad free
  • Huge content library

The Best 8 Sites Like “KissAsian”

1. DramaGo

Dramago: Kissasian alternatives

Alternative to KissAsian as free online content is DramaGo. This too is an illegal site, so make sure you use a VPN to protect your IP address and your privacy. To get rid of the annoying pop-ups, you can use VPN with an ad blocker to surf smoothly.

Website – DramaGo

2. Kocowa


Kocowa is the best recommendation as it is free from unnecessary ads and pop-ups because it’s a legal and paid service to watch the content online. It provides mainly Korean dramas with a low-cost monthly subscription. It provides high-quality Korean movies, TV series, and other dramas.

If you are ready to pay a few bucks to surf Korean Drama at its best quality, then Kocowa is the best choice. Also, note that it is not available in all countries, but as we said you can access any blocked site by using a VPN, you can access this too.

Website – Kocowa

3. Viki

Viki: Kissasian alternatives

The company has received many awards as one of the most successful entertainment content broadcasted in the world. Of course, this too is a legal and licensed company founded in 2011. Due to its best streaming content, the number of users is increasing enormously.

Webmasters of Viki are keen to put much quality content and take care of the existing content for their users. Viki is another best alternative for KissAsian without any viruses, ads, or spam content.

Website – Viki

4. Netflix


All we all know is that Netflix is a very popular video streaming site across all communities. It has a great regional collection. It has a great collection of movies & series from different regions like Spain, Canada, the United States, UK. In China, you can watch Netflix with VPN.

Website – Netflix Asian

5. Dramacool


Dramacool is proposed as the alternative by various forums and Reddit users. It has an eye-pleasing web design. Comparatively, there are fewer pop-ups and the least annoying ads, similar to any other free drama website. Yes, you read it correctly! It is a free website that contains a huge library of Asian dramas, including Movies and TV Series.

As it is not a legal website, it often works under mirror websites. Alert! Don’t forget to use VPN while surfing such illegal websites.

Website – Dramacool

6. Gooddrama


Another complementary website to KissAsian with a gigantic video library and the same business miniature is Gooddrama. All the Asian drama is well classified and can be reached the desired content easily, but their design is a bit old. Nevertheless, it has many banners and advertisements, but without any irritating pop-ups.

Website – Gooddrama

7. MyDramaList


One more legal paid but clean of malware, pop-ups, and ads website is Mydramalist. It consists of Asian dramas, Series TV shows, and other latest episodes.  Furthermore, you can find the discussion of every single piece of content by the community, including forum contributors and forums.

In addition, you can also read the various blogs on the provided content to know more about Asian drama. The website design is light and eye-appealing. It is worth to be clicked on, because of its well-categorized and easy-to-find content navigation.

Website – MyDramaList

8. YepDrama

YepDrama is another KissAsian free alternative to enjoy and download Asian dramas, movies, and shows. This platform provides an extensive collection of movies, dramas, and shows from Korea, Chinese, and Thailand, and it even provides English subtitles.

To choose what you want, you can sort content by rating, the most viewed, and tags. Attention! Don’t forget to use VPN as it is an illegal and free website.

Website – YepDrama


There are many alternatives to this video streaming app, paid and free too.

The main issue with websites like KissAsian is the technology, they cannot keep themselves covered. They come under the radar of these big giant companies who are waiting for them to step out of their safe zone. When these pirate sites want to make a few bucks by providing content at its best, they try to attract users and step into the trap.

Also, some live streaming app like Netflix and Viki has the largest and most vivid library of movies, shows, and much more. You can use both these apps without any VPN. We would suggest, watching whatever makes you feel good. So keep binging!


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