Want To Play Roobet Safely? Try This 5 Roobet Dedicated VPN

Top 5 Roobet Dedicated VPN

What VPN does do to your device? Yes, you are right! It masks your location to unblock the blocked sites and software in your country. Roobet is one of the famous online casinos which allows you to play freely, but many countries have restricted it. If you want to play Roobet you must try Roobet VPN.

Hold on! Are you aware of the upgraded Roobet? It has stopped working with some of the VPN software and even asks you to turn off your VPN to see your actual location Dang! You may set off, so you need to act smart here.

There are some of the Best Dedicated VPNs which allow you to tunnel your location and allows you to surf the restricted site of your location. Be aware of the countries which have permitted Roobet to be played. Here We Go!


Top 5 Roobet Supported VPN

  • NordVPN: Reliable VPN for Roobet
  • SurfShark: Try this VPN and get more than paid
  • IPVanish: Extremely Lightweight VPN
  • VyprVPN: Access Roobet From Anywhere
  • CyberGhost VPN: With exclusive country selection options

Let’s have a look at each VPN and how it can help you to provide the best masked IP to browse restricted sites and software in your geolocation.

NordVPN: Reliable VPN for Roobet

There is various software that masks your IP address and allows you to have access to the restricted sites in your location. NordVPN syncs best with the policies of Roobet by diverting your IP to the countries like Canada, Costa Rica, and Ireland where Roobet is legal.

NordVPNNordVPN works on any device, anywhere with an internet connection, and permits you to access the whole internet. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS devices. Allows you to play the games and download the restricted stuff too while hiding your location from your government.


  • Six connections with a single subscription
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Supports cryptocurrency
  • In-house tunneled protocol with satisfactory speed
  • Military-grade encryptions
  • Uses only RAM servers


  • Twice independent audits
  • No logs policy
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Torrenting is supported
  • Free 7 days trial for Mobiles
  • Allows to pay anonymously
  • Access to Netflix
  • Dedicated IP protection


  • Login is a must to access VPN
  • No free trial for Desktops


  • Monthly plan $11.95
  • Annual plan $119

SurfShark: Try this VPN and get more than paid

If you want to hide your identity try SurfShark. it has around 3200 servers in over 65 countries, which includes where access to Roobet is legal i.e., Costa Rica, Ireland, and Canada.


The best part of relying on SurfShark is its magnificent feature, it provides an unlimited simultaneous connection with a single connection. Which simply means you can secure all your devices in 1 place. It covers devices with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.


  • Supports cryptocurrencies
  • Cheapest among competitors
  • Great speed to offer
  • Supports WireGuard tunneling protocol
  • Using fastest protocol
  • Audits independently
  • No-logs policy


  • Anonymous payment option
  • Money-back guarantee till 30 days
  • Netflix access
  • Affordable price
  • Supports torrenting


  • No trial to access
  • Extra features are expensive


  • Long term plans are cheaper compared to monthly plans
  • 2 years subscription with $2.59 per month

IPVanish: Extremely Lightweight VPN

Not able to access Roobet due to restrictions in your location? Worry not, IPVanish will help you with all the necessary tools. It gives you access to many countries and even where Roobet is legal to access.


IPVanish works with all kinds of devices with different Operating systems like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux. It allows you to set the manual configuration on Linux or router which means you can operate up to ten simultaneous connections on the devices you own.


  • Cheapest compared to features to offer
  • First-year subscription with a huge discount
  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Offers split tunneling
  • Have a SOCKS5 proxy as well
  • Military-grade cipher with 256-bit AES


  • Access to Netflix
  • High security
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Reliable speed
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Compatible speed


  • Huge price rise after a year
  • Lags behind in server optimization


  • Monthly plan $10.99
  • Yearly plan $89.99(avg. $7.49/mo)

VyprVPN: Access Roobet From Anywhere

Are you looking for a Dedicated VPN for Roobet on a budget with exclusive features? Then you can end your search on VyprVPN. Because it does not just open access to the Roobet but even allows you to access many more restricted sites in your location.


VyprVPN is made to spoil you, as it allows you to be super secure even on public wi-fi. It works almost with all types of devices with Operating systems like Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, and Linus too. Single subscriptions allow you to use 5 simultaneous devices at a time.


  • Reliable speed
  • WireGuard protocol
  • Blocks malicious sites
  • Split tunneling
  • Access to OTT platforms


  • Low cost best features
  • Can be accessed worldwide
  • Tremendous speed
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Country selection s limited
  • No free trial
  • Limited for non Windows apps

Coasting Plans

  • It is cheap software to relay when you sign-up for a long term subscription
  • For a year subscription, it charges $1.66 per month

CyberGhost VPN: With exclusive country selection options

Craving to access the restricted gaming and OTT sites in your country? CyberGhost VPN can help you with your needs and expectations. It is equipped with over 6100 servers in around 89 countries, including where Roobet is legal.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN covers all kinds of devices with OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Additionally, it offers a couple of browser extensions for secure surfing. As its alternatives, this too supports cryptocurrency like Bitcoin!


  • Access to banned OTT
  • Bans spying parties
  • No annoying ads
  • Longest money-back guarantee of 45 days


  • One day free trial
  • Plenty features
  • Access to other countries’ content
  • Unexpected money-back guarantee


  • Dependent audit
  • Connections become inconsistent
  • Buggy applications


  • It comes with a one-day free trial. Even it offers the longest money-back guarantee of 45 days on a long-term subscription. For a monthly subscription, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Monthly Plan $2.75
  • Annual plan $47.88

How To Select The Best Dedicated VPN for Roobet?

Selecting the dedicated VPN according to your needs is not easy, so here are some points that help you to find the perfect one suitable to you and which meets the criteria of your devices and operating system.

  • Locations. Make sure the VPN you select is serving the country which allows you to access the Roobet.
  • Logging. The site needs to provide transparent logging policies. It must not include any logging activities.
  • Speed. As you must be aware if you’re going to have a VPN for gaming then how much speed is important to you? So you can select the VPN provider that supports WireGuard tunneling protocol.
  • Customer support. During setting up the Virtual Private Network you might have many queries or at any point in time if you get stuck then the service provider must provide reliable support at any point in time. Like live chat or Email facility.
  • Price. When you are paying for the software it would be worthwhile, and even if you’re saving some bucks that are the profit. Select the VPN services wisely not only cheap but caters to your needs too.

Can Roobet Detect VPN?

Any gambling site such as Roobet can detect the VPN, they come to know by IP address that you’re using a VPN service. The Best VPN service provider keeps on changing the IPs frequently, so one can hide the true location.

In case of doubt, or during withdrawing the big amount they may ask you for valid ID proof for the resident. Even when many users are using the VPN. IPs will be the same, so they will come to know you’re using a VPN service. To prevent such circumstances, the best way is to use dedicated IP, this will prevent you from any neighbor effects.

How To Withdraw Safely Using Roobet Dedicated VPN?

While using a VPN, you can easily access and play on Roobet, but when it comes to withdrawal of the amount, one has to be very alert while withdrawing funds from the restricted region. The highest risk is to get blocked by the Roobet.

Users have stated that during the removal of big amounts, Roobet asks for residential proof. Your account might get locked and you may lose all your funds.

Tips For Safely Withdraw From Roobet

  • Withdraw the amount in chunks Even if you have a really big fund in your account, withdraw your fund in chunks, so Roobet probably won’t ask for the resident ID proof.
  • Withdraw frequently Even if you are withdrawing a small number of funds, do not withdraw too frequently, it may raise suspicion on your account.
  • Ask you’re trustworthy to withdraw Roobet does not ask for ID proof during login, so you can ask your friend or the person you trust to withdraw the amount where Roobet is legal. Be careful with the fraudsters who ask you to withdraw money on your behalf. You may be left with zero funds at all.

How to Play Roobet in the USA?

Like many countries, even the USA has put restrictions on access to Roobet. By VPN you can access play and win amounts on Roobet. You can avoid being detected by following the given guidelines.

Tips to play Roobet in the USA

  1. Set a reliable Roobet Profile
  2. Connect to the VPN server in countries where Roobet is legal
  3. Sign up for a VPN
  4. Do not enter any personal details while creating an account
  5. Deposit cryptocurrency to your account
  6. Play the games and win big!


In today’s scenario everything is online, even these crypto casinos! No doubt they have become netizens’ favorite casinos in no time. You can also enjoy the features of the Roobet from any corner of the world with the right VPN installed on your device.

You can access any site or application which is restricted in your area by using a reliable VPN, which changes your location and allows you to play without interruption. Do remember Roobet can ask you to give Resident proof too.


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