Mautic Review: Features, User Reviews, Price & Alternatives


Instead of one-way interruption, marketing is about delivering valuable content at just the right moment that a buyer needs it.” – David Meerman Scott.

It could be a pretty daunting process to look for high-quality marketing automation software. It seems that every marketing tool out there is pretty similar in terms of both features and performance.

However, you can quickly identify the best one by considering your requirements budget and aligning them with the software specs and features. Also, take a look at comparing various marketing automation software, if need be!

We’ll discuss all you need to know about the open-source marketing softwareMautic. So, let’s proceed without any further ado!

What is Mautic?

As a marketing automation software, Mautic offers a high level of integration with artificial intelligence. This AI-centric platform thus helps you create custom emails, intuitive workflows, landing pages, etc., to not only track your marketing activities but enhance the overall customer experience as well.

Mautic is an open-source marketing cloud platform that assists brands in integrating and personalizing all their channels and digital properties into a seamless customer experience. By following a modern approach to marketing automation, Mautic’s suite of tools enables marketers to deliver highly influential content and campaigns to achieve superior results.

Since Mautic results from community involvement, you can quickly get started via your participation in forums and mailing lists. If you wish to learn more about the Mautic via direct communication, join their Community Forums or chat with their Slack community.

Mautic Facts

Key Features

Generally, a marketing automation platform helps you manage leads email campaigns, assists in social marketing, real-time alerts, and trigger responses. Mautic also features these factors along with the following differentiators.

1 – Campaign Building

The campaign builder of Mautic is super easy to understand and helps you create workflows based on several decisions, actions, and conditions. It consists of a drag-and-drop tool to manually add activities or needs to create a campaign.

2 – Lead Generation & Contact Scoring

Mautic’s lead generation and contact scoring tool contain forms, tracking scripts, and focus items. It analyzes customers’ behavior based on several factors such as how they read an email, the number of website page visits, etc. to assign scores to the leads and nurture them further.

3 – Email Builder

Mautic email marketing or email builder provides users with different email templates for ready use. The templates are simple yet highly attractive with which you can create dynamic content.

4 – Page Builder

With the page builder of Mautic, you can create landing pages for your promotions, offers, campaigns, and programs. It contains a drag and drops editor that lets you create responsive landing pages while also running A/B tests to capture leads.

5 – Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing generally means putting the informal visit of website visitors to an end. However, Mautic constantly puts in the needed efforts to turn visitors into potential customers and brand advocates. It nurtures leads by creating email campaigns and other content that best resonates with your visitor’s stage.

6 – A/B Testing

Mautic has an inbuilt A/B testing feature for both the landing pages and emails. You can use this feature to assess which of the two marketing campaigns are more effective in conversion rates or CTR in pages.

7 – Customer Retention

The users of Mautic claim that the use of this marketing automation platform leads to an almost 5% increase in customer retention. And the best part is even such a small boost in customer retention can lead to around a 95% increase in business profits.

8 – User Activity Tracking

Now, it’s quite easy to identify the ultimate interests of users with the user activity tracking feature of Mautic. It will help track each activity of website visitors and assist in creating effective marketing campaigns.


Mautic pricing (Mautic Cloud Pro) begins with as low as $500 per month. However, you can also get it for free only with the core features. On the other hand, Mautic Pro contains all the advanced features other than the core features.

User Reviews

“Being open Source is its best advantage because the software is constantly upgrading and can be improved both for oneself and for others wishing a CRM of these features.”

“Very powerful decision engine that assists us to personalize email workflow. We can modify and segment users very granularly using company/lead attributes and their actions on the website.”

“The ability to automate a lot of marketing tasks and the ability to track users for targeting leads from our website traffic.”

Final Words

So, we’re all done with the Mautic review here!

It’s a great time, come – be it a section of automation. Why waste your money and time in completing tasks which can easily be executed by spending a very small amount of time and money.