SAP Business One - Best Business Management Software, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

10 Best SAP Business One Business Management Software Alternatives

SAP Business One is a very popular business management software that is specially designed to manage growing small businesses. As it is an ERP solution, SAP B1 strives to provide features like financial management, sales & customers, purchasing & inventory control, analysis, and reporting.

By rounding up the functions under one software, you can access real-time information to make the informed decisions fast. SAP B1 gives a proven and scalable solution that is tested and trusted and available on-premise and in the amazon web services cloud.

SAP Business One has the ability to leverage your information to maximize efficiency, reach new clients, and drive noticeable profit growth. Key features of any ERP software are integrated to provide clear visibility of your entire business process.

SAP Business One - Best Business Management Software, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives


Financial Track

  • Improves margins to reduce errors and drives more profit
  • Automatic accounting fundamental process
  • Track cash flows, assets, project costs, budget
  • Process reconciliation of bank statements and payments
  • Create a standard customized report for analysis
  • Oversees overall sales report and watches customers’ behavior

Sales and Customer Services

  • Keeps watch on sales activities and trace the opportunities to lead the activities
  • Create and manage market activities to analyze the same
  • Keeps all the customer’s data in one place by synchronizing and managing in Microsoft Outlook
  • Manage your service agreements and warranty periods
  • Sales data can be managed and shift to any device

Inventory and Purchase

  • Manages complete Purchase to optimizes purchase practice and cost control
  • Streamlines the process of procurement that includes a request to requisition, purchase order, receipt creation, and manage returns
  • For warehouse, synchronizes goods receipts and inventory levels to plan out the purchase with ease
  • Gives you the complete overview and integrated report with real-time data with various reports on your desktop or mobile device

Business Reporting and Intelligence

  • Generate timely and accurate integrated reports based on real-time data
  • Make your business interactive by integrating SAP B1 with Microsoft Excel functions
  • Get an insight into your business through drag & relate and drill down data, by using search assistance and alters based on workflow
  • Design your dashboard and report intuitively and interactively so it can answer your press questions.
  • Access overall information fast and evaluate with dynamic analytics in real-time


  • Manages your business at a low cost
  • Maintains the customer and internal relation smoothly to work faster
  • Takes overall control over your business
  • Access the process and informs immediately for critical situation
  • Secure your business goals and profits
  • Gives a single view of the business with a flexible, powerful, modular, and simple interface


  • Lack of flexibility regarding customization
  • Buggy when customized poorly
  • Wide options make newbies confused
  • Takes time and expertise to install the software
  • Requires the third party for the payrolls
  • HR module has limited functions


SAP offers a free trial and then you can buy the programs as per your needs. The common plan of sap for small business software includes implementation costs, licensing costs, maintenance costs, and training costs for key and end-users.

SAP Business One license costs

  • Professional User costs €2700
  • Limited User costs €1400
  • Starter Package User includes up to 5 users at €1140
  • Professional User Cloud license costs €91 per month
  • Limited User Cloud license costs €47 per month


If you need SAP for Small Businesses then you can surely go with SAP Business One. It helps you to grow your small business if it deploys correctly and if your team is trained properly you can make the most out of it. Takes over the control of your business and helps you to grow faster financially. You can try the software or see the demos of the same and decide if it fulfills your needs or not, if it does not then you can check out the SAP B1 Alternative on Alternatives Magazine.