Clarizen - Best Business Management Software, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

10 Best Clarizen Business Management Software Alternatives

Clarizen is a cloud-based online portfolio project management software that helps enterprises to turn their ideas into strategies, plans, and actions in order to respond to constant market conditions. It is the best business management software that facilitates collaboration and project execution and ensures to keep data up-to-date always.

The manager can keep the bird’s eye view and the team members can do their work the way they want. This helps to keep everyone engaged and focused on the things that are important, so the solution can come fast and the goals of the company and expectations of the customers are exceeded.

Clarizen is the best software for project management that combines the power of social collaboration with robust project management. It does not require any complex software or hardware installation due to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) structure. Results into instant solution with the team and aligns with overall business objectives.

Clarizen - Best Business Management Software, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives


Automated Workflow Management: 

Clarizen increases the work efficiency as users automate, repeat and scale the processes and streamline workflows. This results in offloading administrative tasks and spending time on the things that really matter.

Capacity Planning and Resource Management:

Helps the managers to have the full visibility of the resource demands, capacity availability, schedules, and the task along with the planning tools to evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios and utilize the available resources to meet the targets without overcommitting.

Project and Portfolio Optimization:

One team can take many projects with given resources and spending constraints. Clarizen helps to align the projects with the objective of the business so you can focus and make the best usage of your time and budget.

Project Financial Management:

The software keeps the financial metrics in check with the real-time visibility and helps to prevent any surprises and keeps the finance up-to-date with the project. Managers can easily meet the project objectives and the expectations of stakeholders, whether it’s budget, contracted revenue, ongoing health or planned benefits, and ROI.

Reports and Dashboards:

The real-time 360-degree data can be available at all levels so organizations can make immediate data-based decisions. The inbuilt wizard automatically produces customer-facing presentations into their own branded template, this saves a lot of time for the organizations.

Some other important features are as follows:

  • Manages projects and portfolios
  • Manages resources
  • Document management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Easy email and mobile collaboration
  • Tracks time and expenses
  • Tracks budget
  • Smooth social collaboration


  • Helps to plan projects and portfolio and execution and management for the same
  • Plans resources and measures the planning capacity
  • Manages time and expenses well
  • Tries to match the work request and project demand
  • Tracks the issues and risks in the organization
  • Manages document and does digital proofing
  • Security and user management


  • No desktop application
  • Does not integrate with the third party
  • Complex to set up due to many features
  • Lack of reporting tools
  • Automotive features are not desirable
  • Sometimes the system slows down and has glitches
  • Buggy due to too many features together


Clarizen offers a free trial with limited features. The pricing plans are not posted publicly on the website so one needs to contact the Clarizen directly for the price. It is said that it is available in two pricing tiers: Enterprise and Unlimited. Also, it provides four types of licenses, depending on the access of the user, such as full license, team member, time & expense feature access, and social feature access.


Clarizen can prove one of the worthy business management software according to the price paid. It serves various features which suit any company with size and budget. As the vendor offers a free trial you can check if it really works for your company according to your budget. It is one of the best project management software based on the cloud so does not require installing any kind of software.