Sage X3 - Best Business Management Software, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

10 Best Sage X3 Business Management Software Alternatives

Sage X3 is a Cost-Effective Business Management Software from the Sage Group. It brings all the operations and databases into one enterprise management solution. Can be accessed easily regardless of any devices through cloud-hosting.

Sage ERP X3 is a widely popular Enterprise Management Software that manages your Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, and Manufacturing for mid-sized to all sizes of companies. It supports multi-language, multi-location, and multi-currency.

Sage X3 is one type of Enterprise Management System (EMS). It keeps a watch on your overall business from supply chains to your sales to give you greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight with Sage Cloud X3.

Sage X3 - Best Business Management Software, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives


Financial Activities

  • Tracks your financial activities based upon accurate and comprehensive financial information
  • Advanced features include banking facilities and advanced reporting as well
  • Tracks financial process including cash, collection, and closes through risk management and compliance requirement


  • Gives real-time visible reports on customers’ activities
  • Optimizes customer and call center support
  • Organizes and manages the marketing campaigns

Inventory Functionality:

  • Monitors and tracks all inventory and warehouse effects
  • A broad range of features monitors overall activities related to purchase and sales.
  • It is a versatile software that can monitor the activities from anywhere any device

Ecommerce Strategies

  • Fully integrated with eCommerce suits like Sage X3 CRM and Sales Management. 
  • Reach more customers and increase loyalty by encouraging profitable buying behavior
  • Advanced features include customer management, product management, inventory, and shipping



Sage ERP has a wide range of standard features to offer at an effective price as per their competitors.

Adapts and Grows Business

Sage ERP X3 is designed in a way to support your current and future needs. The more you explore it the more you get the features that help you out.

Simple, yet Powerful

Business management software requires having deep pockets, but not with Sage X3, easy to use and customize as per the needs.

Develop your business Globally

As it includes support for multiple languages, legislation, and currencies thousands of companies using this software across 50+ countries.

Web-based ERP Design

Sage X3 offers the same system, as it is web-native. Whether you access it locally or on the web they have the same system to offer.

Technological Freedom of Choice

Sage X3 works well with Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases and operating systems like Windows, Linux, or Unix. It is an open design and top-notch technology.


  • Tricky to use, non-tech-savvy takes time to operate it
  • Customer service is not so reliable
  • Debugging process is not mentioned properly
  • Requires coding skills for customization
  • The variety of the functions confuses new users


Sage X3 has not posted the price publicly. You can have the demo or you can request the live demo. According to your needs, they will offer you the best plans. 


Sage X3 offers exclusive features to the user to grow their business and to achieve what they desire. Hope this helps you to have a crystal clear view of Sage X3. If it does not cater to your requirements, then visit Alternatives Magazine and find The Best Business Management Alternatives which best fit your needs.