Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP

20 Best Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP Software Alternatives

Microsoft Dynamics GP formerly called Great Plains software helps to deliver comprehensive business management functionality that is out of the box from operations management and financial management to human resource management and manufacturing. It connects different moving parts of your organization and gives you better visibility into your business and control over what’s going on in the business.

Being a very good ERP Alternatives, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a financial accounting system designed to meet the requirements of small to midsize businesses. This ERP was originally developed by North Dakota-based Great Plains Software and was acquired by Microsoft in 2001. It is an ERP program or enterprise resource management that helps businesses manage the back-end operations such as accounting that keeps it running on a daily basis.

Why do we choose Microsoft Dynamics GP?

It is a business management software that has been used to leverage .NET frameworks and Microsoft Windows. A Dynamics GP ERP System can be deployed onsite or hosted for a monthly fee. The company and its partners provide online training and support benefits to its users and also integrate naturally with another popular Microsoft product like Power BI. Microsoft’s powerful, cutting-edge business intelligence platform (Power BI) can help GP users get more out of their business data by helping visualize key information, and offering AI-fueled guidance on next steps and areas where efficiency could be improved.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP Home

Features & Functions

General Ledger

  • Journal Entries
  • Tags / Dimensions
  • Audit Trail

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoice Customization
  • Collections Automation

Accounts Payable

  • Payment Processing

Other Functionality

  • Inventory Reporting
  • Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • Reconciliations

Reporting & Analytics

  • Financial Statements
  • Custom Reporting
  • Dashboards


  • Customization
  • User, Role, and Access Management


  • Data Import and Export Tools


  • Ease of Use
  • User friendly
  • Versatile ERP system


The disadvantage of this software is based on user preference except for the fact that it is more expensive than other ERP software


In Microsoft Dynamics GP Users have the choice of purchasing licenses upfront or paying a monthly subscription fee.

  • Starter Pack: $5,000 for 3 concurrent users
  • Additional Full Users: $3,000 each
  • Additional Limited Users: $600 each (read-only access)
  • Self-Serve Users: $60 each

A one-time Optional fee

  • Extended Pack: $10,000
  • Customization Pack: $6,000
  • Extended Human Resources & Payroll Pack: $7,000