Leaf Logix ERP

20 Best Leaf Logix ERP Software Alternatives

Leaf Logix is an ERP software that is dedicated to cannabis businesses. It offers users seed to sell software that assists them in growing their businesses.

This software solution runs on the heart of Microsoft technology by providing its users with modules for point of sale, cultivation, processing, wholesale and distribution, business intelligence, and e-commerce.

There are lots of dispensaries, cultivators, distributors, and processors that rely on this Cannabis ERP to administer their efforts and guarantee regulatory compliance.

Leaf Logix Cannabis ERP

Benefits of Leaf Logix

  • It helps to reduce disruption by employing a high-quality Microsoft Azure Cloud OS to keep data secure, support business expansion, and provide cohesive updates without interruption.
  • Provides tailored features by listening to users and only offers tools, accessories, and updates that align with their business needs.
  • It helps to provide a reliable support team by helping users gain access to customer support that also consists of skilled technicians. They can help to resolve issues and structure new features based on users’ needs.
  • Encourages customer upselling by enabling users to create client profiles with purchase history and preferences for potential upselling opportunities.
  • It boosts operations by helping users to use plant metrics and personalized workflow wizards to increase their company’s productivity simply.


  • Provides In-depth sales reports
  • Develops labels for its users
  • It helps to monitor plant life
  • It helps users to manage commissions and transactions
  • Enable e-Commerce for users to delegate products for pickup or delivery
  • Uses business intelligence tool to monitor business intel
  • The processing module authorized users to build recipes and blend products


  • Set up loyalty and discount programs
  • Automatic label creation and printing
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Powerful reporting and analytics


  • Niche product with some limitations
  • The level of support seems hit and miss
  • Not very transparent pricing


Leaf Logix ERP Solution does not have any pricing structure but the only way a user can get an indication of what to expect is by signing up for the Leaf Logix POS system and booking a phone call with one of the sales team. During the phone call session, the sales team will then give you details on how to go about the software.