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Email marketing

To be successful in marketing you should be armed with the best tricks that can bring in more customers who are buying the products. With email marketing, your marketing tips and tricks should lead to conversions.

What is email marketing?

Traditional marketing involves selling products or services. Email marketing also involves selling products or services using email. This type of marketing raises awareness among customers and prospects about the available new services, promotions, sales, and discounts.

Besides selling, email marketing can be used to create relationships with clients and customers. Those customers can get educative material through email marketing.

Most importantly, marketing through email has to lead to conversions. The email that hits various inboxes must not be boring. It must be good enough to invite the clients or customers to buy or read whatever the contents would be there.

People receive a lot of emails and not all of them get read or opened. How are your emails performing? Are you structuring good emails for marketing? Email marketing keeps on improving. Many thanks to email marketing services. You might be wondering; what are email marketing services? Keep that question in mind; it will be addressed later.

Types of email marketing

Email marketing is broad. There are different types of email marketing that you can do. Let’s look at the various types of marketing that you can do. There is a lot of email marketing, but these are the important ones that you should know.

Marketing emails

These involve emails that contain promotional or detailed messages that you send to people who are on the email list. These people may include clients, affiliates, vendors, reporters, and more. Good examples of marketing emails include press releases, surveys, sales promotions, newsletters, and many others.

Operational emails

As a customer or prospective buyer, it is annoying to find the shop entrance locked. Operational emails are the ones that inform your clients about important messages pertaining to the businesses’ operational details. These details may include a change in opening hours, maintenance plans, holiday closures, and more.

Such emails play a role in your sales. For instance, if you are informing clients about the maintenance of the online store, you may also give them the value of maintenance. Make sure you remind them how the business values them.

Transactional email

Most transactional emails are automatically sent to clients depending on their actions. Some transactional emails include a welcome note, registration confirmation, order tracking, and more.

Such emails are important because they improve transparency and mutual understanding between the business and its clients. The transactional emails might look annoying, but they are good at creating future engagement opportunities.

Tips and Tricks

Not every email sent gets equal attention. However, you can employ several tricks and tips to trigger action.

  1.  Personalize emails:

    Some marketing emails are sent in bulk containing a uniform message. This can annoy the receiver and the message can be ignored or left unread. However, personalizing messages can attract the attention of the reader.

    Some tricks for personalizing the message include addressing the recipient with his/her name. If you are sending messages to companies, you can send different messages that speak to the particular industry. The email should be relevant to the recipient to receive attention.  Those tricks can improve email engagement.

  2.  Write sassy emails that increase conversion

    Also, keep in mind that your marketing emails to clients are meant to trigger action. The email must improve engagement or traffic to your site. 

    Contents of the email shouldn’t be always black and white text. The text can have links that trigger a ‘call-to-action.’ Additionally, you can always include pictures, graphs, videos, and more. The message should amuse and entice the clients to visit the site. Having customers visit the site can improve sales.

  3. Be careful with language

    The language that you use is also important in email-based marketing.  The email that you send to seniors cannot be the same as the message that you send to teenagers. As such, you can segment your recipients according to age or industry type. That can help you to draft messages that specifically suit the targeted audience.

    Best email marketing services offer features such as segmentation. This feature makes it easy to group the recipients according to their similar interests. And that improves message relevance.

  4. Message structure

    The message structure is important. Some emails appear as spam due to their structures. You should avoid using a lot of questions and exclamation marks in the text. Additionally, avoid overusing pictures, videos, and links. A poorly structured message might end up in a spam box or it might not lead to any conversion.

  5. Optimize emails

    Not all emails get opened on a desktop. Most people are always moving around carrying smartphones or tablets. Therefore, your email marketing planning should take into consideration the usage of mobile phones.

    The emails should be mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly emails can be opened and read anywhere at any time. Optimize your messages so that they can be easily opened on any device. This may improve the number of clicks on your email.

  6.  Check your message before sending it

    Proofread your message and double-check all the embedded links. Grammatical errors in your message might send a wrong ‘message’ to the recipient.  Make sure that the links in the message are working properly. Imagine having a call-to-action link that is not functioning; that means a loss to the potential conversions.

    And it is unprofessional to send an email that is clumsy. There are various email marketing tools or features that you can use to fine-tune your email content.

  7. Make the recipient respond

    The recipient might not respond directly through an email. However, some clients might respond by clicking the call-to-action link. That is a good response. A response can be triggered by various things in your email. For instance, a personalized email can attract the recipient to carry on reading your email.

    More so, the structure of the email can make the recipient have an interest in the message. Make sure that the message does not sound like it’s coming from a bot. Draft realistic messages that are irresistible.

  8. Have a list of recipients

    Some people subscribe to receive your emails. Therefore, such people value your emails, and you should make sure that you also value their time. Communicate relevant messages with them and avoid pushing irrelevant messages to their inboxes.

    You should also keep on growing your subscriber list. Having a long list of subscribers may increase the chances of gaining sales. Make sure your emails are also reaching their inboxes. A long list that is not improving sales is also a waste of time and resources.

  9. Know when to send emails

    You should schedule your emails and know when to send them. The message that you send can be affected by time. For instance, the message that you send mid-month can receive different attention compared to the message you send at month-end. In most cases, discount messages are usually sent towards month-end, targeting people who have just received salaries.

  10.  Track message performance

    As much as you send emails to various people, you should take advantage of analytics. Email marketing analytics makes you know how the recipients interact with the emails that you send them. The email marketing services offer the ‘analytics’ feature.

    With the analytics feature, you can know the number of people who opened the message. You can also know the number of people who open the Call-to-action link, and more. Focusing on analytics can help you identify your weakness and strengths in email marketing. 

    Therefore, tracking message performance can help you improve your email marketing. Make sure that you know what is working to improve your email marketing strategies.

  11. Have a strategy

    Email marketing works perfectly if you also have a strategy. You should have a defined plan for how you are going to carry out your marketing. Some things that may help you to have a good strategy that will improve conversions and sales. 

    Your strategy should help you come up with the targeted audience. That can lead to coming up with a list of recipients’ emails. You can then have a plan for email content, schedule, and more. 

    This means that you can’t wake up and decide to send marketing emails to clients. The proper email marketing strategy will help you carry out an organized marketing journey.

  12. Terms and conditions

    You should also pay attention to the rules and regulations regarding email marketing. You shouldn’t be caught on the wrong side of the law. Make sure that the subscribers are not forced to stay on your emailing list. There must be an easy way of unsubscribing.

  13. Use the best email marketing service, providers

    With professional email marketing tools, DIY  email marketing can be easy and straightforward. There are a lot of email marketing service providers but not all of them are good. Make sure you choose the best service provider that will make your marketing a successful story.

          The service providers come with handy tools and features that make email marketing easier. Some of the best email marketing service providers that you can consider include MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, and many others.

Email marketing platforms

If you are new then email marketing platforms can be useful. That’s where you can engage email marketing services or platforms. Email marketing services are platforms that offer email marketing tools and features. These platforms have similar features and services, but the performance differs in many ways. Below are popular platforms that you may consider:

  1. Aweber – offers valuable services for beginners and smaller lists
  2. MailChimp – this is an all-in-one marketing platform
  3. GetResponse – offers a great automated lead generation tool
  4. Square  Marketing – it is good for growing customers
  5. Bench Email – This is ideal for  small businesses
  6. SendPulse – offers an all-in-one tool for marketing channels
  7. Convertkit – it is ideal for  bloggers, influencers, and creators
  8. DirectIQ – offers in-depth email marketing metrics
  9. Elastic Email – has good features suitable for small businesses
  10. Constant Contact – this offers great tools and features that are beginner-friendly

Importance of email marketing

Doing email marketing comes with its pros and cons. Let’s dive into the benefits of investing in email marketing.


When you are using tools, it is easier to measure the performance of your email. The performance of the emails can be measured realistically. With other ways of marketing, it might be difficult to get a real-time performance report. And you can easily know whether this strategy works or not.


You can reach out to many people without spending a lot of money. A good deal of email service providers allows their clients to send messages for free. If you have well-structured messages, you can realize great conversions and sales.

Make it easy to send targeted  messages

Customers need messages that are relevant. With emails, you can do segmentation and create messages that are relevant to the targeted audience. 

Email engagement is  higher

Many people have access to their emails. Thanks to mobile phones. They make it easy for people to access their emails. It makes it easy for your clients to interact with the emails. 

Take away

Email marketing is worthwhile if you know what you are doing. It can improve sales and brand awareness if it is done properly. With various tips and tricks, you can ace email marketing and enjoy the outcomes. Some tips that you can employ include sending personalized messages,  having a marketing strategy, composing clean messages, and knowing your audience, among others.


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