Envoke Review: Features, Pros, Price & Best Alternatives


Envoke is a web-based lead generation solution that offers an intuitive platform to generate and nurture leads. Products and services with long-term commitments that are supported with collaboration tools to improve lead quality and save time and money.

In addition to email marketing and communication functions, the software includes automated CASL compliance, advanced data protection, highly customizable subscription management, and the option of sending mandatory emails.

Envoke is a social media marketing software designed to help users effectively and efficiently use social media. It employs a four-step strategy to connect with people, including analyzing, publishing, engaging, and celebrating. The software’s greatest asset is content creation. It helps users to create the best content and tracks its status.

However, Envoke is a powerful and simple-to-use marketing software application that uses online tools to gain attention, convert leads, and customize for more detailed reporting. It allows businesses to automate the marketing process, eliminating manual work and increasing efficiency. It provides insights into leads that give the user an insight into exactly where leads are at a given moment in time.

What is Envoke?

Envoke is an all-in-one email marketing & marketing automation tool that provides business sales teams with high-quality leads. Based in Toronto, Canada, their team of service agents works on digital strategies for their customers, including paid campaigns.

Envoke is a marketing software that helps with lead management, process management, and measuring performance. It automates the sales and marketing departments’ workflows and eliminates waste of time. It assists in preparing and maintaining insights reports in order to analyze them, and it allows the users to make better decisions.

Envoke Email Marketing
Image Source – Envoke.com

It’s a platform that provides various marketing and commerce tools to take the company to the next level, helping to collect data, create marketing channels, and gain insights to grow the company.

It simplifies the marketing process by eliminating excess time and other significant tasks. This is an email marketing software that helps you make multi-channel customer engagements easier by combining audience data.

Envoke helps you map a customer’s journey through a campaign with its journey builder, customizable forms, and drag-and-drop interface. The platform’s reporting provides real-time statistics for the marketing process in general and for particular parts of it.

Envoke creates products and services that help companies generate more leads through their websites through automated email marketing and customer engagement/nurturing programs. Envoke’s focus is on the following key areas:

  • Search-marketing-based lead generation
  • Automatic email marketing and customer engagement/nurturing programs
  • Lead management tools Integration with third-party applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, transactional systems, and customer engagement systems.


1. Inbox Delivery

For maximum inbox placement, Envoke deliverability management tools have been refined over the past decade. Proper email authentication, stellar sender IP reputation, automated bounce management, feedback loops, and monitoring are all in place, so you can focus on your content and leave email delivery to the software.

2. Integration

Envoke’s powerful APIs make it simple to transfer contact information to your CRM, and manual updates are no longer necessary. Integrations are also available via Zapier.com and Google Analytics.

3. Analytics

On every email you send, you can track the openings, clicks, unsubscriptions, and delivery failures. Drill down a list of contacts for each item. Over time, you’ll be able to track your contact list growth and gain valuable insights into how subscribers come and go from your databases.

4. List Management

With every plan, you have access to unlimited public and private lists, as well as unlimited custom fields, to slice and dice your contact lists using internal tags, public subscriptions, and advanced filters to get the right message to the right person.

5. Customizable Forms

Drag and drop form editor lets you create CASL compliant fully customizable forms to build your contact base, get contacts to register for events, or gather additional information, whether they are embedded on your website or hosted by us. Two or twenty fields. Available in English or French.

6. Perfect Email Editor

You don’t need technical people to master the email editor; simply drag and drop messages into the editor to create beautiful emails that look good on any device. Reset and reset the test groups, and the AB tests will maximize open rates. Merged fields and dynamic content can be used to personalize your messages.


  • The AB testing functionality is very easy to use and very effective
  • Amazing and great customer support with prompt response to inquiries
  • Effective, affordable, and easy-to-use automation software
  • New features are constantly updated from time to time
  • Nice clean design templates


  • Navigating the libraries might seem confusing at first use
  • Quite expensive
  • As they keep updating new features and as the site grew some services became obsolete or buried

Envoke Pricing

Envoke has a free trial version and three basic pricing options:

  • Standard: Core email marketing and communication tools which cost $49 for 0 – 5,000 contacts in sending unlimited emails.
  • Professional: Enhanced functionality, customization, and integration which cost $79 for 0 – 5,000 contacts in sending unlimited emails.
  • Multi-account: For organizations with multiple departments it cost $149 for 0 – 5,000 contacts in sending unlimited emails

Starting price: $49.00 per month

Free trial: Available

  • Monthly billing allows sending of unlimited emails based on the number of active contacts and the functionality. Active contacts exclude unsubscribed contact, and if the same contact is subscribed to multiple mailing lists (audiences), they are only considered one single contact for billing purposes.
  • With the pay-as-you-go option, unlimited contacts can be saved, and email messages can be sent by using email credits purchased in bulk upfront.


Envoke is an email marketing tool that extends multi-channel customer interactions through unified audience data. It lets you map a customer’s journey through a campaign with its journey builder, customizable forms, and a drag-and-drop interface. The platform’s reporting provides real-time transparency into the entire marketing process. This is an email marketing service, with much more punch than just email blast software. You can create email campaigns, build and host your landing page, and automate a new subscriber onboarding process.


Q: What are the marketing tools?

A: The marketing tools are software designed to promote the products and services of an enterprise and increase sales. They provide users with a number of features to appeal to a maximum audience, including creating content, posting or publishing, automating workflow, branding, lead management, and lead engagement.

Q: What are the best marketing tools?

A: Envoke is the Best Marketing Tool as it operates as an all-in-one marketing automation tool that provides business sales teams with high-quality leads.

Q: What is a CRM in marketing?

A: CRM is a term for Customer Relationship Management, and CRM marketing is a marketing strategy for managing customer relationships within the business. CRM marketing covers all planning and optimization undertaken while keeping in mind the customer’s relationship, which can result in better customer retention and customer loyalty.