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What is Lemlist?

Lemilist can be your ultimate solution for your email campaigns or business-related email queries. You can easily create personalized cold email messages in less time. Therefore, most famous companies use this email marketing tool for their sales team, ambitious entrepreneurs, and lead generation agencies for better performance.

Furthermore, Lemislist is an email marketing tool allowing you to start conversations that reply from your prospects. Mainly, it is helpful to all the business-to-business companies to perform their email marketing campaigns without any issues.

Thus, they include functions like personalization, automating, and measuring. It is better to personalize the email through images at scale to increase engagement and get more replies. To help you more, it offers personalized images, video prospecting, and custom landing pages.

Also, automation boosts the users’ efficiency and saves valuable energy and time. Besides that, keeping an eye on the right metrics and user behavior makes it straightforward for all users to target the best audience and grow their business to business organizations.

Lemlist Email Marketing
Image Source – Lemlist

Along with that, this email marketing tool can be easily combined with the other marketing tools, namely, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zapier, and more. Thus, the easy-to-use interface with these integrations makes Lemlist a trendy email marketing tool for emailing and sales automation.

It also offers multichannel sequences that help you connect with your prospects with cold email, social selling, and cold call. Aside from that, the use of Lemlist helps you with various tasks.

What Is The Use Of A Lemlist?

These are the following uses of Lemlist

  • Lemlist is helpful to small businesses and SaaS companies with prospecting.
  • Users can easily use this tool for their cold and personalized emails.
  • It helps to decrease the chances of the email going to spam folders.
  • You can also create automatic follow-ups to reply to your clients.
  • Lemlist helps you engage with your leads across all mediums you use.
  • It helps to provide you with services and tools that can ease your sales and telemarketing campaigns.
  • Offers a lot of details on its display.


Lemlist is a fantastic email marketing tool founded in 2018 to personalize and customize your emails. Also, it helps to make your business, organization, and company more accurate with email deliverability. Thus, it offers robust features to help you with total efficiency. These features are stated below.

1. Lemwarm

Lemlist offers the Lemwarm feature, which is an email warm-up feature. Users can warm up an email address with the help of Lemwarm. It automatically uses the personalized created emails to boost your email marketing reach for your business.

Along with that, it comes with an algorithm of warm-up tools to keep away your emails through spam folders. However, the strategy of the email warm-up tool depends on the age of your email domain. The email service providers want to check out the actual people who reply to emails. And Lemwarm helps here by keeping emails to a similar conversation thread.

2. Personalization

With personalization, users can keep cold emails away from standing out. Users can easily customize their emails through custom images by using Lemlist. It allows you to create personalized videos, pictures, and even landing pages to make your audience feel special.

Thus, Lemlist provides a new way to personalize, and you can get a massive response to your emails. Aside from image personalization, users can also add their special signature at the end of their email.

Also, users can customize cold emails to look at them differently by adding attachments, using HTML, and custom codes.

3. Cold Emails

Transferring contacts as a CSV file in the tool is the first task to allow Lemlist to send cold emails to your audiences or leads. Lemlist uses information from the different file columns in cold emails.

Users can also keep that list away for their future use. It becomes easy to make changes in that list of contacts in future campaigns to make it more helpful. Further, users can use pre-build email templates to create their personalized emails. There is a possibility of getting the progressive report of the campaign once your email reaches your receiver, and you will get a notification.

Along with that, users are allowed to set the email frequency. Lemlist traces everything from the email account users use to send emails and to whom they send them.

4. Follow-Ups

Automating the follow-ups is another feature of using Lemlist. Users can easily create follow-up emails by choosing the templates available in Lemlist or by creating emails themselves. The variable options are also available there.

Users can send emails in a few stages as well. It is also not tough to manage the email sending orders. You can set the time of sending follow-up emails and the waiting duration between emails.

5. Landing Pages

This email marketing tool offers you dynamic and stunning landing pages. There is a possibility of redirecting each prospect to a particular customized page with a video and calendly tool. It will help you fix a meeting.

6. Call Outreach

Till now, the old-school cold calling is an excellent outreach plan. It is helpful to Make a call at the right time, which helps you grab the deal as quickly as possible. Lemlist is helpful to that with just a click, and also it allows you to be informed about that quickly.

7. Add Your Sales Team

Your company sales team can use the same page because the Lemlist allows you to assign work to everyone without changes. Moreover, users can easily add notes and prospects if they need to send or share them in less time.

8. Easy To Organize

It offers a calendar overview for all to know about the upcoming tasks and schedules. It also shows where your prospect is and what you should do next. In short, your sales team can be ready for the following tasks.

9. Easy Integrations

With Lemlist, you can get multiple choices of CRM integrations like Hubspot, Salesforce, Axonaut, Pipedrive, and many others. In addition to that, it integrates with other lead generation tools like Uplead, Dropcontact, LeadFuze, etc. The last options you can pair up with are Zapier and Phantombuster.

10. Highly Affordable

Last but not least, the Lemlist pricing is reasonable, and one can easily afford them for his business to business companies.

The other features include the group of your recipients and merging and sending them customized content as per their requirements. Also, you can get web extensions and depend on the Lemlist for the rest.


  • All features are excellent for working with your B2B companies
  • Easy to use email marketing tool
  • A lot of integration options are available
  • Offers drag and drop editor
  • A/B Texting
  • It helps to personalize and customize emails
  • There is a possibility of getting massive success for email marketing
  • It offers integrations with business communication tools, automation tools, and other lead generation tools
  • Value for money


  • It comes with poor UI
  • Poor customer service

Lemlist Pricing & Plans

There are three pricing plans available in the Lemlist email marketing tool and are as follows.

  • Email Warm-Up Plan is available at $25 per month.
  • Email Outreach Plan is available at $50 per month.
  • The Sales Engagement Plan is available at $83 per month.

Aside from this regular pricing, Lemlist comes with special offers as well. Note that all plans come with unique features and vary according to your plan selection.

How To Use A Lemlist?

Lemlist is an email marketing tool that you can use for various tasks. Thus, we would like to inform you about the setup of Lemlist for cold emails. It is a straightforward method, as you don’t need to crack the hard nut. However, it would help if you have a domain to use and be prepared for cold emailing.

  • The first step is to connect with your email provider. Open your Lemlist account and go further with the Email Provider option. You can select Microsoft Office 365, Google, or G Suite.
  • Now, visit Settings > Email Signature and add your signature.
  • Insert custom tracking domain. We suggest using your domain to increase email deliverability.
  • After that, whether you use an old email domain or a new one, you have to warm it up before starting.
  • You can start making cold email campaigns after the above things are done.


That’s all we have in this review!

Lemlist is an email marketing tool that helps increase your email deliverability. With Lemlist, users can send customized and personalized cold emails to their recipients in bulk with the help of automation. Also, it helps to make effective sales campaigns and email marketing in significantly less time. This might be the best choice for creating custom landing pages as well.

As a result, we come here with this complete review of Lemlist to help you decide – whether it is best to use or not.

In our opinion, leaving the API and customer services, this tool is the best choice to use with the above features.


1. Why should you choose this software?

Lemlist offers you robust email personalization features to send customized emails through mail merge, which is helpful to increase your cold email outreach. With Lemlist, you can add your recipient data from the CSV file to any email template. Also, you can make changes to those templates as per your choice. Thus, this might be the best solution for your B2B companies for the sales team.

2. What is better in Lemlist?

The Lemlist interface is easy to understand, and you can manage it without any issues. Also, it provides a display containing many essential details of the campaign with a clear-cut design. In addition to that, you can check out the replies to cold emails under Lemlist itself.

3. What improvements does it require?

Lemlist has API problems with Lemwarm. Your warm-up emails can go to spam folders, and the spam and categories section should be improved. Also, it may create issues with email deliverability, and thus this should be improved.

4. Why is Lemlist beneficial?

Lemlist is among the great tools you can use to send Cold Emails in a massive quantity with background images and customization options. Further, the image personalization features help add modern images to cold emails.

5. Why is Lemlist getting popular?

Lemlist is an email marketing tool allowing many functionalities to boost email deliverability. These functionalities start from click map, template management, spam check, email scheduling, A/B testing, mailing list management, contact management, and many others. Most B2B companies use this to save time and help their sales team.

6. Does it come with an API?

Although it is an email marketing tool, it does not provide users with API functionalities. Thus, users have to forget about the API while using marketing tools.

7. Does Lemlist provide free tools?

Lemlist is a cold outreach automation software that helps you with appealing features like customization and personalization. Also, it provides integration with CRM and provides free tools for your comfort.

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