Sendinblue Review: Features, Pros, Cons, Price

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is basically an email marketing solution developed to serve small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses that need to automate their email marketing campaigns, especially on a limited budget. It is highly similar to Mailchimp but cheaper and with higher functionality. Unlike Mailchimp, it has a free version and a free trial for its premium platform.

Most of Sendinblue’s clients including marketers and brands use the software for their email marketing campaign initiatives. As such, they can easily automate triggered campaigns to send emails and newsletters to their customers. Check out the image below to understand the wide range of features this offers its customers.

It embodies a marketing platform that offers a comprehensive set of features and exceptionally competitive prices. These aspects alone make this software a top-notch player in this particular market niche. Check out the image below to understand the wide range of features this offers its customers.

Sendinblue Marketing Features


Sendinblue is the niftiest and most intuitive platform for supporting the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Its well-thought-out marketing tools help businesses to grow and thrive exponentially in the digital space. Its marketing services are aimed at helping SMBs develop, maintain, and nurture customer relations.

One of the best of its features must be its ability to enable businesses to always access their customers wherever they are. Are you wondering how? Well, four options: email marketing, chat, SMS marketing, and inbox. Besides advertising, these options enable businesses to easily and instantly respond to their customers’ concerns.

SMS marketing offers businesses the capacity to directly communicate with their customers in a time-effective manner. The inbox is very crucial to the overall communication process as it stores, organizes, and tracks the customer’s email history.

Sendinblue’s free plan has very useful and easy-to-use features including automated marketing, sending up to 300 emails every day, and phone support. Those with a premium account enjoy such automated features as web tracking and lead scoring.

Contact Management: It provides you with a single Contacts tab through which businesses can easily organize and manage their contacts.

Sending email campaigns: Take your email campaign experience to another level with these editor options:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Rich text editor
  • Copy and paste your HTML code

Reporting and Analytics: Sendinblue’s software automatically tracks all your crucial email metrics including a number of sends, bounces, email opens, and overall clicks. The software also analyzes the subscribing and unsubscribing rates, automated campaigns statistics, and A/B testing outcomes.


Unlike its competitors, Sendinblue charges customers based on the number of emails they send as opposed to the number of contacts they have. They have a $25 monthly plan for 10,000 emails. The price varies significantly based on the number of emails. The highest monthly rate is $99 for 100,000 emails.

The platform’s premium package goes for $65 a month and allows access to all features, 20,000 emails, and unlimited automation. The highest-rated premium package goes for $599 per month and offers 1,000,000 emails.

Bigger companies that exceed the 1,000,000 emails threshold can opt for the Enterprise plan. Sendinblue’s pricing is particularly attractive for its ease of understanding mainly due to it being limited to a single structure: sending monthly emails.

Its competitors, HubSpot and Zoho Campaigns, operate using a number of structures related to email and contact volume, or an integration of both. Estimating charges for individual services can prove quite cumbersome for clients.

Sendinblue offers the most competitive prices on the market and a huge new marketing muscle. Its strategy offers exceptional value for money, making it a great choice compared to its competitors.

Sendinblue Integration

This is one of the 1000+ apps connected to Zapier’s library. As such, it offers clients the opportunity to connect with hundreds of other apps. In fact, customers can easily create automated workflows by linking your contrivance to any additional business apps they may have.

The integration is excellent for lead generation, e-commerce, online courses, analytics, LMS platform, CMS, and event management. This level of integration is highly efficient for marketing as it automates numerous tasks.

Sendinblue Vs Mailchimp

Besides offering better and more competitive prices than its counterpart Mailchimp, Sendinblue also offers more advanced features. For example, there are a lot of complaints from Mailchimp users regarding the software’s list management capacity.

its clients can easily integrate contacts from diverse lists into the same campaigns. Such complexities can compromise business proceedings, but they ensure more streamlined operations.

Sendinblue is more affordable compared to Mailchimp. Although it offers lower prices, it does not compromise on quality. In fact, its connection to Zapier’s library promotes more streamlined operations and higher integration capacity for clients.

It offers a more affordable option than Mailchimp, especially with its all-in-one email marketing option. This service effectively handles any and all email marketing needs while offering more features than Mailchimp.


Any business, whether online or physical, can agree that email marketing is an integral part of its business processes. Even with social media growing in popularity and introducing new platforms each day, email marketing still remains the best way to contact clients.

Sendinblue, therefore, offers services and features integral to the growth and success of your business and helps increase your revenue.