Robly Review: Features, Price, Pros, Cons & Alternatives


Email marketing tools like Robly can be an essential part of any marketing strategy. Email marketing automation can save time and money while delivering a great experience to your subscribers.

The emails are automatically sent depending upon a set of criteria you define, so you can just sit back and watch the magic happen. Email automation isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

You can also use the feature of email automation to send out forms as a bonus tip. You can collect feedback, nurture leads, and much more with forms.

Email marketing or email automation software like Robly makes your job easier. If you follow email automation best practices, you can make email work in your favor in multiple ways.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the Review of Robly and check for its features, benefits, pros, cons, and price below!

What is Robly?

Robly is a cloud-based email marketing and management tool created for businesses of all sizes. Key features include retargeting campaigns, testing, pop-ups, and reporting.

Most Robly customers are B2C companies with an average email send of about 2,500 emails. Robly is easy to use and includes unlimited custom data fields and segments.

Robly Email Marketing

Also, Robly’s pricing model is advantageous if you have a small number of contacts but send a high volume of email campaigns. If you’re looking for lightweight email marketing software, Robly is worth considering.

Robly also features Robly AI, which determines the best time to send emails based on customer behavior from past campaigns. The solution also predicts when users are most likely to open their emails.

Key Features

-> Interactive Dashboard

Robly’s dashboard offers an overview of your recent email marketing efforts. The dashboard includes modules that show important KPIs you should monitor consistently. Here are a few metrics you can track in the dashboard:

  • Emails delivered
  • Engagement rate
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Soft and hard bounce
  • Successful deliveries
  • It opens through Robly AI and OpenGen
  • Total audience

-> Robly Engage

To create an ethical deliverability cycle, Robly features Robly Engage. It improves deliverability as a higher percentage of your list becomes engaged every day. Gmail loves this. So will you. With Robly Engage, you can easily do the following:

  • Bump inactives from your regular sends
  • Automatically segment unengaged users
  • Email them and boost your engagement by winning them

-> Segmentation

This tool includes segmentation tools that you can use to create customer segments using the data stored in the system. Segmentation can increase the relevance of your emails and saves tons of cost by reducing send volume.

You can define the segment conditions to include or exclude portions of your list.

-> Email Builder/Campaign Builder With Pre-Built Intuitive Email Templates

You can design a winning campaign with drag & drop tools. Creating a personalized, beautiful, and responsive email that resonates with your customers and describes your brand’s personality is easy. You can also import your HTML or send plain text.

Select from a library of mobile-responsive templates, build up emails from a blank template or scratch, use the drag-and-drop editor properly, and do every bit of customization on the templates.

You can change colors, font, and formatting in the Settings Tab. Also, you can change the layout of your templates by adding dividers, padding, borders, and rows with different spacing.

-> Robly OpenGen

Now, it’s effortless to boost open rates with Robly’s OpenGen technology. Your first campaign gets sent like always. After some days, a second campaign with a new subject line goes out to non-openers. Following are the results of its work on some of its clients.

  • One billion incremental countings and opens
  • Tens of millions of dollars in the new revenue stream

-> Robly AI

With Robly AI, you can experience perfect send times every time. It will get you more opens and higher click-throughs by being at the right place at the right time. The Robly AI helps deliver each email individually.

It also features timed delivery, where emails land when subscribers are most likely to check their email and get to the top of their inboxes.

-> A/B Testing

This email marketing tool includes an email testing tool that you can use to optimize your emails. With this tool, it’s easy to create up to 4 versions of an email. Then, it sends each version of those emails to your customers.

Robly’s A/B testing tools are sufficient for most small businesses and are more flexible than other competitors in their price range. You can test up to four email versions at a time.

-> Device Specific Reporting

This tool has two different device-reporting styles or options, such as desktop and mobile reports. These reports assist its users in staying in the know about which devices people use to open their emails. Device-specific reporting offers hourly email open rates.

-> Integrations Support

Robly integrates with several third-party platforms but is very limited relative to its competitors.

This tool easily integrates with Zapier, which allows users to connect with hundreds of different applications, but an additional subscription is required to leverage this. Here are some of the built-in integrations found in Robly.

Some of the Robly integrations include Facebook, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Infusionsoft, Twitter, Zapier, Shopify, etc.

-> Marketing Automation

Robly consists of autoresponders: trigger-based emails sent to contacts based on their behavior.

For instance, you can not create automation workflows using a visual canvas with branching points.

Additionally, Robly includes several automation and optimization tools that help improve engagement and deliverability. Robly’s automation tools include OpenGen, Robly AI, Exit intent pop-up, and Robly Engage, all already discussed above.

What are the Benefits of Robly?

1. Non Random, and Effective Email Marketing

Gone are the days when email marketing software users can just haphazardly send out spam texts or email messages to subscribers. This unreliable marketing strategy is what inspired Robly to enter the market and ensure clients get the maximum benefit from their efforts.

2. Effective Email Capturing

Via pop-up technology instead of the simple sign-up widget, companies nowadays can obtain emails from website visitors quite effectively. By providing incentives and rewards to the email subscribers, the software user has a higher chance of getting the precious email address.

3. Honest And Reflective Analysis

The software analytics can accurately check or analyze the number of clicks, interactions, downloads, and even mobile access to the publicity material right away after its upload. It also displays whether or not the email campaign has penetrated its target market.

4. Predictive Technologies

This software’s AI technology describes the exact time people open their emails. Software users are given an avenue to put their marketing materials right on top of the other marketing emails using this method in their inboxes.

Robly Pricing

  • Up to 500 contacts ($19/mo)
  • 501 to 2.5k contacts ($35/mo)
  • 2.5k to 5k contacts ($58/mo)
  • Unlimited emails ($92/mo)


  • Its drag and drop interface so it is pretty easy to figure out and get used to.
  • Sign up forms are simple to embed into the website
  • Their customer support team is super helpful and can assist with any questions.
  • Contacts are easy to organize
  • It’s easy to work on different leads at the same time.


  • Robly does not maintain a high enough adaptability when it comes to relevancy with the programming of landing pages.
  • Various mobile responsive options are not as accessible and available.
  • Customer Support options are limited.

Final Words

All in all, Robly competes with a variety of email marketing tools that offer similar functionality. The best selection for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences.