54 Best Cryptosteel Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

Cryptosteel: It is a device that is used to secure information.  Cryptosteel expands on its initial product, an open-source implementation of the cassette and tile versions of the steel backup device designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. For more details and many other Cryptosteel alternatives, check the following information and the provided list.

The Capsule deviates from its predecessor’s design by offering a new, patent-pending design. Because of Capsule design, the Capsule is not open to competition or innovation. Cryptosteel has abruptly reversed course and betrayed its initial ethos, which was closely linked with bitcoins.

The Capsule has a total storage capacity of 123 tiles, including letters, numbers, and special characters. The Capsule will have two Hierarchical Deterministic 12-word seed phrases or one 24-word 96-character seed phrase, as well as additional data such as a private key.

Devices: Capsule Duo, Cassette Duo, Capsule Solo, Cassette Solo, Capsule Trio, Capsule Quintet, Capsule Pro,



  1. BIP39
  2. Shamir Backup
  3. Random ASCII Passwords
  4. GPS Coordinates
  5. Effective Rainbow Codes
  6. PINs


  • Easy Device setup
  • Offers budget-friendly devices
  • Devices are a lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Insurance account numbers
  • Good Security is guaranteed
  • Easy to use a tray


  • The patent is pending
  • Low durability
  • Closed Sources
  • Poor support

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