54 Best EXX Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

What is EXX?

EXX, also called Exchange X, is a Hong Kong headquartered crypto exchange platform. It was launched in 2017, with the target to serve customers looking for exchange rates lower than standard rates in the market.

EXX Exchange offers flexibility to customers since anyone with a smartphone can easily access their platform. One doesn’t necessarily need to have a computer, which makes it quite easy and convenient to access the site.

What Services does Exchange X Offer?

EXX Exchange is quite unique in terms of the services it offers. It has gone over and beyond to ensure value addition in its service production. As such, the platform has interrupted the industry and shaken such big names as USDT markets and the HSR marketplace.

Although the platform is relatively new in the industry, it has managed to achieve effortless success within that short time. Some of the contributing factors to the success include:

  • The platform’s easy and swift trading techniques
  • An easy-to-use website that supports a seamless navigation experience for the customers
  • Conducting exchange deals with various cryptocurrencies
  • EXX also has a mall where customers can use their cryptocurrencies to make purchases of day-to-day products/items or personal effects

EXX Overview

How Does EXX Work?

  • EXX offers its traders a list of over 50 different cryptos and currencies to choose from. The platform, which primarily targets the Asian market, offers free deposits and withdrawals.
  • It aims to attract more traffic by reducing the overall cost of transactions for the customer. These charges are barely substantial for the company, yet make quite lucrative business deals.
  • EXX is highly popular for the high-ranking security it offers its customers. It stores data offline and a two-factor authentication process to secure information.

How to Start Using EXX Exchange

  • The first step is always to create an account. As an account holder, one can either be a buyer or a seller.
  • To start trading, one can either create a new account or use the platform to log into their existing account.
  • New traders must undergo a verification process after which they must deposit some currency into their account before they can initiate transactions.
  • The account balance is critical for the trading process; it determines the transactions one can partake in.
  • As a new member, it is vital to always remember that rates vary throughout the platform.
  • As such, EXX Exchange is a way to reveal live rates, which helps users to draw an estimate of their intended transactions.
  • It sets a good measure for decision-making before a trader settles on whether to trade their crypto assets.


  • Low charges
  • Zero deposit fees
  • Zero withdrawal charges
  • They have two trading platforms, which promotes flexibility
  • EXX Exchange supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • The platform offers highly competitive prices for their services


  • EXX does not support fiat currencies
  • The platform majorly targets the Asian market, as such, the pages are not effectively translated into English
  • A poorly developed/managed customer service sector; lacks adequate information

EXX’s Exchange Charges

EXX’s charges are quite favorable to their users, which makes the platform quite profitable with every transaction. Generally, most transactions operate on a 0.2% fee. It is also important to note that free-of-charge transactions have a limit of $50 withdrawal.


Generally, EXX Exchange is quite a good exchange platform offering a wide range of crypto. Despite their lacking help sector, they still offer decent services. Besides, they have quite a secure platform, which is a great way to assure their customers of the safety of their funds.

Since it is headquartered in Hong Kong, it is safe to say EXX is mainly suitable for Asian traders, including the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. The one most significant value aspect that EXX offers must be its low exchange rates compared to the industry standard. As a relatively new exchange platform in the industry, it shows great potential.