54 Best DigiFinex Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

The cryptocurrency planet is expanding rapidly with every bit of seconds; along with this, the race of choosing the best platform increases. So, here is DigiFinex that deserves your undivided attention.

Have you heard about DigiFinex? Have you tried it? If you are not and looking for a detailed review to make your decision, you are at the right spot.

We understand, picking the best cryptocurrency trading platform is today’s need. Otherwise, you might lose in the cryptocurrency game, and obviously, you do not want to!

Also, determine your knowledge. You must pick the trading platform that gives equal importance to noob and experts. So, let’s start our DigiFinex review without wasting more time.

What is DigiFinex?

Undoubtedly, DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform where one can perform global cryptocurrency exchange. DigiFinex allows you to buy and trade in more than 300 altcoins, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ripple, naming a few of them.

This cryptocurrency trading platform offers many features, including constant exchanges, leverage trading, and credit cards for buying digital coins.

Presently, it has above 4 million users, and the number is growing continuously. Its easy-to-use interface makes it popular amongst the people; as a result, it is ranking at 10th position for liquidity and trading volume.

DigiFinex’s journey started in Singapore, so it is main headquartered is in Singapore and has a registered office in Seychelles. It comes under the six exchanges in Seychelles.

DigiFinex Overview

DigiFinex History

DigiFinex launched the DigiFinex exchange in 2017, and from this date, they are kept on upgrading things. Later in 2018, they launched DFT, OTC services, DigiFinex app, and the same year, they crossed 1 million users.

The founder Kiana Shek and her team are continuously expanding their reach in every corner of the world, you can check all their updates here. Momently, they are operating in Malaysia, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. However, USA and Singapore are restricted to trade at DigiFinex.

Also, they have launched DigiFinex Korea for the South Korean people. The best feature of this is the user can purchase the crypto on the grounds of a credit card.

Do not assume that DigiFinex has contained here; many surprises await you.

Reasons To Choose Digifinex

Adequately, enormous reasons to choose DigiFinex. Let’s discuss the essential ones here:

100+ Cryptocurrencies Trading

You read it right; you can trade on 100+ cryptocurrencies, a comparatively substantial number than other platforms. It gives you an excellent opportunity to swap on multiple digital assets. Plus, DigiFinex’s first target is the Asian market, so anyone from this continent can start trading on this platform (except Singaporean).

Offers Utmost Quality Security To Funds

Fund security is the concern of most traders; they do not want to lose their hard-earned money. However, with DigiFinex, you do not have to worry about funds security. Australia Regulated Digital Currency Exchange Service Provider and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) governs DigiFinex. What else do you require for safe blockchain technology?

Compatible With Mobile And Desktop, Both

The primary and pro user interface makes the DigiFinex platform compatible with desktop and mobile apps. So, users can trade from any medium with ease. This is the most demanded feature amongst the traders. Through this, they can trade anywhere they want and make a profit all the time.

Credit Cards Are Allowed

The missing feature in most trading platforms; however, DigiFinex knows what its users want, and as a result, new traders can trade on this platform after buying the crypto by using credit cards. So, if you are a new trader and want to start, what’s better than DigiFinex.

Moreover, the credit card purchase limit is $20,000, which is enough for new traders.

Day & Night Customer Support

Excluding the chemist shop, we have hardly seen the day and night service, but DigiFinex is an exception. Facing problems, having questions, contact DigiFinex’s round-the-clock customer support. Their expert team will solve all your doubts without sounding stern.

Cryptocurrencies Are Protected

Cryptocurrencies protection is the initial priority of DigiFinex. They have a team of in-house security that takes care of cryptocurrencies, offering two-factor authentication and other steps.

Services Offered By The DigiFinex

It is not a big company by say, but it also provides the best services. As a result, it is giving tough competition to others in the trading world.

Let’s check out its exceptional yet mind-blowing services:

Spot Trading

Market capitalization requires immediate delivery; however, it should be secure. For this, DigiFinex has a solution and is spot trading; it offers secure and guaranteed trading. Spot trading lets you deal with foreign currency for commodity purposes.

Endless Exchanges

Endless exchanges or we can call perpetual swaps. It comes under the derivative that lets you swap the value. It does not count expiry date, trade-free underlying assets, and most importantly, swap price always takes note of underlying assets. The derivative type DigiFinex designed is of excellent quality; as a result, DigiFinex is growing fast in the trading industry, giving tough competition to other exchange platforms.

Insurance Fund

While trading, whatever activities you do, you want to get paid for the same and protect yourself from further losses. Clearly, you do not want to lose your profits. So, Digifinex did it before you thought; its insurance fund service ensures that you are getting paid for the trading. Further, an insurance fund protects you from over-auto-deleverage liquidations.


DRV comes under the DigiDeriv and acts as a native exchange token; having a limitation of 100 million.

Let’s talk about its allocating modes:

  • Private placement – 2%
  • Public subscription – 2%
  • Activity rewards – 96%

How to register on DigiFinex?

Every cryptocurrency exchange platform has different steps of registration. However, DigiFinex offers an easy and quick registration process.

  • Type https://www.digifinex.com/ on your browser
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully
  • Now, click on the register button and start the registration process
  • Fill in all the details accurately, along with a working email ID as you’ll receive verification mail
  • Now, you will receive the verification mail, click on it and become a verified member
  • This is the time, you have to provide identification proof
  • Further, they will ask you for KYC, personal information, residential address, and address proof
  • Now, you are done to start the trading on DigiFinex


  • Achieved 10th position in terms of liquidity and volume
  • 4 million user base (continuously growing)
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Secure and stable
  • Available in Apple Store, Google Play, Android, Windows, Galaxy store, and Mac OS
  • Lowest withdrawal fee
  • Supports more than 300 altcoins
  • No maker and taker fee


  • Singapore and USA based traders are not allowed

Final Verdict

Being confused while choosing the cryptocurrency platform? Well, anyone can be after seeing several options. But selecting the best one is your ultimate goal. So, checking DigiFinex won’t eat up your time.

All the features, benefits, services it offers are worth your attention. We have covered almost every point, which looks beneficial from a trading point of view. Now, next is your decision.