54 Best TradeOgre Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

What is TradeOgre?

TradeOgre is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has adopted a centralized approach toward the crypto exchange program. The platform, which was launched in 2018, is relatively new to the industry. As such, it is advisable that new traders take their time to assess and evaluate its legitimacy before going all in with their funds.

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What Crypto Currencies Does TradeOgre Support?

Despite being quite new in the industry, TradeOgre exchange has made a huge commitment to its traders by offering 76 different cryptocurrencies for exchange. It has managed to create room for a wide range of traders who deal in diverse cryptocurrencies. Some of the cryptocurrencies allowed include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dero, Pirate, Litecoin, Iridium, Ripple, and Equilibria, among others.

Does Tradeogre Allow US Investors?

The TradeOgre app is not strictly against allowing US traders; however, any US citizen interested in joining the platform is encouraged to develop their own opinion of the site and the manner in which their citizenship affects their trade or trading opportunities.

Some Americans may take issue with the site due to issues attributed to their citizenship, as such developing the notion that the site is against US investors. It is important to note that TradeOgre does not conduct any identity checks, thus it would be impossible for the site to discriminate upon traders based on their nationality. Anyone across the globe can easily start trading upon entering a valid email address.

TradeOgre Exchange Charges

The platform offers quite considerate charges. It exercises a 0.2% fee deduction for all fulfilled orders. This fee is basically the starting price, which rises as traders increase their investments.

Anyone looking to trade on TradeOgre exchange should note that the platform does not support fiat currencies, credit cards, or wire transfers. However, they offer a reliable and easy-to-navigate API so that traders can easily access the market.

TradeOgre offers flexibility in relation to the entities it supports. Are you an individual looking to start trading on the platform? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that other than individuals, TradeOgre also works with businesses, including small ones, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and even the government. As such there’s a pool of opportunities and deals to choose from.

Unlike many crypto exchange platforms, the TradeOgre app does not lure traders in with understandable trading rates and later overcharges them during withdrawals. In fact, they have strategic criteria for calculating withdrawal charges depending on the coin the trader wishes to withdraw.

As of October 2021, for example, TradeOgre charged a withdrawal fee of 0.00005 Bitcoin per Bitcoin withdrawal. The rate may have significantly increased since then, but it is agreeable that they offer extremely low and highly favorable withdrawal charges, which gives them a higher competitive advantage over their counterparts within the industry.

TradeOgre’s Trading View

The appearance of the trading pages on TradeOgre varies depending on the coin on trade. As such, it is important that investors take time to conduct a TradeOgre review to determine their preference before choosing the coin to invest in.

Each page presents investors with data on prices and order history of their preferred cryptocurrencies. They also offer the buy and sell options on the trading view page to make trading on the platform easier.

How To Use TradeOgre?

The first step to effectively use the TradeOgre app involves creating an account. Once you are logged in go to account balances and deposit your cryptocurrency from your wallet to TradeOgre. Once your account is loaded, you can start trading immediately. Not that you cannot deposit USD, EUR, or any other fiat currency to your account. If you wish to trade in these currencies, you will have to find a cryptocurrency exchange platform that accepts fiat.

Use an Exchange Finder to easily locate exchanges that trade in fiat currencies.