54 Best Changelly Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

Changelly is a cryptocurrency trading website that lets users trade, buy, and sell over 170 different cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2015 to offer cryptocurrency investors a more efficient and simplified experience. Since its start, the firm has gradually developed, adding more than 170 digital assets to its offering list and increasing its monthly traffic to 2 million people. Changelly has several advantages over its competitors, including an easy-to-use website, features that help you locate the lowest conversion rate fast, and the ability to accept different currencies and payment methods.

The platform still is a good fit for both beginner and seasoned traders. Changelly has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner investor looking for an easy buying experience or a seasoned pro looking for high buying limits and a wide range of currency and token alternatives.



  • Generate API keys
  • 24 Hour Static
  • The anonymity of User Personal Details
  • 5 Minute Transaction
  • Interactive and customizable terminal
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • Has a mobile App


  • Offers lower withdrawal fees on most popular coins and tokens
  • Fees are  transparent and reasonable
  • Transactions are faster
  • Exchange limits are higher
  • The platform does not hold customer funds
  • The platform is beginner-friendly


  • The platform sets cryptocurrency prices

*For Changelly alternatives, check the following list.