Zoho Meeting, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

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Zoho Meeting is a basic web conferencing solution built for businesses to find better ways to collaborate and work remotely with more efficiency. It is completely browser-based so no need to download any application for any of the devices. It is compatible with macOS, Microsoft Windows, Google Android, and iOS.

It is an affordable way of online communication, especially for the companies that have made investments in Zoho’s extensive business software. Zoho is limited to 10 participants with a basic plan, most of the companies will have to upgrade their plans for the higher number of participants and other exclusive features.

Zoho Meeting makes sure to make your connection secure to provide you privacy for the data shared like desktop screen share, audio, video, applications, and presentations during the online meeting. It offers functions like lock meeting to avoid disruption during the meeting. Notifies during entering/exit of the attendee and allows to organize the video settings.

Zoho Meeting, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

Features of Zoho Meeting:

  • Easy to scale and simple to use
  • Reliable support
  • Standard industrial security
  • Everyone can experience Enterprise-level features
  • The meeting tools are interactive
  • The affordable and transparent pricing structure
  • Strong integration with Zoho’s ecosystem
  • Other third-party services



No downloads

It does not require you to download any application to join the meeting. With some clicks, one can easily join the meeting.

Audio, video, and screen sharing

Zoho helps you to connect and collaborate with your attendees face to face by building trust through video and audio conferences. Explain your point better by sharing the screen, application, or a presentation and other demos.

Secure sessions

Keep your online conferences safe with features like Lock Meetings and password protection. Zoho provides meeting security with the industry-standard security practice, SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocol.

Phone audio

During poor internet flow, you can join the session by dialing through your phone, locally 100+ contact numbers you can use, and 55+ toll-free contacts to join from different countries.


If any of the attendees could not make it to attend the meeting or for revision pr as proof, you can have the recording of the particular session. You can share the link or can download it from your own record.

Sync meetings to your calendar

Be on time and share the advanced time of the meeting with your teammates by scheduling the meeting and sharing the same on the Google calendar. This will notify your attendees of the Webinar or the online session.

Webinar Benefits:


Broadcast video webinars

Host live webinars and share multiple feeds like screen, video, window application with your audience. You can share any of the participant’s screens to support your presentation.

Customize emails and forms

Zoho allows you to customize registration forms, webinar emails, and the attendees too. You can even persuade attendees to take particular action as you direct them to any web page you want them after the webinar.

Interact with your audience

Make your audience interested by involving them by audience polls, Q&A, or by simply allowing them by raising their hand or making them Presenter.

View webinar data and download reports

You can document the meeting by having the report of webinar registration, attendees, engagement, pools, and Q&As in XLS and CSV formats.


  • HD quality video is not supported
  • Buggy on macOS
  • The free version is limited
  • Internet connection needs to be more stabilized
  • Requires good bandwidth to use without interruption


Zoho is available for free with limited features without downloading the application and even 14 days free trial to see whether it caters to your needs or not. Below mentioned are the plans you can choose as per your requirements and budget.

Online meetings

Online meeting plans vary by the number of attendees but features remain the same.

  • 10 Participants with all the features $3/month/host
  • 25 Participants with all the features $6/month/host
  • 50 Participants with all the features $9/month/host
  • 100 Participants with all the features $12/month/host


Webinar starts with basic plan $19/month/organizer for 25 attendees

  • 25 Attendees – $19/month/organizer
  • 50 Attendees – $29/month/organizer
  • 100 Attendees – $39/month/organizer
  • 250 Attendees – $79/month/organizer
  • 500Attendees – $125/month/organizer
  • 1000Attendees – $200/month/organizer

Zoho Meetings even provides customized plans as per your need.

Bottom line:

Zoho Meeting is a basic but reliable video conferencing tool for modern businesses for sharing the screen and web presentations. It provides privacy during sharing the content online with attendees. If it fulfills your requirements then you can hold your eyes on this software or you can check out its alternatives.

10 Best Zoho Meeting Alternatives

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