Total Expert

44 Best Total Expert Marketing Automation Software Alternatives

What is Total Expert?

Total Expert is software that offers CRM and customer engagement for financial institutions. This software is offered by a company that also goes by the name Total Expert  It automates data, sales, and marketing to improve the client’s entire experience.

Total Expert is web-based. It is highly recommended for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, as well as large businesses. Different industries that can use this software include banking, mortgage lending, credit unions, and other related institutions.

Total Expert Features


This software comes with various features that fall under data, marketing, CRM, and compliance.  Some of  these features include;

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Client Database
  • Commission Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Listing Management
  • Lead Management
  • Website Management
  • Property Management


Total Expert can integrate with a lot of applications and services. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Capacity, and more.


Total Expert can be accessed and used for free. You can also give it a try through a free trial version. However, there is a subscription fee if you want to access more features and services. Unfortunately, the company does not display pricing information publicly. You can get pricing details and other related information directly from here.


When it comes to support, this platform provides various communication channels to keep its users and potential customers up to date. There is an email/help desk, phone support, knowledge base, and various social media platforms that can be used for communication.

Additionally, the company offers documentation,  webinars, in-person training as well as live online.

Customer Reviews

According to the Total Expert site, the product has been used by a fair share of different big names in the financial industry. Some of these institutions include Finance of America  – Mortgage, North American Savings Bank, US Bank, and many others.

Interestingly, there are different customers that have shared their experiences regarding the Total Expert software. Here are some of the customer review highlights

Client Management

There are a number of users who recommended Total Expert platform as the best service provider in improving client engagement and client experience. The platform makes the customers more connected to the service providers.


Customers vouch for the platform’s simplicity in customer engagement. The media that they use for communication is simple and also effective. The user interface is also easier to navigate through other institutions that sales personnel fail to learn.

Fails To Handle Duplicate Contacts

The platform fails to automatically update entered contacts, and that means there will be duplicates. Hence updating contacts and databases can be done the hard way – manually.


  • Offers various marketing services
  • Various forms of customer support
  • Offers multiple CRM features
  • Simple user interface
  • Can be integrated with different applications


  • Platform fails to handle duplicate contacts and data
  • It is difficult to upload media
  • There are a lot of steps to follow to get things done


Total Expert is a competitive platform that is highly recommended for financial institutions who want to improve CRM and customer management with marketing automation abilities. The platform has room for improvement, but its simplicity and great CRM services keep it moving.