Lytics - A Best Customer Data Platform Tool


In the olden days, storing and collecting data was one of the major factors, but thanks to this digital era. It helps to get more data from various online sources or software. As a result, other software, systems, and marketing efforts use CDP.

But, which is the Best CDP Platform?

You will find many Customer Data Platforms (CDP) in the market, but you can entirely rely on Lytics for marketing automation.

What is Lytics?

Lytics is the best CDP platform that allows marketers to boost their personalized experience, grow their revenue, reduce costs, and attract customers. Also, it focuses on customer engagements.

Suppose you want to operate trade campaigns through data and join them with developed data science and device learning. But you are dealing with many problems out there. At this point, It can save you for the same. You can grab the first-party data using Lytics and activate customer insights to personalize their trade experiences and more.

Furthermore, it comes with an essential mission of taking responsibility for outstanding people from various backgrounds. Everyone works with Lytics for their unique and impressive point of view. Therefore, Lytics come with an entire space and help them in many ways.

But, how does it work? Well, every question has its answer.

Lytics Features

How Does Lytics Work?

Lytics is the most suitable customer data platform that brings up much data from the JavaScript library. This data is needed to load on the entire website, and the changing data on visitors should be recorded to get more out of Lytics.

The user information like name, email, Etc., is the most crucial data, and it is used to boost the Lytics messaging feature. Also, consider that you are not requesting existing users to opt-in.

Besides that, it comes with a significant advantage of recording events to Lytics. You can put your gaze on things people are doing on your website. And that’s what helps you make an email and announce the sections based on your user behavior. Isn’t that great?

Now, how do Lytics collect data?

It uses the API, which helps communicate between two software. With the benefit of API, It collects data from various software.

However, you may need a developer to learn and install its proper ways and data structure.

Lytics Features

Lytics offers two products to its users, which are stated as follows.

  1. Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a reverse extract, transform, & load solution. It helps collect customer data from your data warehouse, and you can make most specific sections in your ad networks. Along with that, you can remove the silos, get better insights, and use them to boost your marketing ROI.

  1. Decision Engine

Lytics helps to personalize marketing at a level with its stunning AI-powered decision engine. Also, it allows them to provide a customer data platform, which will further give you real-time behavior insights. It aids in making a unique brand occurrence for your customers or users.

Plans & Pricing

As you know, It offers two products; therefore, the plans and prices are also different.

Cloud Connect Plans

  • “Starter Plan” free of cost.
  • “Professional Plan” at $1000 for a month.
  • You can contact sales for an “Enterprise Plan.”

In addition to this, you can get a free trial for 30 days with the above plans.

Decision Engine Plans

  • A “Starter Plan” is available for $1,500 a month.
  • You can have a “Professional Plan” at $3,400 a month.
  • Contact sales to get “Enterprise Plan” details.

Here, you can get a 30 day free trial for the above two plans in the decision engine. But, you have to talk with Lytics for a trial of the Enterprise plan.

Wrapping Up

Lytics is helpful to get data from various sources and improves your earnings, reduces your costs, and much more. Therefore, we have written this review article to give you more information.

  • What is Lytics?
  • How does it work?
  • It offers two products, and you will meet with them in this article.
  • You will see the plans and prices of Lytics.

The above points are included in this review. We hope that this Lytics Review will prove helpful to you and that you will collect enough information about this awesome marketing tool.