Higher Logic

44 Best Higher Logic Marketing Automation Software Alternatives

What is Higher Logic?

Higher Logic is a platform through which organizations can access a private social network for their members.  It offers organizations a safe, secure, and confidential space for its clients, associates, and employees including administrators, the support team, and the product management body to develop and maintain valuable and interactive online communities.

It is the best human-oriented interaction platform in the industry. This tool is popular for its effectiveness in initiating and delivering an organized and streamlined communication process within its communities. Besides, it is quite easy to use, which is vital for interactions, resource sharing, and generally learning new information.

Other than organization members, customers are also a very important part of each organization. As such, it makes total sense that they are a part of the Higher Logic online communities. Through the platform, they can easily engage with organization members, the support team, and even other customers to share ideas, offer feedback, discuss best practices, solve issues, eliminate friction, build loyalty, and overall just add value.

Higher Logic Support

This Marketing Automation Tool provides a platform that’s quite easy to navigate, a fact that users appreciate. However, from the reviews given by members, it is clear that the site could use an upgrade. Most members express their disappointment with the platform’s lack of customer support. As a new member, one would need guidance and continuous learning to effectively use the platform, but the admin interface is quite bulky and confusing.

It is commendable that the software integrates perfectly with the varying CMS and AMS for different organizations. As such, the management can easily gain awareness on the prerequisites of their members attributing to the effortlessness of posting new messages and in return, receiving instant support.

Higher Logic does not have the best tech or customer support in the industry, but it will deliver urgent support when needed.

Besides Higher Logic’s support, their resource library is also quite out of date and a revamp would help promote the platform’s functionality and aesthetic feel.

Benefits of Higher Logic

It was developed with the idea to improve on customer interactions and as a way to meet unique customer goals and promote top-quality customer experiences. As such, it is easy to realize that most benefits of using Higher Logic relate to increased customer satisfaction, which is one of the main underlying factors affecting most organizations.

Ensuring customer satisfaction within an organization is one of the sure ways of promoting business. Higher Logic supports this by ensuring:

  • Increased customer retention
  • Reduced support expenses, which contributes to higher customer retention
  • The creation of more competitive benefits that speed up sales
  • The provision of consistent and reliable customer experiences
  • The cultivation of brand loyalty through engaging customers and contributing to their happiness

Higher Logic Features


  • Higher Logic provides its users with:
  • An intuitive user interface
  • A customizable platform
  • A stable platform that efficiently meets its purpose
  • Impressive customer service


Listed below are some of the aspects that diminish the excellence of the platform. Higher Logic ought to look into these issues and rectify them to promote a better customer experience.

  • Unmet sales promises,
  • Lacking fundamental functions
  • Higher Logic has been making a chain of purchases, which has continued to negatively affect the availability and flexibility of its customer support team. This factor has constantly been behind the slow customer support complaint. In most cases, to solve customer issues, that platform refers then to its user’s group for answers. Since the staff is stretched thin, they refer members to get responses/answers from the community, which can be quite frustrating for the customers.
  • A poorly skilled/managed technical support team: On several occasions, the technical team has caused breakdowns in other parts of the site while trying to fix targeted issues.


Essentially, Higher Logic was developed with one concept in mind: to bring people together for effective learning and collaboration. These two components are at the base of any successful organization. It contributes to active engagement, which in turn cultivates a culture of resourceful feedback, brand promotion, and customer retention. It contributes to better engagement and more efficient communities by providing exceptional support and continued development.