54 Best CoinTiger Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

CoinTiger is one of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. The company was established in December 2017 in Singapore to provide cryptocurrency trading to its customers globally. This app review will elaborate on features, prices, CoinTiger App, currencies the platform supports, and much more. Therefore, let’s begin.

Business mogul Frank Li developed CoinTiger with the help of other developers from Singapore, Korea, and China. The platform works by providing a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs such as KIN/USDT, XRP/USDT, and STC/USDT. Since its launch, the company has been performing well in the market and has served over 2 million people from over 100 d countries worldwide.

CoinTiger Overview

How To Trade on CoinTiger

Unlike many cryptocurrency companies, CoinTiger offers its clients three distinct trading options, which are basic, advanced, and convert. All these three interfaces depend on trader preference and the amount of money that he/she will trade. To begin with, create a free account or log in if you have one.

Press menu and choose to trade pairs, i.e. TCH/BTC, then select “buy” or “sell” and trade freely. One thing you should know is that both basic and advanced options look different in terms of layout and view, but work similarly.

They also enable the trader to access multiple services that involve orders, graphs, analytics, daily volume, order books, and the transaction history. It is also possible to chat and interact with other traders on the platform.

The convert integration offers a more complex trading service that makes it possible for traders to exchange USDT and Satoshi USDT (sUSDT).

CoinTiger Exchange

CoinTiger supports a variety of trading coins, such as ETH, LTC, BTC, and TCH. The platform also allows free use of other cryptocurrencies like TRON, EOS, Bitcoin, TrueUSD, Protein Token, BitShares, Augur, Gifto, and many others.

CoinTiger App

Similar to many companies, CoinTiger is also accessible through the CoinTiger App. The App is available on App Store and Google play, and supports both Android and iOS, and supports the same features as the ones found on the main websites, i.e., chatting and crypto exchange tools. To make it even more available, you can download the App on Windows in the form of an apk file.

CoinTiger App

Payment Options

There are many payment options available on the platform. Before trading, it’s important to know that all the fiat (not controlled by the central government) currency can only be transferred through the banking systems.

Again, all the transactions made through Visa/Mastercard options require no minimum deposit but a maximum of $20,000. For traders preferring the use of credit cards, CoinTiger requires them to deposit a minimum of $55  when trading and can withdraw any amount.

It charges 0.0005 BTC when withdrawing BTC, which is lower when compared to other cryptocurrency trading platforms based particularly in Singapore. If you withdraw the fiat currency, the platform charges 3.5% of the money.

Is CoinTiger Legit?

As humanity advances in technology, so many security threats are happening around. This in return has led millions of traders to question every exchange platform, including CoinTiger.

Some people have argued that the platform is a scam, as they have experienced difficulties when withdrawing the funds, making them incur heavy losses. Others accuse CoinTiger of blocking their accounts, hence making it difficult for them to log in.

Since the platform also does not allow ID verification when creating an account, this adds it to the list of scam platforms. However, there are those who praise the platform because of its ease of navigation, fast response, and wonderful experience while trading.


One of the major things that direct more customers to any website is attractive commissions. No one enjoys paying higher commissions while there are cheaper alternatives around. CoinTiger charges commissions based on makers and takers. Makers pay a commission of  0.08% while takers pay 0.15, totaling up 0.23%. This is a highly competitive commission as it is lower when compared to the global average fee of 0.25%.

CoinTiger is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has a competitive pricing structure and user-friendly commissions. The platform may not be regulated, but it offers maximum trading benefits for those who know how to use it. It offers multiple crypto options and leveraged futures contracts for proper trading. Regardless of how some people may view it, CoinTiger is still one of the best cryptocurrency trading companies when compared to others like Binance and HotBit.