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54 Best rasa.io Email Marketing Software Alternatives

rasa.io sends a personalized and completely custom-made newsletter to each one of your clients, each time you send. You select the resources and the topic and also rasa.io deals with the rest. Our AI accumulates as well as sifts with the short articles your resources generate to pull only the most appropriate to your e-newsletter. Articles are then filtered and marked to be sent out to each private customer based on their own unique interests. Always consider other Rasa.io alternatives.

Marketers using Rasa.io can do more than impress their customers. The available features make the marketers deliver custom-curated newsletters to every individual. This can be made possible through segmentation. This goes a long way in building strong relations with customers.

Some interesting features that you can access when using  Rasa.io include sending outbound emails, managing email deliverability, high-volume sending, managing email lists, reporting, and more. You can get unlimited integrations that include Zapier, Deskera, Hubspot, Shopify, and many others.

Rasa.io provides contact-based pricing. For instance, with 3,500  contacts, you can pay $49 per month.  Interesting, you can access all the features regardless of the plan that you opt for. However, you can have a 14-day free trial to sample and test their services.

Now check out the list of top 10 rasa.io alternatives below:

rasa io alternatives