Builderall Review: Features, Pricing & Best Alternatives

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a platform that you can use to build a website and also to market your business. It is an all-in-one digital marketing platform if you want to get your business online.

This digital marketing platform is ideal for new businesses as well as entrepreneurs. Some of the services that you can get include social media engagement, email marketing, traffic management, and more.

Interestingly, this platform is web-based. That means you will need an internet connection to access the platform. In addition to that, you have to create an account with Builderall. Then you are good to start working on your projects.

Builderall Features


This platform boasts over 50 features and tools that are ideal for creating a website and marketing your business online. Below are some of the features that you can get if you decide to use this platform.

  1. Website Builder
  2. Blogging Apps
  3. Funnels
  4. Website Importer
  5. Website Transfer
  6. Funnel Transfer
  7. CRM Integrated Tool
  8. A/B Split Testing
  9. SSL Certificate
  10. Video Hosting and Manager
  11. Live Streaming Tool (Facebook, Youtube)
  12. VA Access
  13. DDOS Attack Prevention

Builderall Pricing

This website builder platform is available under 4 different plans. This means you have the option to choose a plan that you can afford or that rhymes with your business. You can use the free trial period to sample its tools and features.

Let’s look at the Below Builderall Pricing Plans that you can choose from.


This is the cheapest plan that you can choose. But the downside is that it has fewer tools and features. You pay $14.90 per month for this plan.

Some tools and features that you can get include 2 GB of Disk space, 1 domain, a Website Builder, Blogging Apps, DDoS Attack Prevention, etc. In total, there are 29 tools and features under this plan.


This cost $69.90 per month. You access all the tools and features under the Cheetah plan. But there are limitations in terms of the tools and features that you can access.

The difference is that under Marketor, you get 3 domains, 5 subdomains, unlimited subscribers, 5GB of Disk Space, and more.


If you opt for Premium, you will be paying $79.90 per month. The Premium plan comes with a lot of equipment and options. There are 61 tools and features under this plan.

Interestingly, you just get all the tools and templates. In addition to that, you get 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited subscribers, and 10 GB of disk space.

Funnel Club

This plan cost the same as the Premium. You pay $79.90 per month. But you pay $199 as your first payment. Then you get a total of 71 features.

Additionally, you will have access to 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited subscribers, and 10 GB of disk space. Besides getting all the tools and templates, you get all the funnels.

Builderall Review

Its users like it for offering a wide range of services such as e-commerce, video creation, email marketing, etc. It is seen as a one-stop platform. As such, this platform saves time by going from one website to another looking for different equipment and options.

Users highly recommend the Builderall platform as cheaper considering the variety of tools and specifications on offer.

One of the cons is that the platform is not beginner-friendly due to its complex tools and features. Users say that the 14-day trial period is too short to appreciate the software.


Buiderall caters to different online marketers, whether they are experts or beginners. The platform is also highly recommended for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and more.

Most importantly, it is a one-stop platform offering digital marketing instruments and capabilities. Builderall gives you landing pages, streaming tools, funnels, website builders, email marketing, and more.