Linkello Alternatives in 2021

Linkello Alternatives

Linkello is a popular Video Chat App specially used for communication through video calls & text messages without any installation. There are various alternatives of Linkello, not only the website for desktop but the various applications for the different platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows, Tablet.

It provides wonderful fluidity and quality of video call up to 4 people. The chat facility is also convincing. It allows you to share your screen with your companions. No need to install any software nor to create an account for the same. They make sure not to save your data.

Linkello simply allows you to create a URL for the video call and it stays active for up to 24 hours. You can even modify the meeting settings as per the need. This link allows you to operate a free video call screen from any device with any operating system.


Alternatives of Linkello:

  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Wire
  • Jitsi Meet
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zulip
  • Pidgin

Pros and Cons of Linkello

Let’s see some advantages of using Linkello

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Reliable support from developers

We haven’t found any disadvantage of Linkello, if you find anyone please share with us.


Linkello is available for free, yes it is freemium software used by all over the world.

Competitors of Linkello:

Though it does not have any particular drawback, still you can find endless alternatives based upon your requirement and the features of the platform. So let’s see the alternatives of the video call alternative platforms:


Telegram is video conferencing software that allows people to communicate via instant messaging and voice over IP. It is a cloud-based software. Telegram thrives to provide privacy speed and security. It is unquestionably fast and secure like SMS but it has more features too.

Russian social network VK created this in 2013. Today it serves around 400+ million people all over the world.



  • Open-source platform with a data-based library
  • Allows to log in from multiple devices simultaneously
  • Self-destruction messages setting
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Two-step verification
  • Cost-Free


  • Phone number required for registration
  • End-to-end encryption only for secret chats
  • Servers sources are not open
  • Annoying pop-up notification


Signal is the result of merging TextSecure and RedPhone. It saves SMS expenses and includes more features as well. Signal keenly focuses on the security and privacy of the users. It provides one-to-one encryption and includes features like videos, images, voice notes, and other files as well.


You can create a group to circulate the information as well. It came into the limelight as a whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden once said, “Every day I use Signal, it is the most scalable encryption tool we have.”


  • End-To-End encryption
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy for text messages, voice notes, and video calls.
  • No IP address log
  • Self-destructing message feature
  • Transparency
  • All Signal products are free


  • Needs phone number to log in
  • Not-so popular widely
  • Has bug on iOS platform


WhatsApp, owned and managed by Facebook. This app allows you to exchange messages on iPhone and Android phones. It allows users to exchange voice notes, images, and other media files quickly and securely.


In addition, it allows sharing locations with friends and family. Users can create groups and have Voice calls and Video calls in groups while maintaining privacy.

Arresting Benefits:

  • Email chat feature
  • Reliable performance
  • Free to use
  • Can put stories
  • Can delete a sent message
  • Broadcast message facility

Downer of WhatsApp:

  • Limited file size
  • No sign-out
  • Needs contact number
  • Limited people to add incall
  • Doesn’t work without the internet
  • Can be hacked


Skype is popular video conferencing software for online messaging and video calling which can be used on computers, tablets, mobile phones. It allows to connects friends, family, and business colleagues. It provides free online calling, text messages, affordable international calling to mobiles, and other devices for effective collaboration among teams.

Netizens can use the features like calling mobile and landlines all over the world with competitive rates of subscription and skype credit.



  • Reliable security for video conference
  • Available on various platforms
  • Limitless video call with 50 participants
  • Recording meeting feature
  • Dependable online support
  • Exclusive VoIP service


  • Source code protection can be developed
  • Confusing user interface
  • Few ad insert

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts allows you to exchange messages, images, videos, and much more with an individual or a group. Any device compatible with the Google Chrome extension allows users to use the features of Hangouts.

It is available on Android, iOS, Chrome OS on any device. Users can initiate free voice calls, video calls and send the required information across the world.

Google Hangouts


  • Can be used on any platform with any OS
  • Auto-sync conversations
  • Smooth video conference
  • Screen sharing feature


  • Google account is the primary need
  • Cannot keep track of messages
  • Cannot put status
  • Volume is less compared to competitors


Wire offers online messaging, voice notes, videos, conference calls, file sharing with great security. The most secure platform to collaborate your meetings and share the files for the same. It provides end-to-end encryption. Like other competitors this too allows users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues on all kinds of platforms with the various operating systems.



  • HD quality video call with high security
  • Allows to collaborate with clients and video conference
  • Unlimited package available for free
  • It provides 24 hours service


  • No prohibition to share links to unknown users
  • Poor customer service
  • A sudden interruption in video calls

Jitsi Meet:

Jitsi Meet provides you the platform to video call with many people at a time. This app allows you to call all day every day without even creating an account. It’s 100% free. Like Linkello, Jitsi Meet also provides services like sharing media files and much more without any privacy glitches.

Jitsi Meet


  • No need to install any software
  • Recording of meeting for offline
  • Meeting can be streamed on social media platforms


  • Requires large data storage
  • Not reliable for a large audience
  • Session time is limited
  • Audio-video quality depends upon the bandwidth

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is the only platform integrated with the social network site Facebook. It helps you to stay connected with friends and family and other contacts on Facebook. Messenger makes your conversation fun and engaging with its inbuilt features. It allows users to share images, voice notes, videos, GIFs, and much more. It is online free software that syncs with your contact and keeps you connected with the people you know.

Facebook Messenger


  • Fast texting with internet connection
  • Users can make a call
  • Easy to share media to a person or in a group
  • No need for contact numbers


  • Difficult for complete privacy
  • Messenger becomes compulsion while using Facebook
  • Needs lots of space
  • Battery drains fast


With Zulip you can keep threading model long conversations like email with you. The software is 100% open-source powered by Electron and React Native. You can directly catch up with the important conversation while ignoring the not-so-important messages. The vibrant team of hundreds of developers from all over the world strives to provide security to the users.



  • Keeps track of the conversations
  • Free and open source
  • Amazing mailing feature
  • Can modify notifications as per need


  • No end-to-end encryption
  • Takes time to get used to
  • UI design isn’t appealing as messaging feature


Pidgin is the only chat platform that allows you to log in at a time with multiple chat networks simultaneously. It is a convenient multi-protocol platform used by millions of clients. It can be connected to AIM MSN Yahoo XMOO and more chat networks at once.


Pidgin had inbuilt support for NSS, which offers client-to-server encryption. Pidgin is developed and launched fully free which provides a plugin architecture that allows any user to build extensions and connections to new networks and third-party services.


  • Supports long chats with IM protocols
  • Allows to exchange large media files
  • Supports unlimited third-party plugins
  • Reliable interface


  • Not a VoIP application
  • Not so reliable security
  • Cannot be used on Mac
  • Bugged Linux version

Wrap up:

Let’s conclude the article, there are many applications and websites available over the internet. You can select as per the need of your requirements and the features of the particular software. 

Though there are many arresting features of the Linkello you can still move forward to the alternatives as per your needs.

We have covered the various platforms for diverse operating systems. Some of them are best for mailing, long messages to convey, video calls, conference calls with team or client, media share, etc. Find your niche and identify the perfect platform for you and your team, client, friends, and family. Show up your best and rock it!

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