54 Best YoBit Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency without KYC with fiat money support. YoBit.net exchange was incorporated in 2014 in Panama by a group of crypto enthusiasts and traders from Europe. Hence, it allows users to trade anonymously without KYC and formal verification and allows Deposits and Withdrawals to be done in cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

YoBit App Key Features:

  • Include charts and candlesticks for the available currency pairings.
  • A friendly user interface.
  • 24/7 Customer support and 24 hours per day support are available on Telegram, with a ticketing support mechanism available on the “Support” interface.
  • Supports deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat money by way of AdvCash, a debit card, Payeer, and Perfect Money.
  • Supports the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies and fiat money by way of AdvCash, a debit card, Payeer, and Perfect Money.
  • Multi-lingual Supports Chinese, English, and Russian. Tech chat support is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, German, and Russian.
  • YoBit pays 20% of trade commissions for every Affiliate program trade that referrals make. There is an affiliate program page that can be located within your account name drop-down menu.
  • Fast and easy registration process.

YoBit Home Image

Supported Cryptocurrencies in YoBit App

YoBit is described as one of the most extensive coverages of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace today. This also gives investors and traders a more comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies to make a deposit with.

These include but are not limited to Bitcoin (“BTC”), Tether (“USDT), Ethereum (“ETH”), Litecoin (“LTC”), DASH (“DASH”), DOGE (“DOGE”), and YO Token (“Yo”).

As a Best Crypto App – YoBit provides a comprehensive catalog of cryptocurrencies for trading and investing, there are also a total of 8,576 active pairs to select from which are located within the “Market” section of the YoBit platform.


  • There are no KYC / AML processes to complete, allowing traders and investors to remain anonymous.
  • YoBit focuses on platform performance, ensuring speed of execution to minimize slippage.
  • The network’s trade history is made available on the YoBit platform which includes transaction time, the cryptocurrency pairing traded, and transaction type.
  • YoBit charges completely low fees
  • YoBit supports the listing of cryptocurrencies and altcoins from their early existence. This provides investors and traders access to coins/tokens at the early post-launch phase.
  • Most newly launched coins/tokens are yet to have compatible wallets. YoBit allows investors and traders to hold coins on the exchange.
  • Fast and easy registration process
  • 24/7 Customer Support Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, German, and Russian via Telegram.
  • Users are able to earn free coins via the “Free Coin” interface.
  • Adequate Security


  • YoBit is not compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices
  • Limited public information about YoBit team
  • There is a lack of risk management tools to support the more technical trader/investor
  • There is a limited social media presence, with it only available on Twitter and Telegram

YoBit Fees

  • 0.0005 Withdrawal Fee
  • 0.20% Taker Fee
  • 0.20% Maker Fee

Purchase Bitcoin with US Dollars

  • Login to https://yobit.net on the dashboard and enter the number of Bitcoins that you wish to buy and click “Buy”
  • It provides the prevalent YoBit Bitcoin price, the total price before fees, the 0.2% fee in US Dollar equivalent, and the gross price including fees.
  • Upon purchase, it funds your wallet Bitcoin with the Bitcoins purchased and deducts your US Dollar wallet for the total amount including the 0.2% fee.

Sell Bitcoin for US Dollars

  • Login to https://yobit.net on the dashboard and enter the number of Bitcoins that you wish to sell and click “Sell”.
  • Again, It provides a prevailing Bitcoin price, the US Dollar equivalent value before fees, the 0.2% fee in US Dollars, and the total in US Dollars less of fees.
  • Upon completion of the trade, It deducts your Bitcoin wallet and credits your US Dollar wallet.
  • For withdrawals, fees vary depending upon asset class withdrawn and the withdrawal method.

While use Fiat Money

  • Debit Card (US$6 + 5%, max $2,000)
  • Perfect Money (1% USD)
  • AdvCash (5% RUR / 7% USD)
  • Payeer (4% RUR / 7% USD)
  • Capitalist (1%)