16 Best Intercom Live Chat Software Alternatives

Intercom is a Conversational Connection Platform (CRP). The platform enhances customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences throughout the customer journey. Besides these features, there are a lot of tools that users can employ to create happy and loyal customers. Various teams in an organization that can use the Intercom system include marketing, sales, business support, and more. If this system is not working for your organization, you can consider other  Intercom alternatives.



  1. Automated answers
  2. Business messenger
  3. Customizable bots
  4. Customer data
  5. Live chat
  6. Apps and Integrations
  7. Management tools
  8. Outbound Messages
  9. Contact database
  10. Canned Responses
  11. Appointment Management
  12. Autoresponders
  13. Real-time updates
  14. Key message grouping


  1. Makes it easy to create conversations and solutions for customers
  2. Knowledge base and articles make it easy to support customers
  3. Intercom captures leads and other related information
  4. It can easily connect to various tools
  5. The solution is good for customer service inquiries
  6. Releases new features and improvements regularly
  7. User-friendly
  8. Makes it easy to track people across different sites


  • The customer support department needs improvement
  • It  gets more expensive when contact numbers increase
  • Setting up the system is not beginner-friendly, you might need a developer


There is a  free trial and various plans that you can choose from. On top of the plans, you can choose add-ons of your choice that come with an extra fee.

Start: $59/month

Grow: $119/month

*Check Intercom alternatives in the following list.