54 Best BaseFEX Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

BaseFEX is a cryptocurrency leverage exchange where traders may place orders effectively regardless of market conditions. Experts have created the exchange utilizing cutting-edge internet technologies that surpass decades-old technological solutions routinely utilized in the financial business.BaseFEX is supported by InBlockchain, China’s most prestigious cryptocurrency venture capital firm, and Big.ONE, one of the largest spot exchanges with a daily turnover of over $500 million. BaseFEX has been in operation since October 2018

BaseFEX offers advanced functionality, an intuitive user interface, and a mobile trading app. Other top-rated crypto margin exchanges with world-class features are listed in this comparison table. BaseFEX does not accept fiat cash as a deposit method. It is only a bitcoin trading platform. This implies that new cryptocurrency traders must first buy Bitcoin and then deposit BTC into the exchange. To do so, look for a reliable fiat-to-crypto exchange that takes fiat money deposits in return for Bitcoin.



  1. Has comprehensive API
  2. 100% Cold storage
  3. Does not require KYC verification
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. No deposit or withdrawal fees


  • No hidden fees
  • The platform is powered by great  servers
  • It is a beginner-friendly leverage trading platform
  • Keeps 100% of client funds in cold storage
  • Has great security features


  • Not available in the USA

*Check various BaseFEX alternatives below.