Lumen5 Vs VidJack: The Complete Comparison Guide

Lumen5 Vs VidJack

This is a complete guide on Lumen5 and VidJack. both are the best video editing software but sometimes people get confused. so here we bring a complete guide for you. so without wasting time let’s dive into this blog.


What do you need to make your video content, stories, ads, etc., more engaging? A video-making tool that suits your needs, right? Therefore, Lumen5 and VidJack are the most suitable options available today. But, a comparison can become challenging.

Businesses commonly depend on social media marketing and other essential things. However, you cannot ignore that engaging videos significantly impact business growth.

Different businesses around the globe are using video marketing to grow and expand their business activities. Even most people love to watch videos on their favorite topics on social media handles today. Therefore, video marketing strategy for social media, content marketing videos, etc., can help your business.

You can use many tools. Out of them, Lumen and VidJack are the ideals. However, choosing one of them can be hectic. So, we have compared them below. So, take a look and keep away your confusion.

What is Lumen5?


Making your video content more engaging requires a video-making solution that completes your needs. Therefore, It is cloud-based video-making software to make videos according to your needs.

This video editing software helps make your business marketing videos more appealing and edit video content. Due to custom themes, watermarks, different fonts, brand colors, etc., Lumen5 is an ideal choice to make your business-related videos in one place.

Also, it can convert images, text, and video content into an appealing marketing video that will help your business organization.

Due to several features and ease of use, it allows users to make high-quality videos with multiple resolutions. As a result, you can easily share them on any social media handle such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

See how amazing it is! You need appealing video content, and once you find that, you can turn it into an engaging video for business marketing.

What is the Use of Lumen5?

Lumen5 Tagline

Lumen5 may sound weird! But you know what? You can easily make your video more appealing with the help of this video editing software.

It was launched in 2017 and designed to help businesses, brands, and small organizations with video-making needs. Also, It is AI-powered, which allows the development of a video according to your business, brands, and creatives.

Furthermore, if you want to make your campaigns, internal communications, etc., effortless, you can make them seamlessly with the help of this tool. Remember that you don’t need any professional video-making skills. The introductory video creating knowledge is enough to make videos using this tool.

Lumen5 Features

  • You can quickly transform your blog posts and articles into fully appealing video content.
  • It comes with an AI feature that assists you in creating your videos in a few minutes only. Also, you can use only three steps to create videos using Lumen5.
  • It has a searchable media library. It allows you to search for what you need, from video clips to images, which will increase the value of your video.
  • You can easily add your brand colors and upload a logo or watermark that will represent your company or brand through video.
  • You can use video formats like video resolution that help you make the video more appealing.


  • Easy to create videos
  • Doesn’t need the professional knowledge
  • Filled with endless features
  • User-friendly
  • Media library


  • It does not have a voice-over feature


Enterprise plan prices are not mentioned on the site. However, you can get the contact information by requesting them. The rest of the Lumen5 pricing plans are as follows.

  • Starter Plan at $79 per month.
  • Professional Plan at $199 per month.

Despite that, it offers a Community Plan free of cost. That means you can make your videos for free. But, remember that it contains a watermark and a video quality of 720 resolution.

How to Use Lumen5?

  • Visit the site, and complete your sign-up and registration process.
  • After that, you will get the option Create a video, select that and start creating a video.
  • Now, choose the content you want to add to your video.
  • Select the video formats for different handles, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • It’s time to pick up a classy theme.
  • After that, you are all set to modify the text, visuals, highlights, and much more.

Lastly, we must say that it is a robust online video maker for business marketers, online video makers, and small enterprises to make videos and reach their clients on social media.

What is VidJack?


VidJack is another name for your business video making and gaining traffic with excellent clickable call-to-action elements.

VidJack commonly appears in the list of video makers that help make interactive videos according to business needs. Therefore, users can easily add some clickable pop-ups in your videos or link them with sales directly. It looks so impressive!

Also, like different apps, you don’t need any degree or knowledge to create engaging videos with the content. Once you make your videos, just do one more step to generate embedded code. Now, you can use that code anywhere to share it.

Further, the most exciting fact is that you can easily take any YouTube and Vimeo video into your circle and create a new one by adding interactive elements from VidJack. Therefore, it is amongst the best video makers that you can select.

By the way, Lumen5 and VidJack both are the best video editing tool. you can use it as per your budget.

What is the Use of VidJack?

VidJack Tagline

VidJack works for every business to spread its activities everywhere. Therefore, we can say that business owners can easily take advantage of this robust tool. It works seamlessly with the revolutionizing industries to eCommerce industries to fulfill their marketing video-making needs. Also, it has a new VidJack Reloaded version available for everyone.

It helps to create video marketing messages for businesses, customize them, and appealingly design them. Furthermore, all features help create videos according to your taste with your company’s watermark or logo. That leaves an immediate effect on your audience.

Similarly, you can use VidJack to provide a customized experience to all viewers. It helps your brand leave art-like impact viewers have never experienced. You can also use VidJack to monitor the entire video engagement. It will benefit you by increasing the CTA and sales campaigns.

VidJack also helps lead generation when you create your videos and embed them on social media platforms. Above we have discussed the lumen5 features. Now let’s talk about VidJack features.

VidJack Features

This video editor uses videos from YouTube and Vimeo. However, the following features help to customize and create a new one.

  • Allows holding a video for a certain period.
  • You are entitled to add your social share option to the videos.
  • VidJack allows you to add call-to-action options anywhere during the video.
  • You can add countdown timers to create a massive effect, and the viewers can take action by watching the video.
  • You may have seen a survey on YouTube.
  • Use another video link to add to the main video with VidJack.

VidJack Pros

You will find an endless number of pros in VidJack. However, we have mentioned the best ones below.

  • Easy to use and set up
  • One-time payment and lifetime fruits
  • Higher video conversions
  • Reached globally
  • Excellent support and the best technology
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Compatible with any device

VidJack Cons

  • No major cons

VidJack Pricing

VidJack is an exceptionally well-developed tool for any business organization and generating leads. However, VidJack does not provide any pricing plan. Shocked? Well, it is considered a one-time payment only.

Today, the one-time payment offer is available for only $47. It’s a limited period offer, and the prices can be raised to $67. On top of that, you can use the coupon code VIP2 to get $2 off on your plan. So, what are you waiting for? Get your plan and enjoy video creation with full benefits.

How to Use VidJack?

The use of VIdJack is not a headache. You can easily make some video marketing videos for your e-commerce and other business sites. And guess what? You don’t need knowledge or certification to use it. Only three steps are involved in creating and selling some interactive videos; therefore, the newbies can use this.

Step 1

You must choose a video from YouTube or Vimeo and start working on it. You can upload your recorded video or webcam to customize it through VidJack.

Step 2

The next step is customizing your video. You can add interactive video elements and make them unique as per your choice.

Step 3

Once done, a one-click option is given for embedding and sending. You can embed the video and share it on your blogs, websites, emails, social media, and many other platforms.

Similarly, we have seen the uses, features, and other essential topics. However, when it comes to selecting one of them, becomes pretty challenging. But, the best thing is that we can compare them before selecting, just like below.

Lumen5 Vs VidJack: Which is the Better Video Editor?

Although they look and work the same, we have mentioned a few differences that will help you choose one of them for your needs.

Lumen5  Points VidJack
This tool is an excellent tool for video making powered by AI. What are they? This tool is a better, faster, and wiser video-making and editing tool.
It creates thumb-stopping video creation and engaging video content. Uses Lead generation, increasing massive traffic, increasing sales, and enhancing business activities.
To the marketing team and business needs. Beneficial to VidJack is helpful to all those related to video making and online video marketing solutions.
Transforming text to video, automated workflow, media library, video formats, etc. Features Email gate, share gate, easy customization, video themes, surveys, etc.
It has some white-labeled integrating options to make work comfortable for you. Integration It has email integration. Despite that, embedding code can be pasted on any platform.
It offers four pricing plans for users. Out of them, the Community plan is free. Prices One-time payment only.
It allows users to monitor their performance with deep insights. Analytics It does not provide any analytical features.

So, here we have come such a long way. Don’t you think? Our entire journey was quite confusing. However, you have reached here, and we hope you have made your choices. But, if you are still confused, we can recommend one of them.

We will suggest you use VidJack. New proprietary technology will help you make interactive and practical marketing videos per your needs. It is beneficial to all those dealing with lead generation issues. It will help them generate leads and get more traffic on their side. Similarly, the prices are only one-time payments with discount offers.

You can easily rely on this tool for your several business and marketing-related needs.


Oh, what a long journey that was! But you nailed it!

Why do you use traditional old video editors when you have faster, smarter, and better video editors like Lumen5 and VidJack? You can step forward and choose a video marketing solution for your business expansion and other needs.

You will find many marketing solutions nowadays, and video marketing is trending. Therefore, you can easily create engaging video content and add them to your video. However, you need a robust tool to create your videos, and we have them.

You can try Lumen5 and VidJack. Both have exceptional features that will help you create what you exactly want. But, if you can’t choose between them, read the above article, which will help clear your confusion.


Q. How can VidJack help your Organization?

Ans: – VidJack will add some interactive elements that will add another value to your business and generate qualified leads. Similarly, it works for you to increase sales, indirectly growing profits.

Q. How can this tool help your Organization?

Ans: – It is a tool that helps to create online videos for your different handles and helps you drive traffic. Also, you can use the media library for your diverse needs, such as video music and others.

Q. Lumen5 vs VidJack – Which is Better?

Ans: – It is an online video creation platform that will help you with video creation and customization. Similarly, VidJack hijacks the video from YouTube and Vimeo to create something unique in your style. However, when choosing between them, we can select VidJack due to its robust functionalities and customization options.

Q. Is Editing hard on both tools?

Ans: – No! VidJack and Lumen5 offer complete comfort. Even novice video editors can use them to make their videos for different needs, and only a few steps must be followed to create videos.


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