Workamajig: Features, Pros, Cons, Price, and Alternatives


Workamajig is a fully integrated advertising agency software designed for the unique needs of creative teams. Its diverse functions include project management, resource and task management, accounting and finance, CRM sales, and more.

Here you learn why more than 3,000 creative teams, including many Fortune 500 companies, rely on Workamajig every day. Get rid of your multiple marketing tools and use Workamajig today.

That’s how the American Federation of Independent Business owners described the EPA as “the world’s most efficient enterprise” in 2007. Plan a free demo and see the benefits for yourself.

Workamajig is a cloud-based HTML5 project management solution that is intended for creative ad agencies and in-house advertising teams of all sizes. It includes opportunity tracking, project management, time tracking, resource management, and complete accounting and finance.

Workamajig enables users to create project tasks, assign them to people, and collaborate on them from a single messaging tool. Through automated timesheets, the solution also offers creative management features, such as the ability to create project schedules, manage freelancers, and track the time spent on each project.

Workamajig also features resource management features, allowing users to plan and execute their marketing schedules, and monitor all ongoing projects from a single portal.

What is Workamajig?

Workamajig is a project management tool for creative agencies and in-house teams that includes tools for resource management, collaboration, digital proofing, finance and billing, CRM, and more in a single tool.

The tool’s responsive web design works seamlessly on any phone, tablet, or computer, facilitating collaboration between team members, clients, and vendors.

Workamajig helps account managers prepare for client meetings by providing templates to help them create accurate estimates and creative briefs that they can submit to clients for comments and approval.

Users can create schedules with multiple target dates as well as store all open items and project communications in one place. Workamajig’s budget tracking and insights features ensure that all requirements are met, with notifications alerting users of issues early in the process.

Users can track the amount of time spent on each project, prepare status reports, and check project status in real time. Users can keep track of all of their tasks and responsibilities, as well as the to-do lists of all project participants through the ‘My Tasks’ function.

Workamajig is a comprehensive work management system that allows internal creative teams and organizations to coordinate and track their work with these teams using Workamajig’s work management software.

Workamajig’s software for creative teams includes client requests, team member control, client authorization, and collaboration. Communication is a critical part of teamwork and job management in Workamajig.

Workamajig helps account managers prepare for clients by allowing them to develop estimates by using templates and creative briefs and then sending them to the client for approval. Workamajig enables you to track jobs as they go against budget and schedule as well as generate reports on productivity and project gaps.

The online proofing process and automated notifications of Workamajig keep project schedules on track. You can find the information you need, with visibility into revenues and expenses, as well as statistics on time estimates versus actual project results and productivity targets.

Workamajig Project Management Software
Image Source: Workamajig

The real-time project calendar for deadlines gives users a sense of how much time is spent on projects, identifies bottlenecks, and evaluates whether client feedback is required.

Workamajig helps users forecast revenue for every project by matching freelancers to them, and it can handle workloads and priorities, as well as generate custom reports. This enables users to adjust budgets as necessary for resources, schedules, and freelancers.

The tool automatically simplifies accruals and work in progress, with instant visibility of revenues and expenses. Workamajig’s easy billing process allows you to create invoices with details such as time, materials, specific rates, and markups.

Using Google and Outlook integration, users can manage all email communications and calendars, and Zapier can connect to various third-party social network apps.

Workamajig is a web-based project management tool for creative agencies, design firms, in-house creative departments, and public relations firms. It was developed by Creative Manager, Inc., in Anthem, Arizona, and distributed by Google, Inc.

Workamajig is a creative management software that combines project, agency, client, sales, and resource management into a single dashboard. It is designed to help creative agencies and in-house creative teams manage a variety of aspects of their operations.

It is also competing with QuickBooks accounting software and ClientVenue client relationship management software tangentially.

Workamajig Features

  • Workamajig is a software package that combines enterprise resource planning with agency management. Users are presented with multiple dashboards based on their assigned roles in the software. Creative resources can view a list of tasks and to-do lists that have been assigned.
  • Project managers can use templates to plan projects and assign responsibilities to different people, gather information about the project’s development, and create reports with pre-existing templates.
  • Users can share files and start project and assignment discussions; they can also log the amount of time they spend on each activity; make progress reports; trade drafts with clients, and provide comments.
  • Workamajig is a unique system that combines creative project management with agency financials from start to finish.
  • Tasks, schedules, budgets, and other important data are all contained within the system. Resourcing and traffic management are also integrated.
  • Digital proofreading and revisions are included.
  • Strong industry knowledge is included.
  • Financial transparency in real-time Invoicing and billing
  • Also, it has the whole accounting package.


  • Works for small companies
  • very flexible in managing various types of businesses
  • seamless communication tools;
  • integrations are extremely efficient, making work super convenient
  • the UI is very attractive
  • the site is easy to use and does not offer too many frills in terms of managing your business
  • documentation is exceptionally well done.


  • The product tries to be everything for everyone, which as expected, does not work.
  • Updating projects can be time-consuming.
  • The interface is extremely text-heavy, so be prepared to do some major reading when signing up for this.
  • Stills is based on Flash, which has been an outdated technology for years.

Workamajig Pricing

Workamajig has one of the best pricing options I’ve ever encountered in this market, offering all features at every level for a fixed price. In other words, it all depends on your team size and on which tier you will pay. Aside from the Enterprise plan, which has more business analytic tools, all plans provide the full capabilities of Workamajig.

In details: 

  1. 5-9 members: $50 per user monthly
  2. 10-19 members: $38 per user monthly
  3. 20-49 members: $36 per user monthly
  4. 50-99 members: $34 per user monthly
  5. Enterprise Plan (100-1000+ members)


To conclude this Workamajig review, I will put forward my views on the product and where I think it stands in today’s increasingly competitive industry.

While the steep learning curve and text-heavy interface may put you off, just remember that once you can use this beast of software, your company will no longer need the assistance of any other service.

Workamajig’s complete set of features will amaze you, with their Sales CRM and Project Management tools, as well as their superb pricing model.


Q: Can I use Workamajig on mobile?

A: Workamajig can be used on your mobile device. YES! Workamajig can be accessed on any mobile device, but some of our more advanced features require a desktop computer.

Q: What type of training can be offered with Workamajig?

A: Workamajig offers a variety of training formats, including traditional training sessions, which are conducted over the phone with a browser-based session and are included in your subscription free of charge. For the life of your account, a dedicated account manager/trainer is assigned to your account, who will manage both the implementation and ongoing support. Your trainer guides your team through a proven process to set up and configure Workamajig to meet your needs.

Q: What is the minimum required operating system for Workamajig?

A: Workamajig has been built to work with the latest operating systems and browsers. For Mac and Windows, this includes the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Note: Edge is only for Windows 10.

Q: Is the only option for Workamajig browser-based training? 

A: For Workamajig, browser-based training is not the only option. Consultants are available for on-site training at an additional cost. They provide industry advice on how to set the system specifically for your needs, which is valuable for companies that prefer their training to be provided in a compressed time frame and learn faster.

Q: Are there alternatives to Workamajig?

A: Kantata Industry Cloud for Professional Services (formerly Mavenlink + Kimble ), Wrike, Teamwork, and Asana are among the solutions that reviewers considered the best overall alternatives and competitors to Workamajig.

Q: What is the mode of operation for Workamajig?

A: Workamajig is a system that allows account managers to prepare for clients by supplying templates that allow them to generate accurate estimates and creative briefs which are then sent to clients for comments and approval. Users can create and manage calendars with multiple target dates, as well as track all open items and project communications from one place.