Redmine Features, Pros, Price & Alternatives


Redmine is one of the best project management software you can use to fulfill your organizational demands. Many national and multinational companies have evolved their services. Thus, they need software that completes their tasks and handles their client in the best possible manner. This is where Redmine stands to increase organizational efficiency and performance.

Don’t you think it’s a blessing for many organizations? Well, I think it is!

So, let’s start our journey and explore the Redmine software.

What is Redmine? 

Previously, completing all operational tasks related to the organization’s services was hard to crack. Also, managing many projects at the same time was big trouble. As a result, Jean-Phillippe Lang founded Redmine, a robust software tool, in 2006.

Redmine Features
Image Source – Redmine

Many organizations use this project management tool to ease their work and increase their credibility. Features like flexible role-based access control, project support, email issue creation, etc., prove helpful during the organizations’ multiple operational tasks.

Apart from that, you should know an exciting thing about Redmine. It is written in the Ruby programming language but supports multiple languages. In addition, don’t forget that it’s an issue tracking system and supports various databases.

What is The Use Of Redmine?

You know what? Most organizations use this software tool to ease their workflows. On top of that, this is open-source, which works excellently for their routine tasks. Some people use this tool due to the following reasons.

– Long Run & Updates

The team of Redmine always works to develop their code and make their tool better than the existing versions. These new updates work smoothly with the latest upcoming software and hardware. As a result, you can use this software for a long time without any worries.

– It Is Reliable

Redmine is open-source software that offers many benefits and solid stability. Therefore, many organizations, software developers, startups, agencies, and universities like Oxford rely on this software.

– Device Friendly 

Don’t worry about compatibility issues and device connections in the case of Redmine. You can use Redmine on the available devices if you have an internet connection.

– Secured Tool

Undoubtedly, it’s a fantastic software tool for your organization. Still, many people check out the security issues, if any. But, to be precise, it’s a risk-free tool for your organizations. Thousands of professional developers have tested the code, making it more secure software to use in your organization.

Redmine’s Features

To operate your organizational tasks, you can take the help of this fascinating tool – Redmine. Due to its robust features and powerful appearances, it has become the choice of many businesses. Some parts are stated below.

1. Helps To Multiple Projects

With Redmine, you can get a feature that handles many projects with only one instance. The best part is that each user has a distinct role in every project. In addition to that, you can keep your projects private and public.

2. Subproject Support

While most project management tools don’t provide subproject support, Redmine users can manage a few projects as subprojects as parts of leading projects. Thus, there is no worry if your project is long or includes in-depth details.

3. Issue Tracking

There is another best feature that you should not miss on this software. You can meet with the robust, flexible tracking system on this software. With that help, you can easily set up your workflow types.

4. Gantt Chart & Calendar 

It is a common feature that a project management tool should offer to its users. You can handle multiple projects simultaneously with Gantt charts & calendars. Redmine provides issues start and due dates based on Gantt charts & calendars for your project comfort.

5. Time Tracking 

Time tracking features help you with many tasks. You can make a report per user time, and categorize it by activity, issue type, and much more.

6. Custom Fields

You can make custom fields for issues, time entries, projects, etc. You can use the different formats available on Redmine like text, date, boolean, and others.

7. Feeds & Email Notifications

Redmine helps to keep its users up to date. That’s why it provides all information regarding the project activity, news, issues, changesets, etc.

8. Database

It is an all-inclusive project management tool. Therefore, there is no doubt that it comes with robust database support and supports databases like SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Besides, it offers features like user-self registration, LDAP authentication, repository browser, diff viewer, per project wiki and forums, etc.

Redmine’s Pros 

  • Availability of customizable themes and plugins
  • Offers RESTful API
  • Customizable workflows
  • Projects and groups separation
  • Time tracking reports
  • A self-hosted and open-source cloud-based tool
  • Provides estimates
  • Legit tool
  • Built-in Wiki
  • Gantt charts, reports, & time tracking

Redmine’s Cons 

  • It needs maintenance and self-installation.
  • It does not handle many projects with similar names.
  • No free version

Redmine Pricing

There are no charges required to use the Redmine tool. Shocked? But, that’s true! Although it’s robust software helpful for your operations tasks, it is free of cost. You can manage projects and take reports from Redmine without any charges.

This is not enough yet! You will get a few plugins absolutely for free. That means it is the best of both worlds. You only need to pay for the internet connection of your devices.

How To Use Redmine? 

Redmine is an open-source and flexible project management tool that completes your needs. Thus, since its launch, many organizations have accepted this tool. So, let’s take a look at how it works.

First of all, you need to install this tool and activate it. After that, you will see the “Register” option on the above right side of the home page. You have to register yourself by choosing this tab. Remember that you cannot use this tool until you register yourself on it.

You need to fulfill all the required and mandatory fields for registration, and after that, you can access it. Once you get access, you can create a space for your project or create an issue.

However, before using it, I suggest contacting Redmine for the prices and confirming using the free version.


That’s it!

When it comes to a project management tool, most people choose Redmine. Why?

It is not only a tool that handles multiple projects but also an excellent open-source option for every organization. It helps with many management operational tasks and helps run your activities smoothly.

Although it’s a free tool, it offers solid features like time tracking, subproject support, Gantt charts & calendar, and whatnot. In addition to that, it provides some customizable plugins and theme options. And trust me, these plugins and themes are beneficial for any project. As a result, many companies are using this software to make their workflows smooth.

In the end, I assume you are looking for an all-inclusive software that completes your project management needs. So, if you are confused about whether you should use it or not, I suggest you must use this one.

Once you start using it, you never want to leave it because of its benefits. Lastly, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment sections. I am waiting for your reply.


Q. What do Redmine issues refer to? 

Ans: Do you feel that issues are like the problems in Redmine? Well, I suppose you might be wrong. The most common items are known as issues in the Redmine. You can add them to your favorite or specified projects. Also, if you are an admin, you can create issues in Redmine.

Q. Does Redmine support the French language? 

Ans: Redmine is a project management software that helps many organizations of all sizes. Thus, although it is created with Ruby, a programming language, it is available in forty-nine languages, including French, English, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Q. Is Redmine legal? 

Ans: Yes, Redmine is a project management software that helps many organizations of all sizes. Thus, it is available in forty-nine languages, including French, English, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Q. Why should you choose Redwine? 

Ans: This is not only an issue-tracking software but also open-source. With many robust features, pros, and benefits, it has become a choice of many companies for their project handling. Also, this tool offers regular updates, excellent security, reliability, and much more.

Q. What Redmine is best for? 

Ans: Most people, including technical experts, say this is the robust platform, best for project management, bug tracking, file sharing, repository hosting, customer help desk, and other purposes.

Q. What is better in Redmine? 

Ans: There is no doubt that this is the best software for project management. I have used this tool for a long time, which has helped me greatly. It provides ease of use with a free cost, customizable options, plugins, and an easy-to-use interface. Thus, it was a friendly experience for me to use Redmine.

Q. What is there to improve? 

Ans: Although it’s a friendly software management tool, it has some downsides that should be improved as soon as possible. The mobile version is a weakness because of the poor applications and is unsuitable for workflows.

Q. Who can use Redmine? 

Ans: It is a blessing for mid-sized computer software companies. Thus, many people prefer this software. Along with that, freelancers can also use it for multiple projects.