Turnitin - Plagrism Checker & Paraphrasing Tool

10 Best Turnitin Paraphrasing Software Alternatives

Turnitin is a web-based Paraphrasing Tool that is integrated into the Assignments tool in many classrooms in APU and AMU. This explains that when your paper is uploaded to your classroom for grading, it will then be automatically sent through Turnitin’s repository and you don’t need to log in separately on their website. The generated Similarity Report will help you identify possible instances of plagiarism.

Turnitin assignment is usually set up by a lecturer, either directly on own website or through a university’s online learning environment. Students can then access this assignment online and upload their work before the deadline.

It will then analyze the submitted work to identify text matches with other sources, usually completing this task within a few minutes. Staff can also view the work that has been submitted and there is also an option to mark the work online and include grades and comments which can be returned to the student once all papers have been marked.

Turnitin is one of the best web-based plagiarism prevention software used by most schools and universities.

Turnitin Homepage

Uses of Turnitin

  • It acts as a deterrent against plagiarism.
  • They provide reports which help you to identify plagiarism occurrences
  • They provide students with a tool to correct and identify the possible occurrences of plagiarism in their own work and improve their academic writing.


  • It checks for any possible plagiarism bypassing techniques and assesses the originality of a student’s work.
  • This paraphrasing tool allows instructors to deliver students’ work and grades using AI-powered algorithms and dynamic rubrics.
  • It checks student work against submissions previously submitted to Turnitin using comprehensive color-coding and filters.
  • iThenticate the originality of research work and collaborating with their peers.
  • It also allows instructors to analyze their progress and leave feedback for students


  • Gives Reports within 24 to 48 hours
  • It reveals plagiarized content easily
  • Teachers Comments can either be recorded or typed
  • Comprehensive feedback to students
  • Grades are transferred directly to NEO
  • Accepts different types of file
  • Automated searching tool


  • This software is unable to export the NEO rubric to Turnitin
  • Slow to refresh at times
  • Needs Internet access to grade.
  • It does not differentiate cited content from plagiarism accurately and correctly.
  • Focuses the attention of students on achieving the figure of similarity percentage, instead of developing their writing skills.
  • It cannot check whether figures or tables used in the research paper are original or copied.


To get a price, users must contact a salesperson to receive a quote, and then users can decide whether to go through with a purchase or not.