Top 10 Adobe VoCo Alternatives

Top 10 Adobe VoCo Alternatives

What is Adobe Voco?

Software Giant Adobe gave us a lot of successful software, so this time they came up with Adobe VoCo, audio editing, and generating software. It was also known as “Photoshop for the voice”, but it never came to consummation, due to ethical and legal concerns.

As an extremely capable voice-over software Adobe Voco was first previewed at the Adobe MAX event in November 2016. But due to its limitations, it was taken back by Adobe with the wise decision not to disturb the law or potential voiceprint risk.

Features of Adobe Voco

Though due to some ethical reasons, Adobe decided not to release the software, it has some exclusive benefits. Let’s discuss the same.

  • Voice editing
  • Can confirm the identity
  • Create synthetic voice
  • Can take off the burden of Journalist
  • Used as legal evidence by the lawyer
  • Can manipulate the media

Limitations of Adobe VoCo

Some of the features of voice photoshop itself are the ethical barriers of software. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Adobe had to scrap its software.

  • Sometimes it changes the actual phrase
  • Many people mistrust journalism
  • A lawyer cannot relay as it may change the voice
  • It may alter the voice of the actual speaker
  • Can be used in a harmful or illegal way

Best Adobe VoCo Alternatives

  1. Resemble AI
  2. Real Time Voice Cloning
  3. WavePad Audio Cloning
  4. WaveNet/Tacatron 2
  5. Vocaloid
  6. Descript
  7. CereVoice Me
  8. Replica studio
  9. iSpeech
  10. Respeecher

Resemble AI: Creatur Own Synthetic Voice

Possibly, Resemble AI is The Best Adobe VoCo Alternative. This software was created to build a synthetic voice as per the need. The main purpose is to create a voice for voiceovers and automated customer services for companies.

Users must have existing voice recordings or they can create at least 50. You can even use others’ voices but that particular individual should be aware. You must have consent for cloning and editing the recording, from that person for ethical and legal reasons.

Resemble AI is available as a mobile application that even allows you to edit voice recordings without an Internet connection. You must have a recording of 5 minutes and then you can use the text to speech to create synthetic audio.

Resemble AI - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

The Speech Gradients allow you to build your ringtones with the expected emotional modification. It even allows you to clone and create synthetic voices in a variety of languages like Spanish, English, Dutch, German, French, and Italian. With simple instruction, it even translates your audio into your desired language.


  • Film industries can produce the same movie in several languages
  • To train employees who live in different countries
  • Call centers can create neutral text and speech in various languages
  • Digital content creators can create the same content in different languages
  • Ad agencies can create the same ad in divergent languages


  • To write script
  • Collects data
  • Film and Animation industry
  • Ad agencies

Limitations of Resemble AI

Though it has many benefits to serve, it too has some downers to look upon:

  • On one hand, it provides jobs, but it eats up the other’s jobs as well
  • It can correct human error but it remains in the code
  • Decisions made with this cannot be reliable

Pricing plans

  • Popular plan s $30 per month to record voices with 100,000 characters in a month. Beyond the limit of characters, they charge $0.0005 per character
  • Custom plans to upload your existing recordings
  • To add another voice it charges $30 per month 
  • Resemble AI provides customized plans to cater to your needs

Real Time Voice Cloning: Record Voice for 5 Seconds

Synthetic voice creator Real Time Voice Cloning can copy your voice or others as well. You just have to record the voice for 5 seconds then it will create the speeches in your recorded voice. 

Real Time Voice Cloning allows you to manipulate the voice as per your expectations. This software implements Transfer Learning from Speaker Verification to Multi speaker, Text-To-Speech synthesis.

Though the speaker might have not uttered a few words, this software speaks the text in the same recorded voice. This software can be used at a basic level.

It is available on GitHub to download. If you are going to upload your recorded file, then you must upload 3 audio files for better results.

Let’s have a look at the benefits to offer and the limitations of the same.


  • Just need 5 second recording to identify the voice
  • Can create synthetic audios as per text
  • You can manipulate speech as per your need
  • Easy to clone your or others’ voice


  • Needs coding knowledge to cope with software
  • Can be used as basic cloning
  • Not made for professionals
  • Cannot translate the content into multiple languages.


Real Time Voice Cloning has not disclosed its pricing

Though it can be used at a primary level you need technical knowledge to get its highest benefits. It is difficult to set up for newbies.

WavePad Audio Cloning: Clone any Voice

WavePad Audio can edit the recording by cutting or merging particular parts, and effects like amplifying, fading in or out and normalizing the volume levels for various devices. It allows you to clone the desired audio files. 

WavePad Audio - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

WavePad includes features like editing tools like splitting, copy-paste clips, adjusting the volume level, and allowing marking time. It has an inbuilt mic that allows you to record the voice without leaving your desk.

Features Of WavePad

  • Smooth audio editing
  • Reliable voice cloning software
  • Input device to record live audio


  • Basic level of voice cloning
  • Cannot be used for business purposes
  • Can create mistakes if the code is not proper


  • Standard Plan: Limited features for a month at $39.95
  • Master’s Plan: advanced features for a month at $69.95

WavePad Audio Cloning is basic voice manipulation with limited features.

WaveNet/Tacatron 2: Mimic Any Human Voice

WaveNet/Tacatron 2 is a speech synthesizer that claims to mimic any human voice and gives output more than natural and can convert text to speech. It does not contain any specific grammatical mistakes.

It is supported by Google mainly for teaching functions. WaveNet is the base for Tacatron 2. WaveNet modifies the voice recording like changes the pace, cutting & merge, volume adjustments, etc.


  • Fully leverage context to speech
  • End-to-end speech encryptions
  • Produced high-quality wavelength


  • Slow and contains error
  • From-end effect by synthesis error
  • Bit costly compared to other software options


They have not published the costing plans on-site.

Vocaloid: Audio Synthesizer

Vocaloid serves some different features than Adobe VoCo, but it fulfills basic needs like voice cloning and editing recorded audio. Its main purpose is to synthesize the singing.

By adding the lyrics and choosing the melody to create a synthetic vocal and song. You can even change the emotion of the parody. It is mainly used in Anime to give realistic effects.

Vocaloid - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

It allows users to translate the vocals in different languages with different emotions. Vocaloid even allows the user to create audio from the existing audio of the user.


  • Clone the audio as per expectations
  • Ability to change the emotion as per need
  • Used by animators to give a realistic effect


  • Adobe too has to take care of the legal documents
  • Coding mistakes cannot be taken over
  • Bit costly compared to other competitors


  • The standard plan for a year costs $191.44 + tax, it gives you four voicebanks
  • The premium plan costs $306.31 and gives eight voicebanks

Each plan benefits the user with more than 1000 vocal phrases, 1000 audio samples, 100 preset singing styles, and 11 audio effects.

One of the Best Adobe VoCo Alternative Vocaloid allows singing and creating synthesis audios.

Descript: Ultra Realistic Voice Cloning

Descript is ultra-realistic voice cloning software and it comes with exclusive voice cloning features. Dubbing the content as per the need of the user at best and more than natural sound effects.

Descript - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

Descript is not only audio editing software but it edits video editor software too. Additionally, it records screens and includes a text-to-speech synthesizer, remote recording, transcription, and other outstanding tools.

Special Tools

Let’s have a glance at the various tools and services of the Descript:

  • Allies to record screen
  • Professional Transcription at $2 per minute
  • Remote recording with different video call software
  • Can create visuals for digital content
  • Can be used while live collaboration
  • Allows to add auto transcribed and subtitles with font choice


  • Corrects your existing recording
  • Allows to create fillers and several versions
  • Smart suggestions of the related words
  • Different voice styles to switch upon
  • Bunch of voices to create own voiceover
  • Built on the Lyrebird AI
  • Can use built-in voices to clone


  • Can clone only own voice to avoid ethical problems
  • Need consent if using another’s voice for cloning

Costing Plans

It offers a free plan! Yes you read correctly, with limited features it allows you to use it for free with 20 screen recordings and creates three hours of transcription

Following are the paid plans to use at their best:

  • Plan Creator: 10 hours of transcription at $15/month($12/month if billed yearly), unlimited projects, and screen recordings
  • Pro plan: 30 hours of transcription a month at $30/month($24/month if billed yearly), in addition, it offers Overdub, publishing, filler word, and more
  • Enterprise plan: it is a custom plan made for exclusive users. It provides invoicing, onboarding and training, and more to dedicated accounts

Descript is based on Lyrebird AI. Lyrebird is a part of Descript. 

CereVoice Me: Text-to-Speech Voice Cloning Software

CereVoice Me has more advanced features it allows text to convert into audio files as per given audio files. Web-based CereProc is the creator of the CereVoice Me. Like other software options, this too edits the audio files as per the requirement of the user. 

CereVoice Me splits and merges the audio, can modify the emotions and can translate into particular languages from English to Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, and Romania. The best part of the software is, you don’t have to download the software on your device. You can simply use it on any device.

CereVoice Me - Adobe VoCo Alternatives


  • Available in various languages
  • Inbuilt microphone to record the audio
  • Can create a quiet area for you to record
  • A unique feature with a paid plan
  • Can be used for customer services
  • Provides custom voice modification


  • Can only record one sound due to copyright issue
  • Quite expensive compared to the rest of the software alternatives
  • A bit difficult for a non-tech person to set up


Lifetime subscription at £499.99, with extraordinary features of the software to use.

Replica Studios: Script to Dialogues

Replica software captures your voice, includes your speech patterns and emotional tone of voice, and uses the same to create a voice-over. You can even rewrite the scripts to record the same into your voice.

Instead of recording, you can even upload your existing recordings to use as a voice-over. Replica requires around an hour of your recording to create your voice clone. Once your voice is with the software, you can use text to create synthetic vocals.

Replica Studios - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

Replica library has a bunch of existing voice styles, which can change the narration according to the needs of the user. It does not keep you limited just to cloning your voice, but you will need consent from that particular person to use their voice to clone.


  • Smart speaker skills like Alexa, Voice games in your voice, or Human-like interaction and tones to bring your skills to life.
  • The robot feature helps you to synthesize your voice more like a human and open a new world of robot communication.
  • Software Developers engage users and customers in your projects, it dynamically generates natural-sounding speech for broadcasting and publishing of your applications.
  • Best software for Audiobooks, it gives you better narration with intonation, pace, pauses, and emotions.
  • Create a high-quality brand voice and earn money.
  • Replica even allows you to edit your music and make the best content for your customers and yourself.


  • Costly compared to other speech synthesizers
  • Risk of legal problems while using another’s voice to clone

Pricing plans

As Replica offers many different features it offers its service on a custom basis.

iSpeech: Audio Content Creation Tool

iSpeech as Adobe VoCo Alternative gives us more than what we pay for. iSpeech technology lets your website speak for you in your personalized voice. It can be used for audiobooks, advertising material, or voice/video overs.

iSpeech has various features like the synthesized voice of Obama, you can add your text and ask Software to synthesize it into Obama’s voice. It is even available for mobile apps.

iSpeech - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

Text to Speech technology has opened many opportunities doors for many people. iSpeech offers more for content creation and audio learners. For audio learners, it becomes easy to learn things with such software.

Let’s see the Pros and Cons offered by iSpeech:


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Freely available online
  • male-Female voices available in more than 30 languages with the country’s particular accent


  • Limited text uploading in the free version
  • Human voice accuracy lacks sometimes
  • Customization is expensive


  • It provides 30 minutes of free voice synthesis
  • Basic plans start at $24 per 4 hours

Respeecher: Animated voice editor

Respeecher offers an inbuilt voice changer-like voice of different gender of different ages with chosen emotions. It clones your voice and edits as per the need.

Respeecher - Adobe VoCo Alternatives

Respeecher synthesizes the voice as per the selected emotions, age, and gender and it creates new vocals. It is helpful to filmmakers, vocal artists, and other professionals as well as for other people who want to use it for fun.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons offered by Respeecher:


  • Best for vocal artists
  • Podcast and content creators can synthesize their voice
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive high-quality audio synthesis


  • Not accurate results every time
  • Custom plans are costly
  • Limit of 50 users per week


  • It allows new users a 7-day free trial
  • Monthly plan with all custom features at $200

And it’s a Wrap!

There are plenty of audio synthesizer alternatives available in the market, but we have shared here a few with most takeaways and their downers too. Adobe VoCo couldn’t launch but still, the above mentioned software serves the same concept.

We have reviewed the 10 Best Competitors of Speech Synthesizer Software like Adobe VoCo with their Pricing and there at most uses as well. We hope this article was useful to you. If you are a digital content creator or podcast producer or any other voice-over artist, then check out our list of Best Adobe VoCo Alternatives for your next creative project.

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