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Pale Moon is an open-source web browser that is built from Mozilla Firefox code. This code is free, anyone can get its code and modify it to create his own browser. The Pale Moon is the result of the same process. Palemoon is 25% faster than Firefox.

Pale Moon is developed in a significant manner to take the advantage of newer processors. If you are still stuck with the old versions like Pentium III or other SSE x86 processors, then you can not use the pale moon web browser. You can settle with Mozilla Firefox. 

We have a wide range of browsers that are separately known as a possible firefox alternative such as Waterfox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Chrome, then comes to the customized open source web browser made with their own twists and sources from Firefox and Chrome.


What’s new in the pale moon?

Browser up-gradation always comes with some bug fixing and more security. Pale Moon releases to provide compatibility improvements and more security as per the previous version.

The goals and objectives of the pale moon are similar to waterfox, but the developer priorities for the features and the core functionality are different. For instance, the open-source web browser waterfox works only in the 64-bit operating system.

Whereas, a pale moon is built to work on both 34-bit and 64-bit versions of windows and other os platforms, such as accessibility and capabilities of parental control.  

Pale Moon, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives


  • The current processor is highly optimizable
  • Well secured as a part of Firefox
  • Disabled redundant and optional code uses less memory
  • Faster for page drawing and scripting
  • Supports Canvas and SVG
  • Supports Firefox extensions, personas, and themes

Challenges and fixes:

  • Improved memory allocation
  • Well versed with Windows
  • Compatible with OSS
  • Addresses potential crashes
  • Updated SQLite 3.36.0
  • Execute the promise.allSettled()
  • Updated thread safety of the web content catch
  • Added fixes to terminate crashes and security issues. 


When you get a palemoon and start running it, the only difference between the two is the center theme color change, it resembles blue centered them which look like a copy-cate of the firefox. It runs 30% faster than regular firefox. 

During the comparison, we found that every time, the pale moon would be out passed by Firefox. Results from the comparison are, overall iteration score for pale moon 64x was around 8168 out of 50,000 possible points, whereas firefox scored 9344 out of 50,000 points. Significantly one should use the browser daily to notice gains and losses in the performance. 

To get the faster browser is not the threshold, but to be compatible with the desired features is also very important. That means one has to choose the set-up wisely which allows you to have the best features and the speed both. 

The selection process for the features should be done carefully, the features which are not in high demand and with the way the web pages are displayed or functioned. If you want to learn how the browser runs and what it supports, then you need to visit the technical details of the same. Visit the homepage to access the features and parental controls of Firefox and get the non-optimized and official builds.


Wrap Up:

Overall, a palemoon is built upon the old firefox code, so it may happen that it does not support many of the updated features of firefox. It is made on the basis of the Firefox code patches which means it may give you security patches. One cannot fully depend on the security of the browser-based on the patches of code. 

If you have a lower processor configuration you can rely on palemoon as the best firefox alternative. Currently, it grows as the most stable open source web browser in the tech market.

If you are adventurous and want to try new flavors of web browsers then, this is for you. If you are using updated hardware and software, you get more out of the palemoon.

After all, it is based upon firefox code, so it may contain few hunches related to security. You can evaluate the risks and then can hold your eyes on them.

9 Best Pale Moon Alternatives

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