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Auto refresh page is a must for web developers for smooth web pages functions. Page Refresh is the easy-to-use Chrome extension to refresh the pages while working with Web pages. 

Access to the auto-refresh feature can be enabled and disabled with just one click. Users can set the auto-refreshing at particular time intervals. Page refresh includes the features like page synchronization, alters the system while getting a notification, and synchronizes its preference with the entire PC. 

Additionally, it is the easiest extension to use with shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + R (or CMD + SHIFT + R on Mac), use the same combo of keys to start and stop the extension. By clicking the icon you can set the interval to refresh the page. 


  • Can be used by shortcut keys
  • Remembers scroll position and recovers when loaded
  • Restart and refresh with a single instruction
  • Feature to synchronize the system with PC


  • Timely refresh the web pages
  • Synchronize pc with the web pages
  • Make PC run smooth and fast
  • Start and stop reload on a single click


  • No particular cons
  • Legs when have to load more pages

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