64 Pixels Auto Refresh, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

11 Best Auto Refresh by 64 Pixels Browser Reload Software Alternatives

An alternative to Auto Refresh Plus is Auto Refresh by 64 Pixels, it’s a Google Chrome extension with the feature to refresh pages automatically. It works best for the websites and the URLs which need to get refreshed every now and then. 

Auto Refresh by 64 Pixels is useful for the users who need their web pages to get refreshed timely. It allows developers to set the interval for the auto refreshment of pages.  It keeps your website updated. Users can disable the refresh intervals at any point in time. 

It allows you to add the refresh button in the toolbar, so you can directly refresh your web page with a single click.  


  • Free software
  • Can set a timer for auto-refresh
  • Easy and reliable to use
  • Auto-refresh with a single click


  • Safe to use
  • Periodical auto-refresh
  • Shortcut button to refresh


  • Starts lagging when more pages refresh
  • Not so reliable support