Easy Auto Refresh

Easy Auto Refresh: Features & Best Alternatives

What is Easy Auto Refresh?

Easy Auto Refresh is a browser extension that is used to reload your browser automatically from time to time. You can use this browser reloader with your Google Chrome.

Image Credit: Ksoft

The webpage auto-reload functionality of this Chrome extension is awesome and very accurate. Dummy Software creates this browser extension.

Why Do You Need Easy Auto Refresh?

  • For updating the old page data like images, video, etc.
  • To check the latest content changes
  • To fix designing issues (small font size, image rendering) of webpage
  • Confirming whether the webpage is 100% browser friendly or not

Sometimes, regularly reloading your browser by pressing the keyboard’s F5 button is a tedious task. To get rid of this situation try this browser reloader.


  1. This extension is 100% safe
  2. Easy to use for everyone
  3. Set auto reload intervals in seconds and minutes
  4. Auto reload your multiple open tabs
  5. Save individual settings for each page
  6. Remembers scroll position of the browser

Features Of Registered Version Of “Easy Auto Refresh”

  • Random auto reload intervals
  • Refresh all the tabs from the current browser window
  • Shows the last refresh time and next refresh time of each webpage
  • Instant email and customer support
  • You can use advanced settings
  • Refresh a website or a web page individually


  1. Automatically refreshes any websites
  2. Auto reload your page without the user’s input
  3. Adjustable refresh interval
  4. Allow to set intervals in seconds or in minutes, for both Free or Registered versions
  5. Compatible with all major OS
  6. Runs automatically
  7. For casual usage go with Free Version
  8. If your work depends on heavy research then use Registered Version


  • Limited functions in the Free version
  • A free version can not refresh multiple pages simultaneously
  • Only for the Google Chrome browser


If you set up Easy Auto Refresh correctly, this Chrome extension quickly auto refresh your browser periodically without failing and displays the latest information about that page.