27 Best Godex Crypto Exchange Alternatives





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Godex is another platform that is used for cryptocurrency trading. If you want to exchange anonymously, you should consider using Godex. This cryptocurrency trading platform was launched in 2017. The platform offers its users over 200 cryptocurrencies for trading. Some supported coins include Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Electroneum, and more.

Users can enjoy trading on the platform regarding the fixed exchange rates and other advantageous conditions such as unlimited daily transactions. Interestingly, users don’t have to create an account to trade on the platform.  However, Godex comes with various disadvantages. For instance, fiat currency is not available. You may consider Godex alternatives.


  • Has more than 200 cryptocurrencies
  • No trade volume limits
  • No KYC/AML
  • Unlimited daily transactions
  • Offers fixed exchange rates


  • Lack of KYC makes the exchangers enjoy anonymity
  • There is a fixed exchange rate
  • There are no transactions limits regardless of large volumes
  • Offers affiliate program
  • No need to create an account with them to trade on their platform
  • Order execution takes less than 30 minutes
  • Has good technical support team
  • Offers a user-friendly platform


  • Advanced orders are not supported
  • Does not support fiat currency

If you are not happy with these services, you can consider various Godex alternatives in the following list.



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