54 Best Cryptohopper Crypto Exchanges Alternatives

There are many people who want to venture into crypto trading with less trading experience. Some traders have experience but with an interest in copy trading. Cryptohopper can be more useful to such people. Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot. It is ideal for traders who want to do copy trading. The platform comes with a variety of features that keep traders up to date. Traders can copy their preferable experienced traders, receive trading alerts, and benefit more from the platform. However, you can always consider Cryptohopper alternatives.

Cryptohopper users get billed according to the features that they use. Users can choose from 4 various plans when signing up.



  1. Support  75 different cryptocurrencies and nine exchanges
  2. Manual buying and selling
  3. Reserve funds
  4. Dollar cost averaging
  5. Automatic trading
  6. Mirror trading
  7. Paper trading
  8. Backtesting
  9. Market making bot
  10. Performance reports
  11. Trailing stop loss
  12. Crypto signals


  • The platform has  advanced security features
  • Traders can access trading info  and analysis tools
  • Charges monthly fees and does not charge a commission fee
  • Supports a number of coins
  • Easy to use


  • Monthly subscription limit features
  • Customer service needs to  be improved

*There are more Cryptohopper alternatives that you can consider if you are not happy with these services.