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12 Best Radmin VPN VPN Software Alternatives

Rapid growth of technology makes people more online, either for socializing, business or gaming but also need privacy. As a result, people use Radmin VPN for their privacy. Because people’s privacy and security remain at risk as the number of hackers continues to escalate. People no longer feel safe sharing their online activities, locations, and even their identities.

So, that’s why developers keep on working hard to ensure that people remain protected 24/7. They create a Virtual Private Network or VPN. There are many VPNs in the world today, and this can confuse customers sometimes as they struggle to determine which VPN will sort their needs.

For that reason, we focus on Radmin VPN, its features, pricing, encryption, and many other reasons you should choose it.

So, to begin with, It is a VPN created in 2016 by Famatech. Radmin VPN uses modern technology to create private networks, hiding you from people who could spy on you like the governments, hackers, etc. It also allows you to access some websites that can be difficult, sometimes difficult to access because of restrictions.

This VPN gives the user the ability to create a VPN-like connection, which enables people to connect remote computers and phones to a network remotely. It has a very secure connection that facilitates the exchange of sensitive and critical information between people in different geographical locations.

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Radmin VPN adopts AES-156 encryption, which is the standard encryption in most VPNs. This makes this tool the VPN of choice when sending sensitive information from one party to another. The VPN collects sensitive information and channels it to the intended user in such a way that unauthorized parties can not access it. However, the VPN collects personal data like names, browsers, domains, IP addresses, and others for maintenance and statistics.


It has the easiest interface to use. All that you’ll need is the credentials. With the two, you can be able to access Radmin’s dashboard, which then presents you with two options to click on which are: Create a network and join the network. This asks you to enter your username and a password. From here, you can then share these details with your partners and friends, who can use them to enjoy the same service.


Radmin VPN has a speed of 100 Mbps. This is a high speed to enable you to download extensive files and data from the internet. One advantage of this high speed is the fact that people can use it to play games with no trouble.

Radmin VPN For Minecraft

People who play Minecraft a lot can use Radmin VPN as a primary vpn service for better gameplay. Minecraft can allow this VPN to play the game and track their records.


One of the greatest advantages of this VPN is the fact that it’s not compatible with many devices. It is only compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. There is no available version that is compatible with Mac or Linux OS.


It is a 100% free VPN service. Anyone can use it and will still enjoy the security and privacy that comes with it. You do not have to provide any credit card or Paypal details to get started. All you need is to just download the VPN and you’ll be ready to use it. This is the feature that makes It can be used by many people, probably over 7 million users globally.

Connection with other devices

One of the biggest drawbacks of Radmin VPN is the fact that it can connect to other devices. This happens because the VPN uses Radmin’s remote control, enabling you to connect with your home office or gadgets remotely. Some people may find this an interesting feature because it creates a suitable environment for tech support and productivity. However, this feature can lead to data and sensitive information manipulation, sometimes by third-party users. 


Radmin VPN has been adopted by many gamers and business owners because of its high speed. It is free, and this makes it the best choice for people, especially those who cannot afford some of the most expensive VPNs. It has LAN gaming capabilities and support that enable users to connect remotely in over one device.

This may not be the best option to channel the web traffic or safeguard you fully while online. In case you want to shield your online identity or activity completely, it’s better to use other VPN Alternatives like Express VPN or NordVPN.