Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN: Features, Pros, Cons & Best Similar Apps

VPNs have become an order of the day in the 21st century. The more we are advancing technology-wise, the more privacy and security of people are at stake. The best thing is that the same technology has given humanity so many ways of remaining safe by hiding our locations and identities through VPNs like Mozilla VPN.

There are many VPN Alternatives available from different companies with different prices and functionality, but we primarily focus on Mozilla VPN. It will examine its functionality, features and also elaborate further on the prices and all you need to know about it.

Mozilla VPN Screenshot

So, to begin with, What is Mozilla VPN? It is a VPN service started by Mozilla Corporation. It supports Android devices, but it’s not compatible with Linux and Mac. Just like the other VPNs, Mozilla works similarly. It encrypts all your internet traffic and channels it through a secure remote server. This means that whoever is watching your activity online cannot know your location or identity.

Mozilla VPN uses a WireGuard protocol that prevents it from logging, collecting, tracking, or sharing your data or online history. It has been in the market for over 20 years, and it is one of the most trusted VPNs in the world.

Stand-alone Features of Mozilla VPN


It uses similar servers like those of Mullvad which promotes torrenting activities. This means that anyone using this VPN can torrent the latest Marvel movies without being detected. This also makes it possible to access Netflix to watch movies.


Mozilla VPN taps a lot from Mullvad servers. Mullvad has over 280+ servers in many countries, meaning that this VPN has more than these servers. It has 400+ serves in over 30 countries globally.

Kill switch

VPNs highly depend on the internet and technology to operate, two things that are not perfect and can fail or hang. This VPN is no different, but the best thing is that it has got a backup plan in case it cannot operate efficiently. When it fails, it closes all the tabs on the active browser, to help protect you from whoever is tracking you. This is a good thing because no one will know who you are or the place you are located.


Some VPNs we have in the world keep the data of the user, which hackers can use to exploit the users. Mozilla VPN does not keep a record of users’ names, locations, emails, etc, but it just logs at any moment a client tries to use it. What does this mean? You don’t have to create an account for it. All you need is to just click on it and automatically it will start operating. It also does record the device you used, server, operating system, and many others, ensuring that your activities online are 100% protected.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is one feature that people look for when buying a VPN. We define split tunneling as a computer network concept that enables the user to access security domains like public networks or a local LAN or WAN, using the same or different network connections. In our case, Mozilla VPN tries its best to reduce the bandwidth, making the speed rate faster, which then enhances the active browser customer experience. This means that whoever is using this VPN can source some of the traffic through the VPN and also get some from the public network directly.


Mozilla VPN is highly affordable when compared to other VPNs. Their service costs $4.99/month. The VPN has no other subscription plans. Because it’s cheaper, it serves 24% of Americans, which is a wide market. Once you have purchased, the VPN covers up to five simultaneous connections. It’s guaranteed that you can have your money back after 30 days.

The Bottom Line

Mozilla VPN is highly affordable because it’s cheaper per month. Many people opt for it because it has multiple DNS options, split tunneling, and tight security, and this makes it one of the Best VPNs available in the market. Mozilla is powered by Mullvard, a trusted company which makes it serve 30+ countries and has over 400 servers. It is simple to use and does not keep the user data trail, making it a better choice for many people.