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10to8 offers a cloud-based appointment booking solution for large and small businesses in all industries. This salon software provides users with a customized appointment booking website that enables clients to pay for events and services, access existing bookings, and schedule appointments.

10to8 Salon Software

You can embed booking buttons and forms into your websites and give you a direct chat feature to talk with clients. Allows clients to cancel, schedule, and reschedule appointments and attendees can receive email and text message reminders, and users can store notes, questionnaires, and other client data.


  • Allow clients to cancel, book, and reschedule appointments 24/7
  • Automatically sync live 2-Way Calendar with your Google, iCal, Exchange, Outlook, and Office 365
  • Reduce up to 90% appointment no-show with intelligent SMS, Voice, and Email reminders
  • 10to8 online booking software allows clients to book straight via private links or directly from your website
  • This software provides businesses with thousands of available integrations
  • Allows you to configure your working hours and specify your working locations either physical or virtual
  • See how your business is performing, track attendance, no-shows, and more
  • Allows you to provide additional information or follow up with clients and maintain professional contact,
  • Manage appointments with iPhone and Android on a Web App
  • Get all customer information at the point of booking
  • Allows you to add private notes, keep all of your customers’ data safe, and manage customer records.


  • Easy integration
  • Streamlines marketing offers
  • Easy and excellent booking software
  • It is user friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Setup is a bit technical
  • Lesser features
  • Does not includes PayPal integration


  • This software offers a Forever Free Plan with 100 bookings and 2 staff logins
  • The Basic Plan cost $9.6 per month for 100 bookings, 2 staff logins, and branding
  • The Grow Plan costs $20 per month for 300 bookings, 3 staff logins, branding, and enhanced features
  • The Bigger Business Plan cost $40 per month for 600 bookings for 6 staff logins, branding, enhanced features, tools for HIPAA & signed BAA
  • For Enterprise Plan, contact the admin for more information

10to8 is an all-in-one Online Booking and Appointment Scheduling App that helps businesses automate workflows, get rid of costly no-shows and wasted time.

11 Best 10to8 Alternatives

FlexBooker Salon Software


FlexBooker is a web-based booking system that empowers service suppliers or event organizers to simply accept appointment reservations through their.


  • Web & Mobile Support
  • Automated Reminders
  • Time Zone Adjustment
Appointy Salon Software


Appointy works as a cloud-based appointment scheduling software that helps businesses and professionals to manage their appointment scheduling activities and.


  • Automation Appointment Scheduling
  • Group Scheduling
  • Online Payments
  • Employee Scheduling
Genbook Salon Software


Genbook is a smart and simple all-in-one online appointment scheduling solution that eliminates distractions and helps entrepreneurs build their brands,.


  • Dedicated iOS & Android App
  • Variety of Payments
  • Rich Integrations
  • Online Scheduling
talech Salon Software


Talech is a cloud-based salon software that includes functions associated with most point of sale (POS) systems. It is a.


  • Also use for other appointment scheduling businesses
  • Manage your whole business online
  • Ideal for loyality program
Bookeo Salon Software


Bookeo provides a flexible planning and reservation framework that allows you to zero in on what you love while your.


  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile Reservation System
  • Automated Notifications & Reminders
Setmore Salon Software


Setmore is an online appointment scheduling app that is more suitable for different kinds of salon businesses. It gives your.


  • Free To Use
  • Use Square, Stripe & PayPal as Payment Gateways
  • Allows Recurring Appointments
  • Social Media Booking Availability
Square Appointments Salon Software

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is an All-in-One Salon Software that has everything you require to successfully run your business from anywhere around.


  • 24/7 * 365 Service
  • Automated Push Notifications
  • Google Calendar Synchronization
  • Hassle Free Website Integration
Salon Software - Schedulista: Features, Best Alternatives


Schedulista is the easiest method of scheduling and accepting appointments online in 2021. This software allows clients to book directly.


  • Ideal for all type of salons
  • 24/7 Appointment Booking
  • Integrates is easy with MailChimp & Zoom
Salon Software - GlossGenius: Features, Best Alternatives


GlossGenius is one of the best marketing, booking, and payment apps for beauty professionals, solopreneurs, wellness professionals, teams, and any.


  • Point of Sale (POS) Management
  • Transaction History
  • Business Reporting & Statistics
  • Website Integration
Salon Software - Schedulicity: Features, Best Alternatives


Schedulicity is an online appointment booking software used by service-based businesses and their serving customers. It is used to make.


  • Automated Scheduling
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Group Scheduling
  • Self-Check-in/Check-out
Salon Software - Booket: Features, Best Alternatives


Booket is a special cloud-based Salon Management Software specially designed to assist businesses including beauty salons, spas, fitness centers, and.


  • Upcoming & Confirmed Booking Alerts / Notifications
  • Advanced Calendar & Booking Management
  • Easy To Use Client Management
  • Marketing Campaigns