How To View Private Instagram Profiles Without Verification?

How To View Private Instagram Profiles Without Verification?

Hello guys as you know instagram is trending nowadays. but do you know you can view private instagram account. wanna know how? let’s see.

How To View Private Instagram Account? (WHY)

Instagram has now added more shopping options and reels to its repertoire of social media channels. It’s a popular app in the category of photos and videos, and millions of users around the world use it to share their content. However, some profiles are kept private. You cannot see their content until you follow them, and we urge you to respect other people’s privacy.

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Since its inception, Instagram has attracted thousands of users from all over the world. The online photo and video sharing site was founded in 2010 and has quickly gained in popularity. It remains alive today, despite many years of growth, with the addition of new features and exciting income streams.

Instagram Stories is the most popular feature on the platform, as it allows users to share photographs and videos that are only accessible for 24 hours at a time. When you publish your story, it is immediately available to everyone who has seen it. For various reasons, seeing the experience of another user while avoiding revealing your own is a valid desire.

Fortunately, some methods make it possible to remain completely anonymous while browsing Instagram stories or visiting a private account. Instagram story viewers are a broad group of internet tools that can help you browse Instagram and the many user profiles in complete privacy.

Although many creators would love to view private instagram account, many prefer to keep their images and videos secret and only show them to people they have personally approved as followers on Instagram. It is currently home to over one billion users. Consequently, Instagram has two kinds of accounts: public and private.

What Are Private & Public Instagram Profiles?

The default Instagram account is public, meaning that anyone can find your profile and view everything you’ve posted. To make an Instagram account private, you must go to your settings and select the option.

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Once a private Instagram account is set up, the content becomes only visible to the owner. It will look something like this, but you will not be able to access any other information other than the bio and headshot.

How To View A Private Instagram Account?

Here are the only ways to view a private Instagram account, except if you are an Instagram employee. Let’s start with the only “White Hat” approach. The method on how to view private Instagram profiles is too extreme, so I don’t recommend it but must post it.

A. Send a “follow” request to the private account (and hope it is accepted)

There’s a reason people want their accounts to be kept private. Because they only want people they know to see their content, the only white hat way to guarantee it is to send a follow request and have it accepted.

It may take several days to accept your follow request, depending on how often the account is monitored. If your request is not accepted, you can always try to direct message the creator to get their attention, and hopefully put you on their radar and have your follow request accepted.

B. Do a profile search on Google

Follow these steps to search for Instagram private account posts with Google. Google keeps records of Instagram account content, so a simple search of the profile name in Google’s search engine can reveal a lot of it. This is one of the easier ways to bypass private Instagram accounts, as it only allows you to view content that was published when the account was public.

C. Create A Fake Account

Through fake account you can view private instagram. Ok, now we’re approaching the “kind of creepy” realm of ways to view private IG accounts. This is borderline unethical and completely against Instagram’s terms of service.

According to “experts” across the internet, a fake account that portrays a woman has a much better chance of being approved than one that is based on a man. I can’t tell you enough how much I detest this approach, but I must, because of the article.

D. Create a disguised account posing as someone the creator knows

This method is not just unwise; it is downright creepy. I am only passing along this advice for the sake of completeness. Unless you have a really good reason for it (like witnessing a crime or something similar), this is one way to see a private IG profile, but it’s the last.

The procedure is fairly simple. You first find a person that the profile knows, create a fake account that poses as them, and then send your follow request, just like in step 1. You can accomplish this by following the person on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, and finding a person with whom they regularly engage. Creepy and weird, but it seems to work.

Try This Below “Best 8 Private Instagram Viewer App

There are a variety of third-party applications that can allow you to see private accounts. Below is a list of apps for viewing private Instagrams without the human verification, but even if you consider this a free private Instagram viewer, some offer it without human verification while others only require it. Since many of them involve a survey, we no longer recommend them, but some of them offer users a totally free way to view some of the popular Instagram accounts. These applications include:

1. UMobix


it is a best app to view private instagram as well as track mobile phone. UMobix is a lifesaver for parents who want to check on their children’s Instagram accounts but can’t get access to them because they are private. You can try it out free of charge to see if it works for you before making a long-term commitment to this service, which gives people who want to access private Instagram accounts access.

The second benefit is that you can monitor more than 30 popular social media platforms and apps from a single interface, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind because this app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

To install uMobix for iPhone, you do not need to be physically present at the target device. Since UMobix can be installed remotely on iOS devices using the iCloud credentials of the target device, you can perform UMobix remote installation on iOS devices. The app is available for any Android smartphone or tablet running version 4 or higher, regardless of the brand.


  • It does not require a root or jailbreak
  • It has a very simple and intuitive user-interface
  • Synchronizes data effortlessly
  • It is worth the money
  • All the Instagram and Facebook features are available
  • It is quite easy to use
  • Displays the app usage in real-time
  • It is undetectable


  • There are few features in the iOS platform

2. EyeZy


This is another popular tool to view private Instagram. as will as you can spy viewer app that is now available. The app is new to the market and is perfect for Instagram monitoring and tracking. The app’s main purpose is to track the Instagram activity of other users, and parents can use it to monitor their kids’ Instagram activity.


It is a new breed of phone tracker that uses artificial intelligence to monitor multiple phones at once. It uses artificial intelligence to enhance its spying capabilities to provide you with the most accurate reports.

EyeZy’s advanced tracking capabilities make sure that you don’t miss a thing, from physical movements to text, calls, browsing, and activity in various apps, such as Instagram. EyeZy is a pocket-friendly app, which means it isn’t excessively priced.

Many people, including employees, parents, and former spouses, can benefit from this technology, according to our EyeZy review. Because of their broad compatibility, they’re a snap to work with.


  • It allows infrared lock and wipes
  • All media messages and media files are accessible
  • It allows the keeping an eye on and blocking access to certain websites
  • It allows users to keep tabs on their mobile and web apps
  • Users can log keyboard activities
  • It is easier to access Media files (photos, videos, music)
  • The Wi-Fi system is monitored
  • The setup process is simple and quick
  • It supports multiple languages


  • No Cons available at the time of writing

3. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is a very simple service to use, just like InstaLooker. you can also View Private Instagram in this tool. You will only need to provide them with the username of your target Instagram account, and that’s it. You can extract as much information as you want from the target account by using these services.

They also have detailed information on their website on how to use this service and what you can do with it. You can contact their customer support team in the event of any queries. PrivateInsta is entirely web-based and you will not need to download any apps to use them, making them even more secure.


It is the best private Instagram viewer without human verification due to its simplicity and security. With this simple service, you can access any Instagram account and all the information you want. Plus, it can be used on any device, whether tablet, PC, or phone.

Moreover, the services are free, and you won’t pay a dime to use them. It is one of the best services on the market in terms of simplicity. Taking a look at those private IG profiles has never been so easy. You have nothing to worry about making yourself anonymous.

4. InstaLooker

it is one of the best tool to View Private Instagram account. With this service, you can easily spy on private Instagram profiles in complete anonymity. The service’s sleek and user-friendly interface is one of its best features. Also be able to use them without worrying about viruses or malware, and without worrying about downloading anything.


You can use your browser to access the services since they are completely internet-based; you will only need to enter the username of your target profile. After logging in to the service, click on the Start button and you’ll see results online InstaLooker also has a separate section where they list all the frequently asked questions about using this service, and whether or not it is secure.

However, they do not offer any customer support, but you will not encounter any problems when using their products. The simplicity of their services makes them the best private Instagram viewer without human verification. Of course, you also won’t have to complete any surveys to prove that you are a human and not a bot.

5. PrivatePhotoViewer

PrivatePhotoViewer is one of the most reliable services for private Instagram viewing and offers the fastest download speeds in addition to the anonymity of viewing private Instagram profiles.


This private Instagram viewer makes it even easier to download any content in complete anonymity without the human verification, which is how PrivatePhotoViewer has distinguished itself from other services.

They have a simple interface, so you don’t have to go through much to begin using their services. Only the username of the target profile is required, and you are all set to gain access to that profile’s content.

The Theory website has plenty of information on how to use their services and what you can access using their services. You can also contact them through their friendly customer service, and they also have a blog that provides all the information you need to make your Instagram profile look like a million dollars.

This platform gives you the ability to do just about anything to make the most of your account, and you won’t be asked to divulge anything about yourself. It means that your personal and financial life is completely protected at all times, which is exactly why you should stay away from any website that requires you to complete surveys or forms before you can access their services.

6. Gwaa

Gwaa is another excellent option for a private Instagram viewer. It is one of the safest services for seeing private Instagram accounts with complete anonymity. You’ll get the most out of this app, since it allows you to extract all the information that you want from your target profile, and you’ll know everything you need to know about the target profile without much effort.


On their shared posts, the app lets you view their follower list and followers, as well as their comments and what kind of comments they are receiving. Gwaa is entirely online and there is no need to download anything to use it.

Gwaa is easy to use; turn on your internet connection on your device, open Gwaa, and start using it immediately. These resources will be very beneficial to anyone new to such a service, and you can also get in touch with their highly active customer support.

Gwaa has been around for quite some time and it is one of the most trusted providers when it comes to IG private profile views. Many people use their services because they are trusted for what they do.

7. mSpy

mSpy is another top private Instagram viewer that requires no registration. You can conveniently use their service to view private Instagram account anonymously. You can also use this tool to keep tabs on your kids and other people and see what they are up to on this platform.


Chances are good that your kids will end up viewing Instagram profiles that you don’t want them to see. Also, it’s much better to track their activity on this platform and install this app on their phone to review their entire activity.

The best part of using this service is that you won’t even know that anyone is monitoring their activity. You can use this app to observe their text messages and phone calls, too. Use of this service would also mean that you would not need to take any surveys or prove that you are a human.

It is a simple, effective service that is quite easy to install and use. Their website gives all of the information you need if this is your first time using such a service. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can contact their highly responsive customer service.


  • It can be used by Android and iPhone users
  • It is also compatible with devices that have been jailbroken
  • A free trial is offered to new customers
  • It provides users with an easy way to keep tabs on someone’s mobile activities without figuring out
  • It is an affordable spying app on the market
  • You can find all details about the mobile activities here
  • It provides round-the-clock customer service that’s helpful and friendly
  • You can track the location of the target user at all times with the help of GPS tracking technology


  • It has one strategy for one device

8. Glassagram

It is the best private Instagram viewer without the human verification, and there is absolutely NO questionnaire to complete. You can therefore quickly scan those private Instagram accounts without telling them that you are checking them out.


It is available on the web and is free to download, install, and use. Users will not have to prove that they are human, and they will not have to fill out any surveys. Stories, DMs, and private media will all be visible. Just sign up for their free service and see how their system works. Your app will be ready to use in less than a minute. This app provides real-time updates.

This app can also be installed on Android and IOS devices so the user can view the information remotely, because of real-time updates, so the user does not need to keep a constant watch on the account.

Glassagram does that for you. The intention is to provide all the information required for the user to get a heads-up on how they should approach their audience and organically grow their Instagram account, but people may also use this feature for other reasons.

For example, to check on their partner regarding the things they might be hiding, people who have a difficult time letting others know about their activity, and many more.


  • Data is safe and secure
  • This is the best platform to anonymously view Instagram accounts
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time updates


  • The iOS version is restricted to having the same features


If you wish to view private Instagram profiles online, any of the options above should work. These app methods are the best options if you can’t use a white hat method to gain access to an account.

If you are looking at a private Instagram account, you may think that you are crossing the line, but if you have a good reason to do so, you can use a private Instagram viewer. Only use private Instagram viewer services that don’t require human verification or surveys.

“If you engage in online business with a service, your personal or financial information may be at risk.”


Q: Is It Ethical To Use A Private Instagram Viewer?

A: Social media has many uses, but it can also pose a problem. You can use them to promote your work and business, and you can use them to generate new income streams and spread your message to more people.

Nevertheless, these platforms may lead to the development of unhealthy habits, which may cause anxiety and unhappiness, or worse, people may find themselves in potentially dangerous and unwanted situations.

You can access information and media from IG users who have a private account with the help of a private Instagram viewer, but this account is private for a reason, and you are infringing on the terms by crossing the line.

Before using a private Instagram viewer, you need to consider a couple of factors: you can ask a mutual contact to allow you to view their profile, or you can ask a friend to allow you to see it.

Q: Do Private Instagram Viewers Work?

A: If you have decided to secretly watch a private Instagram account, it’s time to wonder whether such a viewer is practical in 2022. But the fact is, not all of them provide reliable services, as most of them are scammers, and they don’t work at all. Some of them are there to simply get your personal and financial information, but the majority of them create these private accounts and display content from them.

But before they do that, they will ask for your personal information and some will require you to fill out different forms and surveys, while others will ask for human verification even before they even start. The sites we have listed above don’t ask for such information, and they are 100 percent safe.

Q: Can My Phone Get A Virus From These Private Instagram Viewer Apps?

A: Using Private Instagram Viewer Apps, Can My Device Get A Virus? Many users have reported that using private Instagram viewer apps exposed their devices to malware and viruses.

It is caused by the fact that most of these apps are released by untrusted sources. Your system or device could end up being infected with a virus when you use an app hosted on a different server or system. While it is less likely to infect your phone than your computer, your information is still at risk, and you risk being targeted for phishing and hacking.

Q: What Is A Private Instagram Viewer?

A: A private Instagram viewer is a service or software that allows you to view private Instagram profiles. A private Instagram viewer can help you access private Instagram accounts – and they can do so anonymously.

Perhaps you’ve tried to view private Instagram account, but your ex or girlfriend has blocked access to their content, or perhaps you’re just a stressed-out parent who has teenagers who have blocked their Instagram accounts so that they can’t see what they’re doing.

Q: Can You See Someone Post Without Following Them?

A: Using private Instagram accounts, could you perhaps get a look at what your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is doing online? If this is the case, then you need to make the most of an Instagram viewer so that you can check out what’s going on with their Instagram profile without needing to reconnect with them.

Q: What Is A Private And Public Instagram Account? 

A: One of Instagram’s most distinctive features is that there are two types of profiles: private and public. If you have Instagram set to “public”, anyone can see your posts and follow you without your permission, while when you are in a private mood, only your followers can see your posts. In private mode, you can also accept or reject follow requests, but you’ll be redirected back to your account if you have a business to go private.

Q: How Can I Make My Instagram Profile Private?

A: To ensure safety and privacy on Instagram, we recommend using a private account. People who are addicted to stalking others on social media won’t be able to access our posts or our accounts because of this, so if you’re an influencer or have a corporate account, it’s best to keep a private profile on social media using the method below:

  1. Download and Open the Instagram application on your device.
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. In the upper right area of your Instagram profile, you’ll see a 3-horizontal-line emblem.
  4. In the lower right corner of the screen, click the gear symbol (settings).
  5. You will find the ‘Private account’ option by scrolling down and clicking the switch.

However, note that when you accept a follower’s request on Instagram, your profile and posts become visible but this is exclusive to those who accept the request.


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