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Money Robot

Today, it has become important for any website to rank top among those search engines by providing quality and quantitative backlinks. Apart from SEO software, there is other labor-intensive work such as creating an account, confirming the emails, and submitting your automated content on various websites, which takes a toll on you. To deal with all these tedious tasks you can rely on Handy SEO Companion like Money Robot.

MoneyRobot justifies its name by providing the best site uplifting service in this rat race of being a top-ranked site among search engines. This software creates and manages an unlimited number of blogs. Currently, there’s a rush on digitalization, everyone wants to be recognized.

Here, This is the only software that creates and also manages an unlimited number of blogs.

What is a Money Robot?

Money Robot helps your website to rank top among the SEO by providing quality backlinks. It’s also known as Money Robot Submitter. It provides the best service that helps you to increase your sales. With its simple and friendly features, we can call it one of the best SEO Link Building tools in the market.

Most of the labor-intensive work is done by MoneyRobot, so you can save both time and energy without lifting your finger. To get the best out of it, we suggest one use appropriate proxies and VPNs.

Money Robot Features

Cash Robot possesses the following features apart from providing backlinks:

  • Money Robot Submitter provides keyword research for long or short-tail keywords.
  • During the test stage, it provides MR Browser which can automate any task.
  • Frequent updates for 5000+ websites.
  • An incredible proxy system that aids quicker backlink creation.
  • SEO backlink monitor supervises the backlinks created by MoneyRobot
  • Article Spinner enhances the quality of your writing piece.
  • The easiest way to automate your backlinks you need Money Robot Submitter 2.0

A fun fact about MoneyRobot’s function is that it’s like a relationship with it. The more time you invest, the much stronger it gets, which serves you fresh ideas.

Money Robot Services

  • Keyword Research

This helps you to use correct keywords and even provides you with the current ranking position of the single using site. You can take the help of SEMrush’s organic service to get the list and convert it into a text file.

  • Monetary Sites

Money sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest can boost themselves and can take your main site to the top ranking. As these money sites link back to your homepage.

  • Write Title

As MoneyRobot suggests keywords, it suggests the best suiting title for your article. But you can always modify the same as per your interest.

  • Article Body

When you write an article, it proves to be the best time management tool you ever had. It gives you many options like adding a list of YouTube videos and a list of URLs of photos, and it doesn’t end here. You can also add your amazon affiliate link code, google map, and any other links you desire to link.

Who can use Money Robot?

  • SEO Companies

If you own or operate an SEO company, Mone Robot is a high-ranking tool for you. Because all we know is that every new project needs different Project Management Tools. If you invest in this tool it automates all your routine tasks. In the end, This software surely helps to boost your overall work productivity.

  • Big Companies

These large companies use SEO software for the SEO purpose for their clients. Such communities even publish their news, blogs, and press releases on other websites.

  • Media Companies

Whether large or start-ups, media communities use this SEO software to publish and manage their blogs and daily content on various websites.

  • Website Owners

Raw website owners who are attempting to reach their site on top rank in any niche find MoneyRobot a smooth option. This improves the website ranking dramatically and even increases the number of customers significantly.

How to Access MoneyRobot?

Though MoneyRobot is an easy backlink SEO software, you must go step by step to get the desired hassle-free benefits of the software.

Step 1:

Click on the install button to use MoneyRobot’s inbuilt captcha solving feature, which only works for simple captchas. For complex captchas, you can invest in for $10. This contains 1200 solved captchas, sent directly to the MoneyRobot. This captcha-solving account lasts for a month or two. This isn’t necessary, but it just saves you quality time.

If you purchase 2Captcha, then you need to plug your API key into the MoneyRobot software. Click on the ‘Settings’ button, enter the Captcha service tab and insert the Captcha API key. Ensure by clicking on the ‘Check balance’ whether you have placed it right or not. Click on ‘save’ to move further.

Step 2:

To get started with MoneyRobot, click on ‘New Campaign’. In this new window, fill in your details. Start with inserting your website/s URL, and even the URL of the Home page. Time to insert your keywords and then your article. To make your article 100% unique, you can use MR Article Builder. This will create your article related to keywords inserted by you.

Step 3:

Lastly, choose your preferred diagrams, these are the special strategies of SEO using many tiers of backlinks.

  • Tier 1 for Blog Links
  • Create Tier 2: Create Web 2.0 Profiles links that point to Tier 1
  • Tier 3: Create Backlinks for Tier 2 and Tier 1

To make the links more powerful, the process involves sending and multiplying the ‘Juice throw tiers’

Now you are away from one click to relax and that’s ‘Start Campaign’ and here you go!

Pros of Money Robot

To take the site to the top rank, one wants The Best SEO Software. Here are some advantages of Cash Robot as listed below:

  • It provides the fastest submission process with its multi-threaded functionality.
  • Automated backlink creator eliminates manually created backlinks.
  • Due to the article builder and spinner, you get 100% unique content and no question of plagiarism.
  • Cloud saving allows one to access the account anytime.
  • By using two separate VPS, one can cut the cost.
  • The 7 days trial period gives you a clear idea of whether to use it or not.
  • You can use this software by installing it on 3 different devices and running your SEO easily.
  • Unlimited campaigns can be created because of the limitless number of opportunities available on this SEO software.
  • Novice users can use this smoothly by watching tutorial videos.
  • Cheapest compared to other SEO software.
  • Ready to use templates unload your tedious job to create a campaign.

Cons of Money Robot

  • An inbuilt captcha is incapable of solving complex captchas, which demands installing software like 2Captcha.
  • Limit to use of 50 URLs a day
  • Only compatible with Windows OS.
  • Easy to use but takes time to adapt to its features.
  • Requires high configuration CPU and VPS
  • Higher license fee, $67/month.

Bottom Line

Money Robot can help you to create backlinks within a short period. Even its 7 days trial period can give you a clear idea of its perks in your favor. Though its monthly license charges are high, you can have its perks fully.

It may take some time to adapt to its smooth features of it, but practice makes a man perfect. Do not consider it a downer, as collecting information online takes time. You can’t take your eyes off this to other products. 

With all its advantages and disadvantages, you cannot deny the fact that Money Robot is the Best SEO Link Building Software.


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