12 Best Avast Cleanup Alternatives

12 Best Avast Cleanup Alternatives

What is Avast Cleanup?

The individual needs to keep the device clean and without malware to run the programs faster and smoother. Avast Cleanup helps to keep your device free from unnecessary files. In our article, we discuss features, pros, cons, and possibly the Best Alternative to Avast Cleanup.

Boost your PC by removing bloatware and junk files, before small files become lead to big issues. It works on a variety of platforms and even with different operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup has its own merits and demerits, let’s have a look and decide which works best as per your expectations. There are endless competitors available for the users., few are paid and some are freemium let’s review some of them.

Features of Avast Cleanup

  • Removes broken shortcuts
  • Eliminate your registry
  • Auto cleanup with updates
  • Gives a complete overview of computer health
  • Detects third party ads and removes the same
  • It has a special feature that puts all the draining software in sleep mode and boosts up the speed

Best Alternatives to Avast Cleanup

  • Restoro
  • Advanced System Optimizer
  • Clean Master
  • CleanMyPC
  • AVG PC Tuneup
  • CCleaner Cleanup
  • PrivaZer
  • Glary Utilities
  • Defencebyte
  • System Mechanic
  • DaisyDisk
  • Outbyte PC Repair

Restoro: Powerful Technology to Secure your Devices

Restoro helps to clean your registry safely without any hassle. It frees up disk space and sets the performance of the pc at its best. It detects the malware quickly and repairs it safely. Even it restores damaged Windows files.


  • Repair the damage by virus
  • Saves the PC from getting freeze and crash
  • Encounters threatening apps before they damage the device
  • Downloads and runs new healthy files
  • Free up precious disk space

Costing format:

Restoro provides a free trial to check whether it is useful per your need or not. It offers three different packages of license.

  • License and one-time repair at $29.95
  • Unlimited support for a year at $29.95
  • 3 licenses with limitless use for a year at $39.95

Advanced System Optimizer: System Cleanup & Disk Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer your Windows faster by removing unwanted files and detecting malware files before it crashes your system. It caters to the need for backup and recovery. It is easy to use, cleans up, speeds up, and protects your privacy online.


  • Free up disk space by removing junk files
  • Secures your web browsing
  • Can block the suspicious email, contact even sites
  • Boost computer startup by managing startup items

Pricing system:

  • It provides the trial for a day only. It is a little costly but worth it with the best plan for the user
  • Yearly plan at $69.95 with 60 day money-back guarantee

Clean Master: Saves PC before Attack of Malware

As an Avast Cleanup Alternative Clean Master caters to your needs. It has a long list of features that help your device breathe well and optimize at its peak. It contains the capacity to scan 1000 programs at a time and makes your PC junk-free with just one click.


  • It helps you to remove malware data
  • Stops unnecessary startup programs
  • Increases book time and optimizes system
  • Auto cleanup of junk files
  • Recovers lost files, clears browsing history
  • Better than Avast that automatically clears the sensitive files
  • File shredder

Plans to offer:

  • It offers limited free software to scan junk files and boosts the performance of your PC
  • A yearly plan with above mentioned features is offered at $29.90

Clean My PC: Detects Junk and Boost-up Windows

CleanMyPC is a software product that optimizes the system’s speed and security by detecting junk files before it takes over the system. Like its competitors, this tool recovers damaged files and increases the performance of the PC. It has advanced features of multi uninstaller and autorun manager.


  • Free-up disk space after removing junk files
  • Easy process to speed-up computer startup
  • Helps to get rid of the hibernated files
  • Maintains your online privacy
  • Identifies the software which isn’t needed and turns off them

Pricing plans:

  • It offers a fully facilitated free trial for 15 days
  • Single PC annual license plan start at $89.95
  • Annual license plan for 2 PCs at $179.9
  • Annual license plan for 5 PCs at $199.95

AVG PC TuneUp: Cleans Registry Fasten Performance

AVG PC TuneUp turns on the sleep mode for the tools which are not used all the time and increases the performance of the PC. This software deletes your browsing history, removes bloatware, and does deep scans of a hard disk to detect and resolve issues.


  • Clear browser history
  • Auto bug fix crashes and optimizes PC
  • Allows to clean up to 200 apps at a time
  • Clean the browser’s cache
  • One click and things fall into places

Costing Format:

  • It is kind of similar to Avast, like more money worthy
  • It provides a yearly plan for 10 devices at $49.99 with a 30-day free trial as well

CCleaner: Alerts Before Damage

Let’s see the review of CCleaner to see how compatible it is with Avast Cleanup. Like other competitors, CCleaner also detects malware files before it damages your PC, but it has a limitation in that it cannot wipe up all the deleted files from the hard disk.


  • Optimization of Endpoint
  • Solves remote problem
  • Auto-detection of junk and solves the same
  • Can schedule cleaning
  • Audits endpoint health
  • Active support for directory

Plans to offer:

  • It offers 14 day free trial with limited functions
  • Yearly subscription with $29.90
  • A year bill for 10 devices at $49.95

PrivaZer: Clears Traces of Past Activities

Like other competitors of Avast Cleanup, PrivaZer also provides security to the users by permanently deleting unwanted files. PrivaZer vanishes the traces of past activities. It detects malware files from the Hard disk, as well as from removable devices too such as SD cards, USB, and other storage devices.


  • Swap out unwanted files
  • Clear away the traces of the deleted files
  • Helps to free up disk space and keeps the PC fit
  • You can even identify what can be recovered from past activities

Costing plans:

It is available for free, but it accepts donations as per your need for services. After paying the donation you can access their exclusive features and let your PC run smoothly.

Glary Utilities: Fixes Frustrating Bugs and Boost up PC

Glary Utilities helps you to run your PC hassle-free and optimizes its functions. It repairs the Directory of Windows, removes duplicate files and empty folders, manages the context menu, and backup and restores the drives. Finds out the spyware functions and saves the PC. In addition, it helps you to uninstall unwanted software completely.


  • Repairs Windows Registry
  • Auto Back-up and restore drives
  • Checks Hard disk for defragment
  • Scans and solves PC issues
  • Automated secure feature


  • It provides a free version with basic features like scanning PCs and detecting malware
  • Free trial fully features version for 30 days
  • Pro Yearly plan with advanced features for a year worth $39.95

Defencebyte: Reliable Speedup Tool

As an alternative to Avast Cleanup, Defencebyte examines computer glitches and registry malfunctions. It provides a faster and more stable system with more space, and quicker startup. Defencebyte has some encapsulated comprehensive technologies which support Windows platforms.


  • Cleans up computer registry
  • Makes hardware space free
  • Eliminates unwanted programs and files
  • Feature of tracing CPU usage
  • Removes invalid paths and programs
  • Eradicate non-existent shared DLLs


  • It provides a free trial for a limited time with few features
  • For a single computer at $38.95
  • Plan for 3 computers at $78.95
  • Plan for 5 computers at $11.95

System Mechanic: Resolve Registry and Speed up PC

System Mechanic is the popular Avast Cleanup Alternative that optimizes the system. It does have some similar features to Avast. Some important features include malware removal, boosts up the system for faster performance, and recovering deleted files. Provides a clear path for browsing and privacy protection features.


  • Removes junk files
  • Optimize speed
  • Clears Hard Disk
  • Repairs registry issues
  • Gain back deleted files


  • It offers a free trial for users with limited features
  • Pro plan for a year costs $69.95
  • Premium version for a year at $79.95


DaisyDisk is a compatible Alternative to Avast Cleanup, cleans up junk files, and gives worry less online surfing. Its niche is to clean six different types of privacy risks. Additionally, this software can scan and fix issues with device storage and optimizes system startup. It is cost-effective compared to other competitors.


  • Clears malware files
  • Detects the troubles and fix them
  • Clears unwanted startup files
  • Optimizes system
  • Additionally 6 types of privacy risks

Plans to offer:

  • It offers 15 days free trial to the new users
  • Lifetime plan at $9.99

Outbyte PC Repair: Privacy Protection with Plenty of Space

A competitor to Avast Clean up, Outbyte PC serves you with the best-conditioned system by removing all unwanted files. It takes an overview of CPU performance and the amount of RAM available by removing the temporary and cached files. Outbyte detects the bugs and solves them before it damages the PC.


  • Reliable privacy policies
  • Auto boost for better performance
  • Scans periodically to optimize the system
  • Improves PC performance
  • Smart File Removal

Costing Plans:

  • It offers 7 days free trial with feastful features
  • Yearly plan to repair your PC at $29.95

It has become an unavoidable need to keep your devices free from malware to work smoothly. You can choose any software which fulfills your expectations. Remember nothing comes for free, if you are willing to pay the amount make sure it is worth it to pay.

We hope the above mentioned Avast Cleanup Alternative helps you to find the perfect one to cater to your needs. Many software companies provide free trials, so find out which suits you best.


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