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This is a complete guide on paraphrasing tools.  here we have discussed the top 5 paraphrasing tools for


There are certain times when students or writers need to do many tasks in less time, so online tools are the best solution for them.

It is not wrong to say that online tools are specifically built to minimize human effort and also save time.

From many online tools, we picked up the paraphrasing tool to discuss before it is one of the most important and useful tools for students and content writers.

Keep in your mind that you can also paraphrase your content manually but it can be a hectic and time-consuming task.

So, it is not a good option to manually paraphrase your content.

There are majorly two types of online tools; one is working on the principles of artificial intelligence and we consider the second type simple.

Undoubtedly, tools working with Ai are more efficient and helpful so, if you want to effectively rephrase your text then you need to go for the Ai paraphrasing tool.

Due to accuracy and efficiency, we have shortlisted some paraphrasers using Ai technology. These Ai tools will surely save your time and energy as well.

1. Paraphraser

Here is one of the best paraphrasing tools working on the principles of artificial intelligence.

Due to artificial intelligence, this tool ensures accuracy and relevancy while rephrasing your content.

It is not wrong to say that if you are searching for an easy-interface tool then you must give this tool a try as it comes along with an easy interface.

Secondly, if you are willing to rephrase your content written in any language other than English, you can do it with the help of this paraphraser.

Here are some of the offered languages mentioned below.

  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

You will get two versions of this tool; one is free of cost and the second one is a premium or paid version.

While using the free version, you can paraphrase 500 words at a time, and with the paid version, you can increase the word limit up to 1000.

There are three effective modes of paraphrasing, have a look at them.

  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Creative

Undoubtedly, all these three are quite efficient and useful but you can use fluency and standard mode for free for using the creative mode of paraphrasing, you need to buy a premium subscription.

2. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a famous Paraphrasing Tool among writers and students because there are many tools offered by this platform and all of these tools are very helpful in content or assignment writing.

But in this guide, we are specifically talking about the paraphrasing tool and the reason for discussing this tool is its efficiency and features.

Like the previously discussed tool, there are two versions of this paraphraser; free and paid.

If you just want to rephrase a small piece of content like 500-1000 words then you can easily use the free version but if you want to increase the word limit, you need to use the paid version.

But we can surely say that paying for paraphrasing using this paraphrasing tool is worth it as it will remove all the duplication in your content.

Prepostseo offers four modes available for paraphrasing and here are four of them.

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative

And there’s one thing mostly liked by many users and that is, uploading a file from three sources. You can upload a content file from:

  • Local storage
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

There are also some advanced features as you can exclude URLs from your content and you can also get a word count right below the tool.

3. Plagiarismremover

Paraphrasing Tools we have discussed above offer both versions, free and paid but Plagiarismremover is completely free of cost, you don’t need to pay a single penny.

And being free doesn’t mean this paraphrasing tool is not that efficient. You can paraphrase your content with all the accuracy and relevancy using this rephrasing tool.

Like any other best paraphrasing tool, this paraphrase also offers paraphrasing in multiple languages like you can rephrase your content in the following languages.

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Many more

And for saving time, this tool offers to upload a content file from different sources and these sources are listed below.

  • Local storage
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Luckily, there is no word limit. You can paraphrase as much content as you want.

4. Spinbot

If you are searching for the simplest Paraphrasing Tools, then you can go for spinbot as this tool offers the simplest paraphrasing.

There are no such advanced features, so you can timely rephrase your content.

Other tools have word limits but this paraphrasing tool comes along with a character limit and you can rephrase 10,000 characters at a time.

Sometimes, you want to ignore words while paraphrasing like you don’t want to change those words with their synonyms so, there’s an option to do so.

You can add the words you want to ignore in the field of “ignore words” and the added words will not be removed or replaced.

And you can also change the capitalization of words using an option offered by this paraphrasing tool.

5. Rephrase is one of the paraphrasing tools that come along with an attractive interface and it encourages users to give this tool a try.

You can use both versions available; one is free and the other is paid. You can rephrase 500 words using the free version and 1500 words using the paid version.

It all depends on your requirements. If your requirements are basic, you don’t need to buy a paid plan, you can simply use the free version.

While rephrasing content, this rephrasing tool focuses on relevancy like it doesn’t add irrelevant synonyms.


For content writers and students, it is sometimes very important to take help from online tools and it is somehow a good approach.

Undoubtedly, online tools are very helpful, especially in content writing, so we have mentioned one of the most important tools.

You can have a look at all the paraphrasing tools discussed above and pick your favorite one.


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